LeRoy and Frances Ragsdale

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The original outline for this family was taken from the 1924 Buford Book by
George Washington Buford
Mildred Buford Minter.
I have made many changes and
corrections to their 1924 book.

I am not, in any way, finding fault with their years and
hours of work compiling the 1924 book. 
On the contrary, I applaud their efforts, realizing that they
did not have the aid of a computer nor an automobile that can easily travel
from coast to coast in less than a week or planes that can whisk
you from coast to coast in a mater of hours.  
But, with all the innovative changes that we have witnessed since 1924,
there are still going to be genealogical mistakes made all the time.

We have “brick-wall builders” in our midst even as I speak.
Death certificate informants –
Census takers and Census transcribers – I could go on and on.
Careless mistakes that are and will continue to be made
because we are not infallible..

 I know for a fact that George and Mildred walked countless
miles in Virginia and Missouri compiling the Buford history by word of mouth.

I must say that I envy the fact that they actually met some of the
people that they wrote about. 
How wonderful it would be if I knew and could speak with
some of my cousins that I have written about. 
I wish the rest of the "Magnificent - Seven" were still here with me to
read my book and visit my website.
Appreciation always comes too late.

For those of you who have my book
 you know that the "mag-7" are my siblings.

If you find any mistakes, as you read about the family of
LeRoy and Frances Ragsdale Buford,
I welcome your input and any corrections that you might have.

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Le Roy Buford son of Henry and Frances of Amelia County, Virginia, married Frances Ragsdale.  Their children are listed below numbering 1 through 6:

1.  John Ragsdale Buford was born July 5, 1779 in Chester County, South Carolina.  John married Esther Eaves  in 1804 - she was the daughter of  Mark Eaves who married a Miss Holliday.  After their marriage they moved to Fayette County, TN. where their Eleven (11) children were born.  John Ragsdale Buford died on the 23rd of May, 1839 in Fayette County, TN.  Esther Eaves Buford died in Chester County, South Carolina.  Date of her death is yet unknown.  John and Esther’s children are numbered 1-a thru 1-k.

1-a  William D. Buford born November 30, 1805.  William married his cousin Letitia Buford (5-b) They first moved to Madison County, Missouri and then went to Nacogdoches County, Texas in 1839.  William Died September 30 1839 and his wife Letitia died October 26, 1861.  William and Letitia had two children:

1-a,1  E. Catherine Buford born November 13, 1831.  Catherine married George C. Bondies on the 11th of July 1848.  They had three children:

1.  George Bondies who married unknown and had three children:  George, William and Henry Bondies 

2.  William Bondies moved to Forney, Kaufman County, Texas. 

3.  Laura Bondies married W. A. George.

1-a,2  Thomas Ridley Buford born September 21,  1833 and married first, Margaret A. McRea on October 3, 1859 in Jasper, Texas.  They had only one child; Letitia ‘Lettie’ Buford who was born February 28, 1863.  Letitia married J. F. Lanier.  Margaret McRea Buford died September 20, 1864. 

Thomas R. BEAUFORD/Buford (1-a,2) married a second time to Amanda Rebecca Kyle on June 11, 1867 in Jasper, Texas.  Amanda was born about 1844/45 in Florida the daughter of W. H. and E. Kyle. The U. S. Census for 1870 Lists Amanda and Thomas living in Jasper, Texas.  Thomas is a Land Merchant having real estate worth $10,000 owning 1,676 acres of land in Cooke, Hopkins and Wood counties in Texas.  The only child listed is “Lettie” Buford age 7 born in Texas.  There is a 13 year old Black male listed as a servant.  The date of this census was August 29, 1870.  Thomas Ridley Buford died in August 1879 at Sabine Pass, Texas.  Thomas and Amanda had five children:

1.  William G. Buford born June 22, 1868 and died September 28, 1869. 

2.  Thomas E. Buford born May 31 1871. 

3.  Frank Lee. Buford born February 16, 1873. 

4.  Ida Kate Buford born September 24, 1875. 

5.  Ira May Buford born June 3, 1878.  On the 1910 and 1920 Census’ this girl is listed as “Ara” not Ira and no middle name or initial.

Amanda Rebecca Kyle Buford the widow of Thomas R. Buford married Thomas Wilson the 23rd of June 1886 in Jefferson, Texas.

NOTE:  In the 1910 U. S. Census for Jefferson Texas I found the remainder of this family in the household of Richard Waterman and  ‘Ara’ Waterman.  Ages 35 and 32. Richard Waterman is a Druggist owning his own emporium.  Living with them is Ira’s Mom Amanda Rebecca Kyle Buford Wilson age 67.  Ira’s brother Thomas E. Buford age 40 who is a Timber Dealer.  Also in this household is Ira’s other brother Frank Lee Buford  age 36 who is a Civil Engineer owning his own business.

NOTE:  The 1920 census has Richard and ‘Ara’ living in Smith, Texas and now there are no relatives at all living with them nor is there any sign of children.  It was a bit amusing to note that ‘Ara’ has listed herself as being 30 years old.  I’m assuming she was the informant for the census and there is no mistaking the penmanship on the census. 

1-b  Jefferson Buford born August 17, 1807 in Union District, South Carolina and died on a Thursday, August 28th, 1862 at Clayton, Alabama.

A short account of Jefferson Buford’s

actions and beliefs –

please read with an open mind - with the time

in which this happened also in mind…

Jefferson was not alone in his beliefs,

Wa- la the Civil War !!

In the Spring of 1856 when the question of the right to introduce slaves into the territories was being considered, Jefferson, who was then commissioning a local newspaper in Eufaula, Alabama to issue a call for three hundred volunteers to settle in Kansas.  The ulterior motive  being to actually invade the territory and by brut force make it a slave state.  He promised the would be settlers transportation – support or one year – and their own homestead.  His plan succeeded and he went about fitting up his expedition at his own expense with the understanding that each member of the expedition  was to take up a claim of which one/half would be turned over to Jefferson.  You might imagine, at this time period, that a majority of the participants were foot loose – unmarried and sort of ‘reckless’ young men out for an adventure and to possibly make their fortune.  Some were down and out unsavory, vicious men out to no good.  Others were, however, well connected young men seriously believing they would become rich land owners like their benevolent leader Jefferson Buford.  The participants were from the Carolinas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.  The expedition used the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers as their primary mode of travel with Jefferson aka Colonel Buford in command.  When they reached Kansas City, Missouri they were drawn up in military array and amidst all the enthusiasm the pro slavery party called upon the members to give a pledge and take an oath that they would not leave Kansas until it was made a free state.  Jefferson, in the very thick of things, swore he had not come to Kansas to destroy property.  There was some misunderstanding on the part of the young men in the company as to the terms of their contract.  However, eventually they all signed and took the oath that was asked of them.  The adventurers were quartered on the border between Missouri and Kansas and were forced to rely on contributions from home and friendly folks living in the neighboring towns in Missouri.  Many of the young men realized it was not only a lost cause but a cause they wanted no part of and hi-tailed it back home.

Jefferson, joined with the Missouri pro slavery group, moved into Kansas in May of 1856.  The town of Lawrence was peacefully surrendered by the free state contingent.  Unfortunately, the pro slavery group numbering about 800 ruthlessly took possession of the town and sacked it.  Let me interject a known fact here – the Pro Slavery group was acting with the guidance and support of the governor and most of the state authorities.  This guerilla warfare continued until John Brown’s men entered into the fray at the town of Palmyra and whipped Buford’s men as well as the contingent of the pro slavery group from Missouri.  Consequently the Pro Slavery groups moved their forces to Franklin where all of Jefferson’s supplies of food and arms were captured and the disgruntled men were driven off in disarray.  The United States troops entered into the picture and basically convinced the Pro Slavery groups that they had better get rid of the shovels as they had dug their hole a bit too deep.  The pro slavers then retreated to the Indian Reservation where they made their stay so annoying to the Indians the Indians prevailed upon the mercy of the agent who then ask the United State troops to help drive the pro  slavers out of Kansas into Missouri.  Jefferson, peeved and aggrieved, complained to the governor of the territory.  The Governor in turn assured Jefferson that his group of pro slavers would have no difficulty coming into the territory with “bona fide settlers.”  However, Jefferson’s group were holed up in Missouri all of June until a few politicians intervened and succeeded in getting President Buchanan to use US forces for the dispersal of the legislature.  This was done on the 4th of July which left the territory at the mercy of the pro slavery party.

Due to the fact that very few of  the men left in Jefferson’s company had no intention of becoming permanent residents, neither now nor in the beginning of the enterprise, in the Kansas territory.  Colonel Jefferson Buford was an icon to the Pro Slavery factor and he continued to encourage them.  To quote one enthusiast “The noble Buford is endeared to our hearts; we love him; we will fight for him and will die for him and his companions.”

The conception and execution of Buford’s reckless enterprise was equaled by John Brown’s opposition to it and the latter’s crusade into Maryland was yet another step towards the Civil War.

The following was taken from Readers Digest’s
 “Family Encyclopedia of American History”

An Alabama lawyer and planter, Col. Jefferson Buford, in 1856, led a party of about 400 armed Southerners into the strife-torn Kansas territory to reinforce the pro slavery faction that was then battling antislavery forces to secure Kansas’ admission to the Union as a slave state.  A strong believer in slavery, Buford characterized himself as merely “battling against a powerful, untiring, fanatical enemy, who is bringing degradation, desolation and woe to our beloved South,”  In support of the Southern cause, Buford and his men took part in many of the outrages that characterized the bloody warfare in divided Kansas.  After Kansas’ admission to the Union as a free state, in 1861, many of Buford’s men returned to the South.  However some settled permanently in Kansas and a number joined William C. Quantrill’s border raiders from Missouri and other groups of Bushwhackers, who fought guerrilla actions against the Union during the Civil War.

  From the Daily Picayune - 24 Feb 1858

General Buford, so prominent at one time in Kansas affairs, has returned to Eufaula, Ala. and resumed the practice of law.

Jefferson was married twice, first to Mary Ann Rebecca White who was the daughter of John Hardy and Rebecca White.  Mary Ann was born at Whitesville, North Carolina on the 24th of June 1823 and died at Eufaula, Alabama July 16, 1852.  They had five children:

1-b,1  John Ridley Buford born at Oak Forest, Barbour County, Alabama on September 8, 1840.  John made his home at Santa Barbara, Brazil, South America for a short time.

1-b,2  Jefferson Le Roy Buford born September 20, 1842 and died at Birmingham, Alabama on March 29,1896.

1-b,3  Mary Buford was born on July 5, 1845 at Oak Forest, Alabama.  She married  Robert Long Hobday on December 19, 1867 at Macon, Alabama.  Robert was born at Haddy’s Bridge, Kike County, Alabama on October 22, 1840.  Mary and Robert lived at Union Springs, Alabama and had six children:  1.  Robert Long Hobday Jr. born at Prairie Hill, Macon County, Alabama on January 3, 1870.  2.  Annie Lucile Hobday born June 24, 1872.  3.  John Buford Hobday born January 16, 1875. 4.  Marie Elise Hobday born May 9, 1877.  5.  Jennie McKay Hobday born October 27, 1879.  6.  Charles Frank Edward Hobday born March 25, 1882 and died March 27, 1888.

NOTE:  The census takers had a hay day with this Hobday name.  They spelled it so many different ways I began to wonder how they could never stumble onto the correct spelling – especially since it was so well known in Alabama.  I finally found Robert and Mary “Haddy” aka Hobday-Holdy-Gaddy-plus over 5,000 names listed for the 1880 ‘soundex census - in the 1920 U. S. Census living at Union Spring, Bullock, Alabama.  Robert Haddy Sr. is now 79 years of age and Mary is deceased and Robert is living with his two daughters; Annie age 49 and Gennie age 39.  On the same census I found Robert Hobday Jr. also living at Union Springs.  He is listed as running a General Store – he is 49 years old married to “Mary” age 44.  There are no children listed.  Both were born in Alabama. 

1-b,4  Annie Eliza Rebecca Buford was born at Eufaula, Alabama on April 7, 1847 and died March 9, 1896.

1-b-5  Emily Buford was born at Macon County Alabama on January 8, 1850 and died at Eufaula, Alabama on December 21, 1850.

  NOTE:  The 1850 U. S. Census for Division 23, Barbour, Alabama lists Jefferson as being 43 years old living with wife Mary age 30 and five children: son – name unreadable – age 9 – son Jefferson Jr. age 7 – daughter Mary age 6 – daughter Sarah age 4 – daughter Jane age 2 .  His occupation is a Lawyer and he has a student age 23 living with the family.  It was very common then to learn a trade – what ever it might have been – to live with whom ever it was who was teaching the trade.  The 1850 Slave Schedule has Jefferson owing 26 slaves.
NOTE:  The 1860 U. S. Federal Census for Clayton(P.O.), Barbour, Alabama lists Jefferson as being 49 years old living with wife E. H. (Elizabeth ?) born in Pennsylvania age 28 and four children:  John R. age 18 – Jefferson L. age 17 – Mary A. age 14 – Eliza Ann age 12.  Jefferson is still listed as practicing the law and is a very wealthy man with real estate valued at $29,000.00 and personal wealth as being $30,000.00.  The 1860 Slave Schedule has Jefferson owning 4 slaves.

(1-b) Jefferson’s second wife (November 1858) was Mrs. Lizzie Juett McNeil who moved to Union Springs after Jefferson’s death and married a third time.  Lizzie and Jefferson had no children.

Jefferson Buford the second son and child born to John Ragsdale and Esther Eaves lived a rather exciting and noteworthy life which I have additionally chronicled on the Addendum and Obituary page.  At one time Jefferson was one heck of a "Rebel Rabble Rouser."  We BUFORD's had them on both sides didn't we??

1-c  Didomia Buford was born October 27, 1809.  She married William Ferguson and they had three children:  1.  Esther Ferguson. 2.  Narcissa Ferguson.  and  3.  William Ferguson.  I found William Jr. and his family in the 1880 U. S. Federal Census for Edwardsville, Cleburne, Alabama.  He is listed as being a Lawyer by trade and 43 years old putting his birth year about 1837.  His wife is named Narrissa E. age 42.  They have two children:  1.  Frances J. Ferguson age 11 born in TN. and 2.  Martha E. Ferguson age 8 born in AL..

1-d  Jemima S. Buford was born November 16, 1811.  She married Miles Buford in 1828 in Tennessee.  See Miles Buford (5) below for the listing of Miles and Jemima’s children (5-h through 5-s) L

1-e  John Osmond Holliday Buford son of John Ragsdale and Esther Eaves Buford was born June 12, 1814.  John married Caroline Augusta Black November 5, 1846 in Fayette County, Tennessee.  Caroline was born about 1828 in Tennessee.  The 1850 Slave Schedule shows John O. H. Buford having 20 slaves.  The 1850 U. S. Federal Census for Fayette County, Tennessee has John H. O. Buford age 35  and Caroline A. age 22.  They have two children listed:  Esther A, Buford age 3 and Leander Buford age 1.    

John and Caroline made their home in Somerville, Tennessee and had seven children;

1-e,1  Esther Adelia Buford born October 22, 1847.  She married Franklin Carr Manley and they lived in Shelby County, Tennessee.  The only piece of information I could find on Esther was a Tennessee, Civil War Confederate Pension Application submitted by Esther – the widow of Franklin Carr Manley.

1-e,2  Leander Jefferson Buford born December 17,  1849 and died May 19, 1874.

1-e,3  Mary Ella Buford born July 27, 1852 and died July 23, 1853.

1-e,4  Ridley Eaves Buford born July 22, 1854.  He married Julia Lucas on the 2nd of December, 1886 IN Fayette County, Tennessee and they had two children; 

1.  Caromay ‘Carrie’ Buford  was born about 1893 – on the 1900 Census for Fayette, Tennessee she was 7 years old.  The 1910 Census has her as being 17 and the 1920 census has her as being 24 years old.  The 1930 Census has her as being 30 (This is obviously wrong) years old – married and a widow named Carrie IVY with one small daughter age5 years named Jessie Ivy

2.  Norma Buford  was listed as being 5 years old on the 1900 and 14 years old on the 1910 Census.  The 1920 Census lists her as being 28 years old (this too is incorrect).  In 1930 she is married to Charlie Douglas and they have three children:  William age 7 – Dorothy age 4 – Joy age 2.  The 1930 Census has both the Douglas family and Carrie and daughter Jessie living on the farm owned by their parents Ridley Eaves Buford and Julie Lucas Buford.

1-e,5  James B. Buford born March 4, 1853 and died March 27, 1880.

1-e,6  William O. Buford born January 2,1859.  I found William in the 1900 census for Civil District 14, Fayette County, Tennessee living with his widowed Mother age 72 and sister Annie Eliza Buford (1-e,7 below) age 38.  William is now 41 – a farmer, owning his own farm and he is single.  The 1920 Census has William  age 61 living with a wife named Salina age 61 born in Canada.  Now William is listed as an Insurance agent

1-e,7  Eliza Buford born September 6, 1863 – see 1-e,6

1-f  Patience Emiline Buford the sixth child of John R. and Esther E. Buford was born December 14, 1816 and died November 23, 1857..  She married Sample Alexander in 1839 – he was born about 1813 – he was a merchant in Chester, South Carolina.  After Patience died in 1857 Sample remarried Lucy H. Clawson and they had two more children who are not listed. He died in 1878. Patience and Sample had seven children;

1-f,1  Ridley E. Alexander (CSA) was born in 1842 was killed in the battle of Pine Bluff Arkansas in 1862 fighting for the Confederacy.

1-f,2  Margaret Holliday Alexander was born in 1843.  She married George D. Milton in February 1866 and he died July 18, 1876 leaving his widow and two very small children to mourn his passing.  Their three children are;  1 Lucius Hopkins Milton born in 1870.  2   Nannetta Milton born 1872 and  3.  George Milton born in 1875.   I have a draft registration card for George – Roll 1952488 – Birth date of May 26, 1875 – enlisted in Collin County, Texas.

NOTE:  I found Margaret, a widow age 36, living as a boarder in the home of Harvey Smith with her three children in Chester, South Carolina – U. S. Census for 1880.  Her son Lucius H. age 9 – daughter Nettie age 8 – son George age 5. 

1-f,3  Eliza McClure Alexander was born in 1845.  Eliza married Edward T. Atkinson in 1868.  They had five children;  1.  Edward T. Atkinson born about 1862   2.  John Buford Atkinson born in 1870.  3.  Susan Atkinson born in 1872.  4.  Howard Atkinson born in 1880.  5.  Walter Atkinson born in 1882.

NOTE:  The census for 1880 – Chester, South Carolina, lists Edward age 48 and Eliza age 35 as having Five children: Edward T. age 18 – Cattie age 16 – Buford age 8 – Susie age 5 and J. Howard age 1.  Edward is a ‘Merchant born in South Carolina..

NOTE:  The 1900 Census lists Edward as being 48 (this was a mistake on the part of the transcriber-the census is very difficult to decipher)  His age is actually 68 and Eliza is now 55.  Son John B. is now 28 and daughter Cattie is 36 having married with a last name of Marman and with a son named William E. Marman age7 and another son named Robert Marman age 10.  They must have a large house as they now have five boarders living with them.

NOTE:  1910 census now lists Edward as being 79 and ‘Liza’ as 65.  The children are all gone and they now have ten boarders.

1-f,4  Caroline Amelia Alexander was born in 1847.  She married Thomas N. Youngblood in 1867.  Thomas is listed in the 1850 Census for York, South Carolina as being 6 years old born about 1844.  His parents are Samuel and Lucy Youngblood.

Thomas and Caroline (according to the 1924 Buford book) had nine children;  1.  Emma Youngblood born in 1870.  Emma married David Jones Jr. in 1891.  2.  Lucy Youngblood born in 1872.  3.  Charles M. Youngblood born in 1874.  4.  Sarah “Mamie” A. Youngblood born in 1875.  5.  Caroline Youngblood born in 1876.  6.  Thomas Youngblood Jr. born in 1877 and died in 1878.  7.  Eliza Youngblood born in 1878 and died in 1880.  8.  Frank Pelzer Youngblood born in 1880.  I was able to trace Frank age 30 to the 1910 Census for Richland, South Carolina.  He has recently gotten married to a young lady named Lucy age 20. He is working for a local Newspaper.  In 1930 Frank age 50 is living in Duval, Florida with new wife Mary D. – still no children.  He is listed as being the “Justice of the Peace.”   9.  Mary Youngblood born in 1883.

NOTE:  The 1870 Census for Chester, South Carolina dated September 9, 1870, has Caroline age 22 and Thomas age 26 living in the household of Margaret Gill age 31 and her children Jane, Delany and Susan.  There are no children listed for Caroline and Thomas.

NOTE:  In 1880 the Census for Chester South Carolina lists Thomas as being 32 (incorrect) and Caroline “Carrie A.” as being 32 years old.  Their household has grown by five children:  Eliza B. age 9 – Charles M. age 7 – Sallie B. age 5 – Carrie age 3 and little Frank P. age 2 months.  Thomas is still listed as being a ‘Merchant’.

NOTE:  Now we must skip to the 1900 census for Mecklenburg, North Carolina where we find C. E. (it is actually C. A. – transcribers mistake) Youngblood born in 1857 age 41 (this too is obviously not correct- Oh dear)  Caroline is now a widow running a boarding house with 6 boarders.  Her children are listed as Charles M. Youngblood age 25 – Sallie B. Youngblood age 24 – Connie A. Youngblood age 22 – F. P. Youngblood age 20 and Mamie A. Youngblood age 15.

1-f,5  Charles H. Alexander was born in 1851.  According to the 1924 Buford book by Mrs. Minter; Charles married Eliza McClure in 1885 and they had one child – a daughter named Frances Alexander

1-f,6  Norris Buford Alexander born 1851 twin to Charles married Mary Buford, daughter of his great Aunt Susan Buford McFadden.  In the census for 1880 – Chester, South Carolina – Norris is listed as being 29 years old and Mary as 23 years old with two children: Beckie (Rebecca) M. Alexander age 3 and Mary F. Alexander age 1 year.  Norris is working on the Railroad as an Agent.  The census for 1900 has Norris and family living in Cumberland North Carolina.  Norris is now 48 and Mary is 44.  They have two children living with them – Mary age 21 and Norris age 5.  Norris and Mary are listed as ‘daughters’.  The census for 1920 and 1930 – Cumberland, North Carolina - lists Mary B Alexander as a widow living with her two daughters Mamie/Mary F and Norris B. Alexander.  In 1930 Mary B. is 70 – Mary F. is 50 and Norris B. is 35.

NOTE:  Daughter of Norris and Mary – Norris Buford Alexander was born December 9, 1894 in Cumberland, North Carolina.  She died (SS Index) on the 25th of September 1988 at 28305 Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina at the age of 93.  Her last days were spent at a rest home – she was buried in North Carolina.

NOTE:  Daughter of Norris and Mary – Mary F. Alexander was born July 28, 1878 and died in October 1969 at 28207 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina – age 91 years and about 3 months.

1-f,7  James Sample Alexander was born in 1853.

1-f,8  Emiline Buford Alexander was born in 1855.  She married Thompson Butler Woods in 1881.   Thompson was born in June 1850.  The 1900 Census for Chester, South Carolina has their children as:  Evelyn Woods born May 1883 – Auburn Woods born July 14, 1885 and died in May of 1967 at Richland, South Carolina.  He was registered for the WWI  draft.  The 1920 Census has Auburn (spelled Anhma on the Census transcription) and wife Josie born about 1887 living with their three children in Richland, South Carolina.  Auburn is now 34 years old - a bookkeeper for a car dealer, wife Josie is 33 and their children are:  Auburn Woods Jr. age 11(the transcriber has his name spelled as Aldwin) – John B. Woods age 9 and daughter Juliet A. Woods age 5.  I found Juliet and John ages 19 and 15 in the 1930 Census living with an Aunt named Jennie M Oates (the transcriber has it as ‘Dates’ but comparing all the D’s and O’s on the page it is definitely Oates).  Jennie is 41 years old, a Stenographer in a law office and she owns her own home in which she shares with her Mother Jessie L. Oates and two boarders.  As yet I do not find the connection between the Woods’ family and the Oats’ family but the mother Jessie L. Oates died on the 10th of June 1940. – Thompson B. Woods born February 1888 – Emma A. Woods born December 1893 and John Woods born December 1895.  Thompson is listed as being a ‘Merchant’. 

The 1910 census for Chester, South Carolina has three of Emiline and Thompson’s children, namely: Butler T. Woods age 21 – Emma Woods age 16 and John Woods age 14 living with “Bessie Woods age 29.  Bessie owns and operates a book Store in Chester.  The three woods’ children are listed as being cousins to Bessie.

NOTE:  (1-f) The census for 1850 has Sample age 37 and his wife E. (Emeline) age 33 living at Chester, South Carolina.  There are four children listed in this household: Ridley E. age 11 – Margaret age 7 – Eliza Mc age 4 – E. E. age 3 – C. H. age1 (don’t cha just hate it when they use only initials???  There is a P. L. age 17 who is a servant boy.

NOTE:  The 1860 census has Sample and Lucy (wife number 2) ages 47 and 35 still living at Chester, South Carolina.  Sample’s real estate holdings are worth $4,000 and his personal worth is listed as $11,470.  There are now eight children listed:  R. E. age 21 – Margt. H. age 17 – Eliza M. age15 – Caroline age 13 – Charles H. age 11 – Norris B. age 9 – Sample age 7 – Emeline age 5.

NOTE:  The census for 1870 Chester, South Carolina has Sample as being 57 and Lucy 45.  There are now seven children listed: Louis age 4 and William age 6 (these two children were born to Lucy and Sample) Emma age 16 – Sample age 17 – Norris age 19 – Charlie age 22 - Lizzie age 26.

NOTE:  The 1880 Census for Chester, South Carolina has Lucy H. Alexander age 54 – a widow – living with Sample’s son Charles H. Alexander age 32 – a farmer.  Daughter Emma (Emiline Buford Alexander) age 23.  Emma would marry T. Butler Woods in 1881.  Son William Clawson Alexander age 17 and another son Thomas Louis Alexander age 14.  Wm and Thomas were the children of Lucy and Sample after the death of  Patience Buford.

1-g  Mary McFadden Buford daughter of John and Esther Eaves Buford was born March 15, 1818 and died at Columbia, South Carolina on November 26, 1888.  She married Cyrus Davis Melton on the 22nd of October, 1844.  Cyrus was born in York County, South Carolina in 1819.  They lived at Chester, South Carolina where Cyrus was reputed to have been a successful lawyer.  They had five children;

1-g,1  Esther Virginia Melton born November 25, 1845.  She married Washington Augustus Clarke on December 26, 1866 at Chester, South Carolina.   Washington was the son of Ephraim and Susan Clarke of St. Andrews, Charleston, South Carolina.  His father was a very wealthy planter.  Washington  was the fourth born of seven children. Esther and Washington made their home at Columbia, South Carolina where Esther Virginia died on the 5th of October 1890. They had eleven (11) children:  1.  Daughter born and died August 24, 1868.  2.   Davis Melton Clarke born November 21, 1869 and died January 15, 1870.  3.  Ephraim Melton Clarke born December 17, 1870 and died June 1, 1871.  4.  Edward Bailey Clarke  born December 10, 1871.  5.  Melton Clarke born April 19, 1874.  He married Charlotte M. Woodroe of Columbia, on the 30th of July 1896.   6.  Mary Buford Clarke born May 10, 1876.  She married Fletcher S, Brockman of Atlanta, Georgia in November 1895.   7.  Washington Clarke born February 6, 1878.  8.  James Clarke born August 20, 1880.  9.  Lillian Virginia Clarke born November 12, 1882.  10.  Ephraim Mikell Clarke born July 24, 1884 and died October 24, 1887.  11.  Susan Clarke born April 7, 1886.

1-g,2  A son, un-named, born July 17, 1848 and died February 5, 1849.

1-g,3  Ridley Eaves Melton born July 27, 1850 and died March 3, 1853.

1-g,4  Samuel Davis Melton born April 10, 1854 and died December 15, 1880.

1-g,5  Preston LaBorde Melton born March 26, 1856.  He married Emma Conner of Lancaster, South Carolina.  They had a daughter named for her mother Emma Conner Melton born in 1887.

NOTE:  The 1860 Census for Chester, South Carolina has Cyrus age 40 and Mary B. age 40 living with three children;  1.  E. V. Melton (Esther Virginia) age 14  2.  Saml Melton(Samuel Davis) age 6  3.  Preston Melton age 4.  There is another member of the household namely Adaline Melton – female – age 31 – possibly Cyrus’ sister, not sure, it doesn’t say what relationship there is.  Cyrus has real estate worth $20,000.00  and personal worth at $30,345.00.

NOTE:  The 1870 Census for Richland, South Carolina has Cyrus and Mary both age 50 living with two remaining children:  Saml D. age 16 and Preston L. age 14 and they both are going to college – smart kids!!

NOTE:  The 1880 Census for Richland, South Carolina has Mary B. Melton age 56(I think she was fudging on her age as it is clearly written 56).  Cyrus is missing.  Their two sons Samuel and Preston ages 26 and 23 are in this household and they are now practicing Lawyers. Unmarried as yet.  Samuel will die in December of this year.  Also in this household are daughter Esther and her husband Washington Augustus Clarke ages 36 and 31.  Mary B. Melton now has four grandchildren:  Edw B. Clarke age 8 – Melton Clarke age 6 – Mary B. Clark age 4 – Washington Clarke age 2.  To help Mary with this houseful of people is a servant named Adam Haynes age 35.

1-h  Esther Amelia Caroline Buford was born October 25, 1821.  She married Dr. Edward M. Heron and they lived in Louisville, Barbour County, Alabama.  Esther died in 1860.  They had two children:  1.  Derrill J. Heron.   2.  Edward M. Heron Jr..

NOTE:  This family was living at Louisville, Barbour County, Alabama in 1860.  The census for that year shows E. M. Heron living with two children;  Derrill J. Heron age 12 making his birth year about 1848 and Edward Heron age 11 making his birth year about 1849.  The date on this census was the 29th day of June 1860 so Esther died before the census date.  Mr. Heron was a Physician and farmer of some repute owning property worth $8,000 and having a personal value of $40,000.00. 

NOTE:  In the 1870 Census Edward age 59 – a Physician – was still living in Barbour County, Alabama with his son Derrill Heron age 23.  Derrill is listed as being a farmer-probably took over his father’s farm.  Son Edward M. Heron Jr. is no longer with them – He would be about 21 years old by now if still alive.

NOTE:  The 1880 census has son Derrill Jr. age 30 still living in Barbour County, town of Louisville, Alabama and he is still working on his farm.  He is married to a lady by the name of  Claudia age 29.  The have four children; Hattie B. Heron age 1 year – John J. Heron age 2 – Mary C. Heron age 3 – Edward Heron age 5.  There is a James Bascom age 25 living with them and he is listed as a ‘brother-in-law’.  Also in this household are a farm worker age 27 and his wife age 19.

NOTE:  Lets skip to the 1900 U. S. Federal census for Grants, Barbour County. Alabama where we find Derrill and Claudia ages 52 and 51 now living with eight children.  I love the 1900 census because it lists the month and year of each member of the household.  Derrill born in November 1847 – Claudia A. Heron born in October 1848 – Edward M. Heron born in December 1874 – Mary C. Heron born in June 1876 – John J. Heron born in September 1877 – Hattie Belle Heron born in August 1879 – Derrill J. Heron Jr. born in April 1881 – Carlton J. Heron born April 16, 1883 – Richard Q. Heron was born in January 1885 and died in 1957 in Mobile, Alabama. – Claudia E. Heron was born in February 1889.  Edward M. Heron is listed as a ‘merchant’ and brother John J. Heron is listed as a ‘farmer.’  The census says Derrill and Claudia have been married 28 years and now lists Derrill as a Physician.  An interesting discovery was that this census was taken by Edward M. Herron Jr.  I’m wondering if this was Derrill’s brother Edward or his son Edward.  The fact that he has written Jr. behind his name would make us assume that he was Derrill’s brother but I have discovered that in many cases the Jr. is tacked onto a name just because he has the same name as a previous close relative.  Makes things a bit confusing sometimes to say the least.

NOTE:  Edward M. Heron the son of Derrill and Claudia is listed on the 1920 census as being 45 years old married to Minnie G. age 42.  They are living in Jefferson County Alabama. They have two children – Edward M. Heron age10 – born December 15, 1909 and died November 12, 2001 (Social Security Death Index.  Winford Derrill Heron age 7.  He is the “Tally man” at the mines.  The 1930 census for Barbour County,  Eufaula, Alabama lists Edward and Minnie as being 57 and 52 years of age.  Their two children Edward and Winford (sons) as being 21 and 18 years of age.  Father Edward now owns his own home – is the manager of the Singer Sewing Machine Store in Eufaula.  The census states that Edward was 34 when he first married and Minnie was 29 years old when first married.  I found a marriage certificate for son Winford dated December 25 1940.  Also a death certificate for Winford Derrill Heron for January 1963 at Santa Rosa, Florida.

NOTE:  Carlton Herron the son of Derrill and Claudia is listed on the 1920 Fulton, Georgia census as being 36 years old married to Claude Heron age 33.  They have a young son named Carl Buford Heron age three years and nine months old born April 1, 1916 and died October 24, 1992 in Florida. (Florida Death Index 1877-1998).  Carlton was registered for WWI draft – Roll # 1557067.  From the Department of Florida Health there is a marriage for Carl Buford Heron dated 1941 – name of the bride is not mentioned.

1-i   James McClure Buford was born November 13, 1824.  He married Miss Maldonetta Cowan on June 14, 1859 at Eufaula, Alabama.  James served under Captain Hardy CSA as a Second Lieutenant in the Eufaula, Alabama Minute Men.  James and Maude had eight children:

1-i,1  William Cowan Buford born July 8, 1861.  I do not believe William ever married – I found him in San Francisco, California in the 1930 Census.  He was living in a hotel owned by Marie Ranguette and is listed as being a ‘hotel clerk’ as a trade.  He is listed as being 69 years old.

1-i,2  Caroline Eloise Buford born January 12, 1862 and died January 22, 1892.  She married A. L. Jessup.

   1-i,3  Jefferson Pugh Buford born December 23, 1863.  I found Jefferson age 66 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington in 1930 married to a Pearl M. age 53.  Jefferson is working as a bookkeeper in a clothing store and Pearl is working as a sales lady in a lady’s apparel store.

1-i,4  Annie Esther Buford born October 23, 1865.  She married William W. Forbes.  I found Annie and husband William living at Portland, Oregon in 1900.  This census was extremely difficult to decipher.  William is listed as being 42 years old – engaged in a ‘Fuel Business’ and born in New York.  Annie is listed as being 29 which is wrong - should be 35.  Annie’s father James McClure Buford is living with them and he is listed as being 65 which is also wrong – should be 76.  They have one servant and two children: a son Sidney B. age 6 (?) and a daughter named Marion J. age 21 (?). 

The census for 1910 was much easier to read – it lists William as being 55 years of age and Annie as being 38 (this is still wrong according to her parents records-I think she might be fudging a bit but at least she is consistent)  Sidney B. is now 16 years old and his sister Marion J. is 12 years old.  William is now working as a realtor.   Both Sidney and Marion were born in Colorado.

The 1920 Census has Sidney Buford Forbes age 25 born in Colorado – Mom born in Alabama – Dad born in New York – cooling his heels in prison at Bellingham Ward 1, Whatcom, Washington.  California Death Index lists Sidney’s death on July 29, 1977 in Los Angeles, California – states his birth as being May 3, 1894.

   1-i,5  Rosa Therese Buford born November   23,  1868.

   1-i,6  LeRoy Eaves Buford born May 11, 1870.

   1-i,7  Mary Melton Buford born August 20, 1872.

   1-i,8  Emily A. Buford born July 21, 1874.

NOTE:  The census for 1860 has James age 31(this is wrong it should be 35) living with wife Maldonetta Cowan Buford age 23.  James is a lawyer and owns seven slaves all of which are probably house servants.

NOTE:  The 1870 census has this family still living at Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama.  James is listed as being 44 years of age – a lawyer – real Estate valued at $12,000 and personal property worth $5,000.  Wife Maldonetta is now 33 years old.  They have been busy the past ten years as they now have six children:  William age 10 – Carrie age 8 – Jefferson age 6 – Annie age 4 – Rosa age 2 and a tiny baby named Ridley (this is wrong it should be Leroy) age one month.

NOTE:  The 1880 census has James age 55 and Maldonetta age 43 still living at Eufaula, Alabama.  They still have the original six children plus a couple of new ones have been added.  William C. age 19 is clerking in a store – Carrie Eloise is 18 at a music school – Jefferson P. is 16 and also clerking – Annie E is 14 and at school – Rosa T. is 11 also at school – Leroy E. is 9 and still at home – Mary M. is 7 and Emily A. is 5.

1-j  Harvey Louis Marion Buford was born August 3, 1826 and died November 17, 1841.

1-k  Emily Ridley Jane Buford was born January 29, 1831 and died January 11, 1849.

2.  Robert Buford was born March 3, 1783 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.  He removed to Fayette County, Tennessee in 1824.  He married Lydia Black the daughter of William and Jane Black of York District, South Carolina on the 26th of August, 1821.  Lydia was born July 12, 1802.  They both died at Rienzi, Mississippi – Robert died August 20, 1869 and Lydia died March 6, 1879.  Robert and Lydia had eleven children.  These children are listed below numbering 2-a through 2-k:

   2-a  Susan A. McFadden Buford born June 11, 1822.  Susan was married twice – first to Jesse Brown in June 1840 and second to Johnson Buntin on the 23rd of October 1845.

   2-b  William Haslet Buford born January 12, 1824 and died June 11, 1834.

   2-c  Robert C. Buford born July 7, 1826 and died October 14, 1854.  He married Mattie Settle on November 28, 1848. 

   2-d  Jane Amelia Buford born April 13, 1827 and died December 12, 1860.  She married James A. McAdory in October 1854.  James was born in 1814 and died July 2, 1866. 

James and Jane are listed in the 1860 census for Attala, Mississippi.  James is 44 and Jane is 32.  They have three children:  Fannie age 12 – Zeluka (correct spelling is Zuleika) age 6 – and Sally Betty age 4.  James – born in Alabama, was a rather wealthy ‘Merchant’ with real Estate valued at $12,000.00 and personal wealth at $125,000.00.  For some reason I was unable to locate these children except for the 1870 census which have them living at the Whitworth Female College.

In the 1870 census I found all three of these girls living in an institution called the Whitworth Female College in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  Fannie M. is listed as being 21 and “blind.”  Z. McAdory is now 16 years old and Sally McAdory is now 13 years old.

NOTE:  The Kosciusko City Cemetery has four members of this family buried there:  James A. McAdory July 2, 1866 – Jane McAdory December 13, 1860 – Robert J. McAdory died February 10, 1852 age 2 years 29 days. Son of James and Jane. – Zuleika McAdory October 14, 1870 aged 16 years. 

   2-e  Lydia Louise Buford born September 20, 1829.  She married Silas Clark the son of Robert and Rebecca Clark on December 24,  1850.  Silas died January 7, 1864.  The Clarks are from Kosciusko, Mississippi.  Lydia and Silas had four children: 

2-e,1  Robert Sledge Clark born July 25, 1852.  In 1880 Robert, age 28, was living at Attala, Mississippi with his wife Hattie M. age 26 and their two small children: Annie L. Clark age 2 and J. S. Clark age six months.  Also included in this household are two cousins:  J. S. Sallis age 13 – Walter B. Sallis age 21 and Robert’s brother Charles B. Clark age 21 listed as being a ‘druggist’.  Walter B. Sallis is the son of W. J. and Mary L. Sallis.   The 1900 census has Robert and Hattie aged 47 and 45 living in Durant, Holmes County, Mississippi.  Their children are listed as:  Annalan S. Clark age 22 and Mamie B. Clark age 16.  The census date was June 15, 1900.  Robert and Hattie have been married for 23 years.  Robert is a traveling salesman selling clothing. 

In 1910 the family is living at  Beat 4, Attala, Mississippi.  Robert and Hattie have aged ten years as have their son James S who is now 38 years old and Mamie who is now 24 years. 

In 1920 we find Robert age 67 and Hattie age 65 still living with James age 36 and Mamie age 30.  James is listed as being married but Mamie is still single.

     2-e,2  Silas W. Clark born August 8, 1855.

     2-e,3  Charles Buford Clark born September 8, 1858.  Se brother Robert (2-e,1) above.

   2-e,4  Lilia Silas Clark born February 19, 1861.

NOTE:  The census for 1860 has the family of  Silas and ‘Louisa’ aged 46 and 30 living near Attalaville, Mississippi.  There are two small children in this household:  Robert S. Clark Jr. age 8 and Charles B. Clark aged 2.

2-f  Elizabeth Buford born September 15, 1831 and died April 12, 1875.  She married H. L. Stafford on September 16, 1852.  They lived in South Carolina.

2-g  James Hamilton Buford born April 28, 1833 and died March 4, 1887.  He married Mary Wade on the 12th of September, 1867.

2-h  Theodore W. Buford born Sept 1, 1836 in Tennessee.  He married Eva Dickens on February 16, 1865 and they lived in Pickens, Mississippi.  Theodore died on the 26th of November 1906 and Eva, who was born in Georgia on August 30, 1841, died on the 14th of December 1928.  Both are buried at the Pickens Cemetery.

NOTE:  The 1860 Census for Tishomingo, MS. Lists Theodore as being a 24 year old farmer living alone.

NOTE:  The 1870 Census lists Theodore as being 34 – married to Eva age 28.  He is still farming and they have a small but important addition to the family. Namely Marion Buford age one year.

NOTE:  The 1880 Census finds Theodore age 43 living at Newport, Attala County Mississippi with wife E. D. age 38.  They now have four children:  May Buford age 11 – Irene Buford Age 9 – James Buford age 4 – Fanny Buford age one year.

NOTE:  Skipping to the 1900 census for Holmes County, Mississippi we find Theodore and his family with one additional child.  The family unit has a servant and two boarders.  We know when Theodore and Eva were born so lets find out when the children were born:  Irene H. Buford age 24 born in December of 1875 – Fannie Buford age 21 was born in July of 1878 – Eugene Buford age 15 was born in April of 1885. You will notice that a couple of their children did not make it past childhood.

NOTE:  The 1910 census has Eva – now a widow – age 69 living with her son Eugene and wife Eva Owen Buford.  Eugene and Eva were married on the 2nd of  November 1908.  Eugene is now 25 years old and Eva is 23 making her birth year about 1887.  They have a new bundle of joy for Gramma named Thomas O. Buford age four months.  They have one servant.  Eugene registered for the WWI draft and the card states that he was born on the 7th of April 1884.  After checking out Eugene’s neighbors I discovered that a James R. Buford.   Son Thomas O. Buford Born January 8, 1910 died at Sallis, Attala County, Mississippi on June 16, 1999.

NOTE:  In 1920 Eugene and Eva ages 35 and 33 with son Thomas O. age 10 are living at Pickens, Holmes County, Mississippi.  Living near by is sister Irene H. Buford who is now married – November 12, 1901 – to James Rogers of Holmes County, Mississippi.  Irene and James are both 45 years old.  They are either living with or very near to Irene’s Mom Eva who owns the home or homes they are living in.  Eva is now 78 years old and will die in 1928.

2-i  Frances Ann Buford born September 10, 1839 and died January 14, 1892.  She married Robert Henderson of Corinth, Mississippi on May 1, 1878

2-j  Harriet Esther Buford born July 8, 1841.   She married James M. Lewis on the 7th of October 1868 and they lived in Pickens, Mississippi.

2-k  Leander Le Roy Buford born February 22, 1846 and died October 6, 1879.

3.  Polly Buford daughter and third born to LeRoy and Frances Ragsdale Buford was born in 1785.  Polly married Rev. J. B. Davis and they had three children:

3-a,  William LeRoy Davis who married Isabella Hemphill who died childless.  LeRoy married a second time to a Miss Wilson of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  They had one son and two daughters and moved from Virginia Westward. 

3-b  Amelia Davis married William McFadden and moved to Brazil, South America. 

3-c  Louise Davis married a Mr. Wilson of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  He was probably the brother of Amelia’s brother William’s wife.

Some of the information on the STRINGFELLOW families below was kindly given to me by a Stringfellow descendant; Barbara Stringfellow.  Her information filled in some of the gaps that I had and I am grateful for her kindness and the sharing of her information and Photos of the Stringfellow family.  The donated information will appear in red print.  Thanks again Barbara.

4.  Patience Amelia Buford born in 1787.  She married Captain William Stringfellow of Culpeper County, Virginia.  William was born May  4, 1780 in Fauquier  County, Virginia and died May 22, Chester, South Carolina.

William’s parents were R. Stringfellow 1736 – 1815 and Catherine Stigler 1742 – 1828

William’s Grandparents were W. Stringfellow 1706 – 1746 and Sarah D. Elkins 1706 – 1761.  William’s gGrandparents were J. Stringfellow 1645 – 1735 and Margaret Madis 1640 – 1740.   William and Patience had ten children:

4-a Mary Jane Stringfellow born 1797.

4-b  Amelia Thornton Stringfellow born March 7, 1803 and died February 8, 1864 in Chester County, South Carolina.   She married William McClure who was born May 1, 1791 in Georgia, South Carolina and died in 1834 in South Carolina 1791.  They had four children:  1.  James Stringfellow McClure  2.  Frances Ann McClure born August 11, 1825 and died May 17, 1896 in Lincoln County, North Carolina 1825.  3.  Elizabeth Catherine McClure born March 1, 1828 and died April 18, 1861.  4.  John William McClure born March 14, 1831 in South Carolina and Died June 20, 1916.. 

After the death of William McClure Amelia married Samuel Rainey who was born in 1803 and died the 3rd of July 1837 in Chester, South Carolina.  Some confusing facts pop up regarding this family – I found Amelia and Samuel J. Rainey in the 1850 and 1860  U. S. Federal census for Union District, York South Carolina.  In the 1850 census Amelia is 48 years old and Samuel is 61 years old.  In both census there are two children living with them:  Elinor Rainey age 6 in 1850 and age15 in the 1860 census  The other child is Mary E. Rainey age 18 in 1850 and 28 years old in 1860.  Samuel’s oldest son Samuel is with the family in 1850 at age 20 and listed as the Manager of the farm.  Samuel Sr. is 61 years of age in 1850 and 71 in 1860..  Figures..  But this puts Samuel’s birth year at about 1789.  Samuel is quite wealthy with real estate valued at $27,000.00 and personal wealth at $72,900.00.

 4-c  Catherine Elvira Stringfellow born December 9, 1809 and died January 5, 1841 and I think she married a Major Henry.

4-d  Harriet D. Stringfellow born about 1821 married Rev. Daniel McNeill Turner

The Census for 1870 – Wagener, Oconee, South Carolina lists Harriett (H. D.) as being 29 which would put her birth year about 1821.  D. M. Turner was listed as being 57 and a ‘Minister’.  There are three children in this household:  S. F. age 23 – T. D. age 25 and D. McN age 15.  There are six college students boarding with them.

The census for 1880 finds Harriett age 59 and husband Daniel McNeill Turner age 68 living in Indianola, Calhoun, Texas.  He is now listed as a Presbyterian Minister.  They have an empty nest.

   4-e  Margaret Jane Stringfellow  was born about 1804. married Rev. A. W. Miller.  I was unable to find anything certain about this union – In 1850 A. W. is living in Chester, South Carolina and he is 27 years old.  He is single living in the Household as a boarder  of  M.R.M. Neely and P.H. Neely.  He is listed as a ‘clergyman.’

   In 1860 A. W. is living at Petersburg, Virginia.  He was 33 years old putting his birth year about 1827.  He has two young children in his household – Augustine Miller age 9 and Amelia Miller age 7.  There is a Sarah H . H. Miller age 49 living with him and his children.  He is listed as being a Presbyterian Preacher.

   NOTE:  South Carolina Marriage and Death notices 1823 – 1865 – A. W. Miller married Miss Mindy McFadden of Chester County, South Carolina to T. S. Fayssoux.

4-f  Frances Stringfellow born June 23, 1814 in Chester, Colorado and died February 14, in Chester, Colorado.

4-g   James Madison Stringfellow born 1804 and was living in Chester, South Carolina in 1840   He married Catherine Alliso Hope on the 29th of December 1835.

4-h  Robert Henry Stringfellow born May 7, 1812 and died March 16, 1889.  He married Maria/Mariah C. Gray born 1811 and lived in Chester, South Carolina.  They had nine children: (4-g,1 thru 4-g,9)

NOTE:  The 1950 Census for Chester, Couth Carolina Lists R. H. and wife M. C. as being 38 years old and there are six children listed:  E. H. Stringfellow age 14 – John J. Stringfellow age 12 – P. A. Stringfellow age 10 – W. Stringfellow age 8 – R. H. Stringfellow Jr. age 6 – **Lucius Stringfellow age 3.  Robert owns 30 slaves and his sympathies lean towards the South (CSA).

      **  Lucius Stringfellow son of Robert H. and Maria Stringfellow was  born in August of 1846.  He married Jane R. __?__ Stringfellow born about 1853.  In 1880 they had three Children:  May Stringfellow age 10 born about 1870 – Annie B. Stringfellow age 6 born about 1874 – Charley Stringfellow age 3 born about 1877.  Also in this household is a boarder Robert A. Turner age 21.  Lucius is a ‘Grocer’ by trade and the family is living in Enterprise, Volusia County, Florida.

      **  The Florida state census for 1885 has Lucius age 37 and Jane R age 34 both born in South Carolina.  Only Charley D. Stringfellow – a son- age 6 is in this household now.

      **  I found Lucius in the 1900 Census age 53 – a widower – with three children living with him.  Ellen Stringfellow age 12 born in December of  1887 – Florence Stringfellow age 10 born in March 1890 – Reba Stringfellow age 6 born in December 1893.  Lucius is still a ‘Grocer’.

      **  The 1910 census finds Lucius aged 61 remarried to Grace B. Abbot Stringfellow (a widow) age 40.  Daughter Ellen/Ella Stringfellow age 22 is a clerk.  Florence Stringfellow age 19 – Rebecca/Reba Stringfellow age 16.  Grace has a daughter living with them by the name of Ruth Abbot age 18.  Lucius is now listed as being the Justice of the Peace.

      **  In 1920 Lucius age 73 and Grace age 49 are living alone with five boarders.

NOTE:  In 1870 Robert age 56 and Mariah age 57 are living in Columbia County, Florida with three children:  Katherine Stringfellow age 19 born about 1851 – Thornton Stringfellow age 18 born about 1852 and Mary J. Stringfellow age 13 born about 1857.  The whole family was born in South Carolina and Robert is a farmer.

NOTE:  In 1880 I find Robert age 68 and Mariah age 69 living with son John J. Stringfellow – age 42 – a Druggist - and his wife Mary I. Stringfellow age 32.  Also in this household is John’s brother Thornton B. Stringfellow age 27 and his sister Jane Stringfellow age 23.  There is a 40 year old servant – Liddie Ward - working for them and this servant has a 12 year old daughter named Kittie Ward.  Brother Thornton is working as a clerk.

NOTE:  Skipping to 1900 where we find Mariah age 85 and a widow, still living with John and Mary and their son James H. Stringfellow age 12 born about 1888.  Sister Mary J. Stringfellow age 35 is still living with  them.  Mary J. died the 20th of April 1950 at the age of 93 in Chester, South Carolina.

4-g,1  Edwin Hall Stringfellow  born about 1835 married Margaret L. Miller a widow with a small son named Robert. They moved to Florida where he had at least one son that I know of named James Stringfellow who was born in 1839 and married Isabella Hemphill the daughter of James Hemphill.  Their son James Hemphill Stringfellow lived in Chester County, South Carolina.

NOTE:  I found Edwin Hall Stringfellow in the 1860 census age 25 living in Chester, South Carolina with wife Margaret L. Stringfellow and a small boy – Robert J. Miller age 5.  Margaret and Robert were born in South Carolina.  Robert had real estate valued at $8.460.00.

NOTE  In 1870 Edwin and Margaret aged 35 were living in Columbia, Florida with a new son named Henry P. Stringfellow age 9 born about 1860 in South Carolina and Eddie Stringfellow – a daughter – aged 4 born in South Carolina.  Margaret’s son Robert J. Miller age 15 is still with them.

NOTE:  The census for 1880 has Margaret – a widow – age 46 living with Henry Stringfellow age 20 – Robert Stringfellow age 25 and Edee/Eddie Stringfellow age 14.  It looks like Henry and Robert are working the farm.

4-g,2  Patience Stringfellow born August 1842 in South Carolina married Major Julius Mills who was born about 1837– they lived in Chester County, South Carolina.  In 1870 they had two children – Irene Mills age 3 born about 1867 and Robert Mills age one year born about 1869.  They had a farm valued at $4,000.00 and personal wealth $1,500.00.  In 1880 this family was still in Chester, South Carolina – this time there is a new set of children or at least a name change:  Mariah G. Mills age 9 – Selena Mills age 6 – Robert G. Mills age 4 – John J. Mills age 2 – Janie C. Mills age 1..  Patience is now 39 years old and it lists Julius as being 39 as well.  Either Patience doesn’t know how old her husband is or he doesn’t know how old he is.  The 1880 census is clear about his age. In 1900 Patience is a widow and is living with four of her children.  Lena Mills born in December 1874 – Robert G. Mills born in May 1876 – Catherine Mills born in July 1886. – Lucia D. Mills born in March 1886.

4-g,3  William Stringfellow III  who was born in October of 1841 married Annie Brawley  who was born in January of 1848.  Annie was the daughter of Hiram C. Brawley and Harriett R. Foote. Wm. and Annie had six children, five of whom lived to be adults. This family also lived in Chester, South Carolina.  William was a farmer all of his life and his son William took over the farm when William and Annie retired.  Their children were:  Isabell Stringfellow born in March(?) 1876 – Hiram Stringfellow born in May of 1878 – William Brawley Stringfellow born in February 1882 – Harriett F. Stringfellow born in May of 1884 and John J. Stringfellow born in July of 1886.

Son William Jr. married Edith Letitia Mclean and they had two children;  William Brawley Stringfellow born about 1914 and a daughter Margaret Stringfellow born about 1920.

Annie Brawley Stringfellow died on the 28th of December 1936 at the age of 88 years and 11 months.

William B. Stringfellow III died in April of 1963 at the age of 81 years and 2 months.

    4-g,4  Lucius Stringfellow was married and
had four children.

4-g,5  Robert Stringfellow Jr. married Miss Hawthorn and lived in Florida.

4-g,6  Thornton Stringfellow born ? and died in 1894 leaving a wife and one son.

     4-g,7  Kittie Stringfellow born ? and died an infant.

     4-g,8  Janie Stringfellow

     4-g,9  un-named daughter born ?.

Robert Henry Stringfellow and Maria Gray (4-g) had the following children:

            Edwin Hall Stringfellow born 1835

            John James Stringfellow born 1837

            Patience Amelia Stringfellow born 1839

            William Hull Stringfellow born 1841

            Robert R. Stringfellow born 1844

            Robert Henry Stringfellow born 1844

            Lucius Gray Stringfellow born 1848

            Maria Catherine Stringfellow born 1850

            Thornton Buford Stringfellow born 1853

            Mary Jane Stringfellow born 1856

            Stringfellow (Infant) born 1858

4-h  William Hall Stringfellow  was born July 31, 1818 in Chester, South Carolina - the last child born to Captain William and Patience Buford.  He died August 25, 1869 in Aiken, South Carolina while on a visit to his native state.  William Hall Stringfellow was married twice.  First to Julia Eliza Rainey in 1842.  They had two children:

4-h,1  Samuel William Stringfellow born in July 1847 in Chester, South Carolina and died in August of 1870 in Gainesville, Florida.

4-h,2  Julia Eliza Stringfellow born February 22, 1844 in Chester, South Carolina and died July 4, 1923 in Gainesville, Florida . She married January 13, 1870 George Knox Broome who was born  December 15, 1842 in Madison County, Florida and died April 5, 1938.  George’s parents were John S. Broome born about 1811 and Ann E. Broome born about 1815 who lived  in Madison County Florida in 1950.  The Broom family consisted of  five children and an 18 year old ‘teacher’ named Mildred H. Bullock.  Their  children are:  Robert W. Broome age 10 – George K. Broome age 8 – Sarah C. Broome age 6 – Milton E. Broome age 2 and Milton’s twin sister Julia Broome age 2.  John had 31 slaves in 1850 – 18 of these slaves were heavy lifters 14 years and older up to 55 years of age and 13 of them 12 years old and younger.  John was a successful farmer owning 199 acres valued at $5,000.00.

NOTE:  In the 1860 census for Nassau County, Florida I found George K. Broome and his Brother Robert W. Broome aged 17 and 19 years old living at a Hotel – Robert is working as a clerk and George does not seem to be doing anything at all.  There are two George K. Broomes’s in the Civil War – Film M225 roll 1.  One of them enlisted as a private in Captain Perry’s Company of Florida Light Artillery ranking out as Second Lieutenant.  The other George K Broome enlisted as private in the 1st Regiment, Florida Infantry and ranked out as Private.  I’m not sure which of these men is our George – The way of the times back then it is possible that both of these are referring to one and the same man.

NOTE:  In 1880 George age 37 is living in Alachua County, Florida with his wife Julia age 36 and their three children:  William S. Broome age 9 – Scott Broome age 4 – Sally Broome age 2.  There is a 17 year old black Nurse named Hattie Jackson.  George is now listed as a ‘Merchant’. 

From the files of Barbara Stringfellow ~ William Stringfellow Broome was born December 4, 1870 in Gainesville Florida and died April 22, 1928 in Gainesville, Florida.  John Scott Broome was born April 27, 1878 in Gainesville, Florida and died October 6, 1926 in Gainesville, Florida.  Sarah Broome was born in July of 1878 in Gainesville, Florida and died March 13, 1970 in Jacksonville, Florida.  She married Frederick Wimberly King on June 8, 1904.  The fourth child was named Curran Broome born August 4, 1880 in Gainesville, Florida and died August 30, 1889 in Gainesville, Florida.

NOTE: The 1900 Census has George and Julia Eliza aged 59 & 56 still living in Alachua, Florida.  This census lists more about the birth date of the people and we learn that George was born in December of 1842 which is the reason he is most likely given a false birth year.  Julia Eliza was born in February 1844 – son William was born in December 1870 – Scott was born in April 1876 - Sallie was born in July 1878.  This census lists a Margaret Stringfellow age 10 – a Niece – born in July 1889 living with her Aunt Julia and Uncle George.

4-h  William Hall Stringfellow was married a second time to Sarah Angelina Dogan Wright on the 28th of August 1856 the eldest daughter of Dr. Joseph Herndon Dogan  and Sarah Ann Rice.   Dr. Joseph was born February 22, 1793 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and died February 2, 1870 in Union, South Carolina.  He married Sarah Ann Rice on the 8th of February 1825.  Sarah was born September 30, 1805 in South Carolina and died May 7, 1876 in South Carolina.  There is another marriage date registered for this couple and that states they were married on the 12th of August 1856.  She was born March 13, 1828 in Union. South Carolina and died December 2, 1916.   Her marriage to William Stringfellow was her second marriage.  Her first marriage was to Richard Simpson Wright born April 4, 1818 and died  26 August 1848.  They had one daughter – Rosa Wright born 5 November 1848.  William and Sarah had six children – their numbering will continue from his previous children:

4-h,3  Joseph Dogan Stringfellow born May 10, 1858 at Fort Clarke, Alachua County, Florida and died January 6, 1928 at Gainesville, Florida.  Joseph married Elizabeth Calmese Kincaid on November 29, 1881 at Gainesville, Florida..  Elizabeth was born May 30, 1860  and died February 23, 1937 at Gainesville, Florida and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery.  They had two children:  Bessie Stringfellow born January 18, 1885 and died September 26, 1888 in Gainesville, Florida.  Marion Glen Stringfellow born July 15, 1888 and died April 20, 1928 at Gainesville, Florida. (see obituary on the Obituary page)

4-h,4  Thornton Stringfellow was born on the 21st of July, 1860 at Fort Clarke, Florida and died the 3rd of December 1845 in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was married twice – first to A. Ernestine Broome on June 23, 1885 – this marriage produced one child, a daughter named Marguerite Dolores Stringfellow born on the 4th of July 1889 in Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida.  Marguerite died  November 22, 1977 in Tampa, Florida.  Thornton and Ernestine were divorced on the 24th of September 1894.               

Thornton’s second wife was Willie Adams who was born June 13., 1875 in Opalaka, Alabama and died June 18, 1945 in Gainesville, Florida.  They were married October 8, 1895 in Gainesville, Florida.  Their children were: 

!.   Frederick Buford Stringfellow born about 1896 in Gainesville, Florida and died of influenza January 15, 1919 in Brooklyn, New York.  He fought in the First WW as a radio Operator on the US Destroyer ‘Gamble’. 

2.   Hart Robert Stringfellow born November 20, 1897 and died April 24, 1981 in Gainesville, Florida.  He married Lillian Yetive Glass on April 10, 1923 at Palatka, Florida.  Lillian was born April 25, 1903 at Gainesville, Florida and died February 9, 1997 in Dowling Park, Florida.  They had four children:  Hart Stringfellow born 1924- ??  - William T. Stringfellow born 1926 and died 1995 – F. Stringfellow born 1928 and died in 2004 – James L. Stringfellow  born 1933 - ….

3.  Jack Boyd Stringfellow born March 18, 1901 and died May 3, 1972 at DE Soto, Florida.  He married Lucile Boring on the 14th of March 1922.  Lucile was born May 28, 1904 and died December 2, 1999 at Gainesville, Florida. They had two daughters;  Lucile B. Stringfellow born 1923 and died 1994  -  Ann Stringfellow born 1924 and died 1990.

4.  Arthur King Stringfellow born December 13, 1903 at Gainesville, Florida and died June 20, 1974 at Lutz, Hillsborough, Florida.  He married Birdie Knowles who was born January 25, 1907 at White Springs, Florida and died January 20, 2000 at Oconee, Georgia.  They had two children;  Arthur K. Stringfellow born 1923 and died 1989 – David K. Stringfellow born 1927 and died 1949

4-h,5  Robert L. Stringfellow was born October 10, 1861 and died in 1926 at Jacksonville, Florida.  He married Frances Alexander and they had three children:  Robert L. Stringfellow Jr born 1887 – Claire Stringfellow born 1890 and died 1927 – Francis Stringfellow born 1903 and died 1943 in Los Angeles, California.

4-h,6  Clarence Stringfellow was born in 1864 at Fort Clarke, Florida and died in 1897 in Gainesville, Florida.  He married Annie Lee Alexander who was born in 1866 and died in 1903 in Gainesville, Florida.  They had one son named William Alexander Stringfellow born May 7, 1885 and died in June of 1927 in Gainesville, Florida

4-h,7  Sallie Rice Stringfellow was born April 5, 1866 at Fort Clarke, Florida and died October 5, 1954 in Gainesville, Florida.  She married Edgar Smith Walker on the 5th of April (her 20th birthday) 1886.  Edgar was born June 3, 1858 in Bunceton, Missouri and died January 1, 1955 in Gainesville, Florida.  They had three children:  Margaret S. Walker born in 1867 – Elise Isabel Walker born in 1887 and died in 1977 – Sarah Broome Walker born in 1894 and died in 1975

4-h,8  James Lawrence Stringfellow was born in 1867 at Fort Clarke, Florida and died there in 1872.

5.  Miles Buford born April 1, 1789.  He married Catherine Young from Union District, South Carolina on the 15th of January 1807.  He removed to Fayette County, Tennessee with his older brother Robert in 1824.  He and Catherine had Seven children:  5-a thru 5-g

   5-a  Le Roy Buford born April 2, 1808.

   5-b  Letitia Buford born March 23, 1812.  She married her cousin William D. Buford (1-a)  - born in 1805 the son of John Ragsdale Buford and Esther Eaves Buford in 1830. They went to Nacogdoches, Van Zandt County, Texas in 1839.  He acquired 640 acres on October 19, 1847.

5-c  Thomas Young Buford born August 5, 1814.  He married Mary Simpson on December 23, 1836.  I found this couple in the 1850 U. S. Census living in San Augustine, Texas with Mary’s mom and dad: William M. Simpson and Letitia Simpson.  Thomas is listed as being 38 years old, born in Tennessee and working as a farmer.  Mary is listed as being 32 years old putting her birth year about 1818.  There are three children listed for this couple:

     5-c,1  Mary T. Buford age 10 born about 1840.

   5-c,2  John Buford age 7 born about 1843.

5-c,3  Elizabeth C. Buford age 5 born about 1845 and died October 16, 1934 in Hopkins, Texas at the age of  89 years and 11 months.  Betty married I. Hubbard Harrison on August 9, 1866 and died on March 22. 1929 at Hopkins, Texas.  Hubbard was the son of  a wealthy farmer - W. H. and Martha Harrison who lived in the Western District, Upshur County, Texas.  Hubbard was the third born of a total of seven children.  His older brother James (by  about 3 years) probably inherited the family farm.  The older Harrison’s were from Virginia and all their children were born in Alabama.

The 1880 census for Sulphur Springs, Texas lists J. H. and ‘Bettie’ as being 39 and 34 years old.  J. H. was born in Alabama and Bettie born in Texas.  J. H. is a ‘Merchant.’  They have six children now and they are:  May H. Harrison age 12 born about 1868 – W. J. Harrison age 11 born about 1869 – Buford Harrison  age 7 born about 1873 – B. C. Harrison age 6 born about 1874 – Alice Harrison age 4 born about 1876 and little Lizzie Harrison age 3 born about 1877.

In 1900 the census has them still living in Sulphur Springs, Texas – J. H. is now 59 years old and Betty is 54.  J. H. was born in September of 1840 and Bettie was born in December 1845.  There are five children listed:  Beatrice Harrison age 24 born in June of 1875 – Alice Harrison age 22 – Lizzie Harrison age 21 – Jon N. Harrison age 17 born in October and H. Kate Harrison age 11.  This is the first time I have seen this Lapse of what ever, where months and years are missing either by the census taker or the informer which was more than likely Bettie herself.  Alice and Lizzie I must assume were still born in ’76 and ’78.  Jon H. and H. Kate were probably born about 1883 & 1889.  They are living next door to William and Mary aged 82 years.

The 1910 census for Sulphur Springs, Texas has J. Hubb listed as Hubbard I. Harrison age 69 and Elizabeth C. Harrison age 64.  Their daughter Lizzie Harrison McBride – a widow - is in this household aged 32.  Allie Harrison Stephens aged 23 is also living with Mum and Dad along with her husband George Stephens aged 32.  Allie and George have a daughter named Monette E. Stephens age 3.  Daughter Kate Harrison is there as well, age 26 and her brother Jim Natt Harrison age 27 is also a member of this  happy household.  Son-in-law George owns and runs his own restaurant and son Jim Natt is a merchant dealing in retail Groceries.  Father I. Hubbard and mother Elizabeth ‘Bettie’ are retired and living on their own saved income (Financially independent)….

In 1920 census for Sulphur Springs, Texas we find J. Hubb. And Bettie aged 79 and 74 living with daughter Lizzie McBride age 42.  Lizzie is a widow.  No children.  I. Hubb is a Newspaper ‘agent’..??

The 1930 census has Bettie a widow age 84 living with daughter Allie Stevens aged 50 and Allie’s daughter Monette Stevens age 22.  I know – don’t ask – I don’t know which daughter it is as the age doesn’t fit.  We can almost assume it is Lizzie who was 21 in 1900.

NOTE:  H. Kate Harrison died unmarried in June 1983. 

After the death of Thomas Buford, Mary married Thomas’ brother William Ragsdale Buford (5-e).

   5-d  Christopher Young Buford born February 4, 1816 in South Carolina.  He left South Carolina early in life and went to Missouri where he had a lot of family – cousins, Aunts and Uncles by the score.  It was here that he met and married Mary H. Nifong on October 29, 1839 in Madison County, Missouri.  Mary was the daughter of George and Catherine Nifong.  Christopher was a brave young man and left home at an early age to make his own niche in life.  Christopher, like most of my other Buford cousins, was known to have been a man with a big heart and always with an outstretched hand of  kindness to others.  In 1845 he had volunteered his services in our War with Mexico.  1849 found him in the gold fields of California grubbing with the rest of the men with the “gold fever”.  He and his friends returned home via a ship off the Western shores that hit the jagged rocks and sank.  Finally, only about a mile from reaching home, one of his fellow travelers, being extremely sick with cholera, fell from his horse and, had it not been for Christopher, would have died on the spot as no one else stopped to help the man but good Ole Chris.  His sympathies went with the Confederacy during the Civil War.

   The 1850 Census for Madison County, Missouri has Christopher age 32 and Mary age 30 living with four children: Robert Buford age 7 – Susan Buford age 5 – William Buford age 2 and baby George Buford age four Months.  All of these children were born in Missouri.  Christopher had 7 slaves in 1850 and 11 in 1860.  In September 1859 Christopher owned 80 acres registered in the Jackson land office.

   The 1860 Census has Christopher age 44 married to his second wife Jane Anthony age 24 with seven children:  Robert Buford age 17 – Susan Buford age 15 – William Buford age 12 – George C. Buford age 9 – Cora Buford age 5 and baby Jane Buford age three Months.  Christopher has been rather successful in his farming having property worth $6,000.00 and a personal wealth at $ 15,000.00.  It was interesting to note that they lived next door to Mark and Jane Anthony ages 27 and 24 with their two young children: Caruthers Anthony age 2 years and Catherine Anthony aged six months.  Post Office was Fredericktown.  And on the other side of the Anthony’s were a family of “Nifong’s”.  Thomas and Amanda ages 27 and 30 with five children:  Samuel Nifong age 11 – Cyrus Nifong age 8 – Laura Nifong age 7 -  Jesse Nifong age 5 and little Sophronia Nifong age 4.  On the farm before you came to Christopher and Jane’s farm were the Mom and Dad of Christopher’s first wife Mary Nifong.  George and Catherine Nifong now retired aged 77 and 78 born in North Carolina.

   The 1870 Census for Castor, Madison County, Missouri lists Christopher and Jane as being 54 and 34 years old living with children William Buford who is now 22 years old and working with his father on the farm.  Cora Buford is now Sweet 16 – Nelly (Jane) Buford is 10 years old and two new children are Thomas P. Buford age 8 and Samuel Buford age 6.  You’ll notice that Robert – Susan and George C. are no longer with their parents.

1880 – We already know that Jane is now a widow, aged 45.  She has three children still at home with her  - Nellie Buford age 20 – Cora Buford age 25 and son Samuel Buford age 16.  Samuel is working as a clerk in a store while Nellie and Cora are wiling away at home waiting for Mr. RIGHT.

1900 – Skipping twenty years we catch up with Jane age 64 – living with daughter Nellie Buford who found her Mr. RIGHT in a Robert Crow, a publisher, age 46.  Nellie is 38 years old and she and Robert have been married for 20 years.   The family is living in St. Louis, Missouri and they have two children with them – Clarence Crow age 18 – Albion Crow age 10.

          Christopher and Mary had six children:

     5-d,1  Robert Buford born January 25, 1843.

5-d,2  Susan Catherine Buford born November 2, 1844.  She married a William Blanks born about 1840 in Tennessee. 

The 1870 Census has Susan and William, ages 30 and 26 living in District 10, Sullivan, Tennessee.  William is working as a farmer.  There are three children listed for them but the census is so faded it is difficult to read names and ages:  Mary E. Banks is 7 – John W. Banks is 5 and Margaret Banks is 3.  There is a July A. Banks listed as being 26 years old – a sister??  Given Susan’s age I think the ages I am sort’a guessing at could be true. 

5-d,3  William Buford born February 1, 1848.  He married Nancy Emma Anthony.  Their children are:  1.  Bessie Buford born ? and never married.  2.  May Buford born ? married a Mr. Thompson of  Newport, Arkansas.  3.  Maude B. Buford was born about 1878 in Arkansas -  married Sylvester C. Nifong  about 1905.  Sylvester was born about 1877 in Missouri. They are in the 1910 Census living in Independence City, Missouri – no children  4.  Homer Buford born ? married unknown and had two children. Homer became the Superintendent of a railroad in Iowa.  5.  Jack Buford born ?.  6.  Curtis Buford Born ?.

5-d,4  George D. Buford born October 20, 1849.  Married ? and lived in Monmouth Springs, Arkansas.  Has one daughter named Lillie Buford.

5-d,5  Mary Sonora Buford born February 1. 1852.  She married a man by the name of M. C. O’Connell who was an engineer for the Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad.  They had three children:  1.  Buford O’Connell.  2.  Susan O’Connell.  3.  Henry O’Connell.

5-d,6  Cora Buford born August 26, 1854.   Cora never married and I lost her until 1930 when I found her living with sister Nellie Buford Crow and Nellie’s son Albion Crow.  She was 75 in 1930 and living in Arcadia, Iron County, Missouri.

   5-d continued with Christopher Young Buford and second wife Jane Anthony married June 9, 1859.  Jane died October 27, 1922 – 54 years after the death of her husband Christopher.  Needless to say, Jane was a tad younger than Christopher.  Christopher and Jane had three children:  The children will continue the numbering from Christopher’s six children:

5-d,7  Nellie Buford born April 1, 1860.  Nellie and Robert were married in 1880.  Nellie married Robert P. Crow and in 1910 they were living in Colchester, McDonough, Illinois.  Robert, age 56, was in banking and Nellie was 48 years old.  In 1920 Nellie is now a widow living with son Albion who is 29 years old and a ‘Merchant’.  Nellie is 58 years old.  Nellie and Robert had two children: 

1.  Clarence R. Crow born in September 17, 1881 in St. Louis and died there in October 1966.  I found Clarence in Lesterville, Reynolds County, Missouri in 1910.  He was married to Florence Hanna Buford.  They were both 28 years old.  In the 1920 census they are living in Saint Francois, Madison County, Missouri.  Clarence is now 38 years old and Florence is 37.  The census is dated the 14th of January.  They now have five children:  a daughter, Jane Crow age 10 – Mary Crow age 8 – Elizabeth Crow age 6 – finally a son Robert Crow age 4 born on the 24th of August 1906 and died in Los Angeles, California on the 28th of January 1988 -  daughter Catherine Crow age nine months.  Clarence is working as a ‘stock farmer.’   In 1930 they have moved to Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri and Clarence is now a retail Lumber dealer.  He is 48 years old and Florence is 47.  Jane is 19 – Mary is 17 – Elizabeth is 15 – Robert is 13 – Catherine with a K is 11 and a new little one has arrived in the family – Helen Crow age 8. 

   2.  Albion Crow born in January of 1890.    1930 finds Nellie and Albion living in Arcadia, Iron County, Missouri aged 40 and 70.  Nellie’s sister Cora Buford (5-d,6) is living with them aged 75 and never married.

     5-d,8  Thomas Price Buford Born June 6, 1862.

   5-d,9  Samuel Buford born February 25, 1864.  He married Lillie Lampher, who was a native of Missouri, on January 10, 1886.  Samuel was an astute business man owning three stores – A grocery store – a meat market and a shoe store.  These were later run by sons Frank and George. Lillie was born in 1866 and died before 1910 – daughter of George W. Lampher.  

  NOTE:  in 1900 Samuel and Lillia are living at St. Michael, Madison County, Missouri.  Samuel is 36 years old born in February 1864 – Lillia is 33 years old born in October 1866 – Frank C. Buford is 10 years old and according to the census was born in November 1889.  Charles L. Buford age 7 born in September 1892.  George W. Buford age 5 born in 1893.  Nellie J. Buford age 2 born in July 1897.

NOTE:  The 1910 census finds Samuel a widower aged 46 living on the same property at in 1900.  His four children are with him:  Frank Christopher Buford age 20 -  Charles L. Buford age 18 – George W. Buford age 16 – Nellie J. Buford age 12.  Also living with him is his mother Jane E. Anthony Buford age 74 – a widow.

   NOTE:  In 1920 we find that Samuel, age 55, has remarried to a lady named Florence who is 46 years old born about 1874.  He has three children still with him:  Charles L. Buford age 27 – George W. Buford age 25 and Nellie J. Buford age 22.  His mother Jane has passed on.

   NOTE:  In 1930 Samuel age 66 and Florence age 48 are retired and living alone at Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri

   5-d,9  Samuel and Lillie had four children:

1. Christopher Frank Buford born February 2, 1890 and died in September of 1983 in St. Louis Missouri.  (Social Security Death Index) Frank married a lady named Minnie __?__ and had three children – Virginia Buford - Alice Buford and John S. Buford.  The census for 1920 lists ‘C. F. and Minnie aged 30 living in Shawnee, Cherokee, Kansas with baby daughter Virginia Anne Buford age 3 born about 1917.  In 1930 the family was back in Missouri living at Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri.  Frank and Minnie are 40 years old and Virginia Anne is 13 years old.  Alice F. Buford has joined the family and she is 10 years old born about 1920.  Also, there is a new baby boy named John S. Buford aged five months born in December of 1929.  The census is dated April 1930.

2.  Charles L. Buford born September 1892 married Marie A. Millerman who was born in 1891/92.  In 1930 they too, were living at Fredericktown, Missouri and they were 38 and 39 years old with a baby daughter named Jane M. Buford aged 4 months born in December 1929.  The census was dated April 2, 1930.  Charles was the proprietor of a ‘garage.’

3.  George W. Buford born June 11, 1894 was registered for the WWI draft and later moved to California.  

4.  Nellie J. Buford Born July 1897 became a Nurse and worked at the St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

   5-e  William Ragsdale Buford fifth child born to Miles and Catherine Y. Buford was born March 3, 1818.  He married Mary Simpson Buford the widow of his own brother Thomas Young Buford on the 17th of June, 1841.  William and Mary lived at Sulphur Springs, Texas. William owned 960 acres purchased in 1847-1854 and 1861.  William was on the 1841 tax list for Nacogdoches County, Texas.  They both lived to a ripe old age – In 1900 they were listed as being 82 years of age living at Sulphur Springs, Texas.   They are living next door to daughter Elizabeth ‘Betty’ and J. H. Harrison’s family.

   5-f  Mary Frances Buford born April 15, 1820.

   5-g  Susan Buford born December 29, 1822.  Seventh child of Miles and Catherine Y. Buford married Mr. Patrick and made their home in Haynesville, Louisiana.

Catherine Young Buford (5) died October 25, 1826 and Miles married a second time to Jemima S. Buford (b. 1811/1812 in S.C.)on September 12, 1828 in Tennessee.  Jemima Buford gave Miles fourteen more children numbering 5-h through 5-s.  I’m running out of the alphabet!!  Information on the children of Jemima and Miles is from the 1924 Buford book by George and Mildred Buford (5-h thru 5-s).

5-h  Esther C. Buford born November 13,1829.

5-i  Patience Emeline Buford January9, 1831.

5-j  Jefferson R. Buford born June 18, 1832 and died July 6, 1897.

5-k  Almorinda  C. Buford born October 5, 1833.

5-l  Miles Marion Buford born February 6, 1835 and died March 3, 1877.

5-m  Cicely E. Buford February 13, 1839.

5-n  Emily T. Buford born December 9, 1841 and died April 4,1842.

5-o  Susannah T. Buford born June 15, 1843.

5-p  Frances E. Buford born September 24, 1845.

5-q  James K. Polk Buford born June 15, 1847.

5-r  Richard Madison Buford born February 23,1849.

5-s  Decatur Jackson and Henry Washington Buford born June 21, 1850.

NOTE:  The census for 1850 has Miles and Jemima living in Claiborne County, Louisiana.  Miles is listed as being 61 years old and Jemima as 35 years old .  There are eight children listed for this couple:  Jefferson Buford age 18 – Almerinda Buford age 18 – Elyza Buford age 14 – Catherine Buford age 12 – Susan Buford age 8 – Frances Buford age 5 – James. K. P. Buford age 4 and Richard Buford age 2.  Miles’ occupation is a planter with 480.96 acres which is as of 1859.  He has 10 slaves.

NOTE:  In 1870 Miles is listed as 80 years old and Jemima is 58.  There are now only two children in this household – D. J. Buford age 18 born in Louisiana and H.W. Buford age 18 also born in Louisiana.  These two are obviously twins and the Decatur Jackson is actually D. J. shown on this census.  H. W. is no doubt Henry Washington Buford.

NOTE:  In 1880 Jemima is a widow age 69 living with two of her children;  Fanny Emely Buford age 32 and Decatur J. Buford age 27.  Also in this household are two grandchildren:  Emmer Hambrick age 12 and Joe Manda Hambrick age 9.

NOTE:  I found Decatur age 47 in the 1900 census at Anderson, Texas married for 16 years to a Sufrona __?__ Buford age 32.  They have five children:  George W. Buford age 14 born in November of 1885 – Susie Buford age 13 born in December of 1886 – Mallie R. Buford age 10 born in June of 1889 – Trudie May Buford age 7 born in May of 1895 and David L. Buford age 3 born in August of 1896.  All but Trudie and David were born in Louisiana – Trudie and David were born in Arkansas. Decatur is farming his own land.

In 1830 Miles moved his family to Louisiana and settled at Haynesville where he died on the 16th of April 1871.  Jemima survived him by twenty years dieing January 20, 1891.


       6.  Susan Buford the last child born to LeRoy and Frances Ragsdale Buford was born in 1791.  She married Dr. James McFadden and they had two children:

6-a  Polly McFadden born about 1806 married Dr. J. B. Gaston who was born in South Carolina about 1791. 

NOTE:  Polly and James B. Gaston:  This couple is in the 1860 Census for Rocky Mount, Chester County, South Carolina.   They are 69 and 54 years of age and J. B. is a Doctor.  There are six children listed for them:  Jane C. Gaston age 28 born about 1832 – J. N. Gaston age 23 born about 1837 – William Gaston age 21 born about 1839 – Mary B. Gaston age18 born about 1842 – P. E. Gaston age 16 born about 1844 – Thomas C. Gaston age 12 born about 1846.

NOTE:  Susan McFadden was also in the 1860 census living in Rich Hill, Chester County, South Carolina.  She is 73 years old born in Virginia – the widow of James McFadden. She is living two doors(farms) down from Eliz G. McFadden – farmer – female - age 33 and J. A. Gaston – Farmer – male – age 50.

Polly and J. B. had ten children:

6-a,1  James McFadden Gaston born in 1824 – South Carolina -  married in 1852 - Susannah Greening Brumby who was born in 1830 - North Carolina.  James was a surgeon for the Confederacy  - 6th Regiment – South Carolina Infantry during the Civil War.  When the Confederacy fell he became quite disgruntled and moved his family, along with many friends, to Brazil, South America.  Not finding South America to his liking either, he returned after four or five years and settled in Atlanta, Georgia.

6-a,2  Margaret Gaston born ? married Thomas C. Houze and lived in Chester, South Carolina.

6-a,3  J. Lucius Gaston born in 1830 married Margaret Hemphill in 1856.  J. Lucius was a Captain in the 6th South Carolina Regiment CSA Commanded by General Longstreet. He died with his brother Isaac Newton Gaston at the battle of Fair Oaks aka Battle at Seven Pines, May 1862.  Lucius and Margaret had two children that I know of:  Jane Gaston born in 1859 who married George W. Gage at Chester, South Carolina and a son:  Dr. Lucius Gaston who was born in 1858.  Jane’s husband George W. Gage was born about 1859 and died at Chester, South Carolina on the 13th of February 1921.  Jane and George were living at Chester, South Carolina in 1900 with six children:  Robert Gage born in July 1885 - Martha W. Gage born in January 1887 – Mary P. Gage born December 1888 – Lucius G. Gage born in February 1891 – George W. Gage Jr. born in 1893 – Gaston Gage born in September 1898 and Margaret Gaston, Jane’s Mother, age 61 born in January of 1839.  Living right next door was the family of Joseph and Mary E. Brawley aged 54 and 47.  Joseph was born in March of 1846 and Mary E. Brawley was born in July of 1852.  There are seven children listed:  Eunice Brawley age 21 born in November of 1879 – Annie Brawley age 19 born in January of 1881 – Mary Brawley age 17 born in January of 1883 – Rachel Brawley age 15 born in February of 1885 – Hiram C. Brawley age 13 born in January of 1887 – Henry N. Brawley age 11 born in March of 1889 – William F. Brawley age 7 born in December of 1892.  Joseph’s Mother Harriet R. Brawley age 84 born in October of 1815 is also living there.  They also have four boarders, three men and one woman.

In 1860 the family of J. Lucius and Margaret  Gaston was living in Chester, South Carolina.  J. L. was 31 years old and Margaret was 21 putting her birth year about 1839.  Daughter Jane was only a year old.  J. L. was a very successful lawyer with real estate worth $3,500 and personal property worth $10,765.

The census for 1880 has Margaret Hemphill Gaston, who is now a widow, age 41, living in a huge house with a whole lot of  people – mostly family: Daughter Janie Gaston who is now 21 years old is with her Mom.  Margaret’s mother Jane W. Hemphill age 61 with Margaret’s sister-in-law Sallie H. Hemphill age 39 with her daughter Janie Hemphill age 18 born about 1859 is among this household.  Also included is Ashbel G. Brice a lawyer age 27 – C. Howze age 16 – Josiah Moffatt age13 – James Foster age 18 and Samuel Foster age 14.  The two Foster men are listed as being black servants.  Living next door is Harriet R. Brawley age 65 and her daughter Mary Brawley age 35..  They have a 60 year old black servant named Mary Ann Brawley.  I’m sure Mary Ann is a “hold over” from Slave status.  Needless to say, this happened a lot after the Civil War.  Slaves who had no where to go and knew security was with the family they had spent so much time with – learning to read and write – religion and basically a roof over their heads.  Next door to the Brawley family was the family of William and Annie Stringfellow.

6-a,4  Catherine Gaston born in 1832.  She married Charles S. Brice who was also born in 1832.  In the 1870 Census they are living in Chester, Chester County, South Carolina.  They are both 38 years old and they have a 9 year old son Charley Brice.  Father Charles is a lawyer.

6-a,5  John Brown Gaston born ?.  He married Delia Torrence.  Was an accomplished man becoming a physician – practicing in Montgomery, Alabama.  Became Mayor as well as Probate Judge of that city.

    6-a,6  Isaac Newton Gaston born?. See 6-a,3 above – died 1862.

    6-a,7  William Gaston born ?.
    6-a,8  Thomas Chalmers Gaston born about1848.  Thomas was a Lawyer in Sumter, South  Carolina.  The 1880 Census for Chester, Chester County, South Carolina has Thomas age32 – born about 1848 living with wife A. Laddie Gaston age 26 born about 1854.  There are two children with them – a son, Arthur L. Gaston age 4 born about 1876 – a daughter, Kate Gaston age 2, born about 1878.  Also included in this household is a Nephew, Roland Dozier age 12 born about 1868.  On the same census sheet for Chester (8 houses away) is a McFadden family:   John C. McFadden age 26 – M.L. McFadden– female age 38 – son Samuel E. McFadden age 10 – daughter Bessie McFadden age 8 – daughter __?__ age 5 – daughter Louise McFadden age 2.

    6-a,9  Mary Gaston born?.

    6-a,10  Eliza Gaston born ?.  She married Captain Torrence of Charlotte, North Carolina.

6-b  Isaac Gaston born to Polly McFadden and J. B. Gaston was born about 1808.


BUFORD Families in America Book 2005

Addendum to Buford Book 2005


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John Quincy Adams Buford




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