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Henry Buford born May 1, 1798 in Bedford County, Virginia.  He is the son of Abraham Buford and Abraham’s first wife, Sophia Lumpkin Buford.  Henry was the Grandson of Henry Buford  and Mildred Blackburn Buford of  “Locust Level” or “Bufords Tavern” Bufordsville, Bedford County, Virginia.  This family can be traced back to the emigrant Richard Beauford who came to America in 1635.
Henry Buford married Eleanor Hardy on the 12th of December 1820 in Bedford County, Virginia.  Eleanor was born January 15, 1800. Henry moved to Missouri in 1824 and eventually settled in Knox County, Missouri.  They had ten children, all born in Virginia,  before Eleanor’s death on November 12, 1853.

1.     Angeline Buford born April 28, 1822 and died July 21, 1825.

2.     Abraham Lumpkin Buford born July 14, 1823 and died on the 12th of December 1846 of pneumonia while working in the mine at Galena, Illinois.

3.     Walter Otey Buford born July 27, 1825 and died November 29, 1826.

4.      John Alexander Buford born January 18, 1827 and died February 28, 1899 in Oregon.  John married Mary J. McCurdy on the 24th of March 1876.  Mary was born in Illinois about 1849.  John was a blacksmith by trade.  The 1870 United States Census has John and Mary living in Washington County, Oregon with the first daughter Luella Buford.  John’s brother Paschal Goodwin Buford and his wife listed as A. N. age 30 is living next door.  A. N. was born about 1840 in Ohio. Paschal is also a Blacksmith by trade. There are no children listed for Paschal and A. N.  The 1880 Census has John living at Cornelius, Washington County, Oregon.  They now have two daughters, both born at Portland, Oregon. 

a.     Luella Buford born August 30, 1868.  She married Lee Thomas Beagle on February 28, 1886.  They had one son Harry Buford Beagle born November 4, 1887.  Harry served in the first WW with Company D, 30th Battalion, Fort Gibbons, Alaska.  Lee Thomas Beagle died the 27th of December 1912. In the Portland, Oregon directories for 1890-1891, Lee is living on Macadam Road in South Portland and is a teamster by trade.

b.    Clara M. Buford born June 9 1871 and died at Seattle, Washington on April 21, 1956. Clara married Royal Fred Love May 27, 1890.  They had a daughter Linnie L. Love born February 26, 1891 and died of influenza at fort Lewis, Washington on November 12, 1918.  Despite the fact that Linnie lost 95% of her eyesight as a very young girl she went on to a famous singing career after graduating with honors from several musical conservatories in New York City.  She became fast friends with Lorna Lea and together they sang duets.  Linnie singing soprano and Lorna singing contralto.  They were entertaining the troops at Fort Lewis Washington when the camp was quarantined due to an out break of influenza.  The two girls decided to stick it out with the troops during the quarantine and both contracted the flu.  Lorna recovered while Linnie was not so lucky.  She was only 27 years old. 

The 1900 census has Clara Buford Love living in Seattle, Washington with her nine year old daughter Linnie L. Love.  Clara is 26 years old and listed as being Divorced.  She is running a “Boarding House” with three Boarders.  Now this is rather interesting because in the 1910 she is living with Royal F. Love again with daughter “Ruby” age 11.

In 1930 Royal and Clara are living in Portland, Oregon.  Just go figure!!!  Royal died April 2, 1956 in Marion County, Oregon.

5.      Callohill Mennis Buford born April 271829 died in infancy.

6.     Lucy Buford – I have no dates for her.

7.     Paschal Goodwin Buford born July 1, 1833 and died February 6, 1888 in Oregon.  He married Mrs. Adeline Noble Wood in 1839.  She died January 6, 1901.  They had no Children.

8.     Massanello Marion Buford born February 29, 1836 in Lewis/Knox County, Missouri.  He married Elizabeth Kate German on the 23rd of August 1863 in Titus County, Texas.  Elizabeth was born October 11, 1836 at Dayton, Ohio.  She is the daughter of Raymond and Katherine German. Elizabeth died at their home in LaBelle, Missouri on the 16th of January 1901. 

Massanello Buford worked as salesman for his Uncle William Buford at Lancaster, Missouri.  Massanello joined the Missouri State Guards under Captain Joe Poter.  He participated in a number of Missouri battles and was later discharged only to re-enlist under Captain William S. Richardson’s company for another six months.  He was promoted to Lieutenant and went with his command to Corinth, Mississippi.  In 1962 he left the state guards and enlisted in the CSA.  In 1862  he was wounded six times at the battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas.  Shot in both legs and his left hip.  He left the command and went to Texas to recover from his wounds only to be discharged as ‘unfit for service.’  In 1864 he re-entered the army of the Confederacy and was assigned the duty of Clerk in Post Quartermaster’s Department at Mount Pleasant, Texas where he remained until the end of the Civil War. 

He moved to Illinois and in 1870 Census at the age of 34 was living at Harmony, Hancock County.  He is listed as a farmer with $4,000.00 worth of land and personal worth of $650.00. 

He soon returned to Lewis County, Missouri in 1872 and purchased land near LaBelle, Missouri.  He added several acres to this land but in 1894 he sold it and moved into LaBelle where he and his wife resided until their deaths. 

Massanello died October 9, 1910 at LaBelle, Missouri.  He died of a self inflicted pistol shot to the head.  He was 74 years ten months and ten days old.  He had been suffering from ill health for several years.  It may have gotten too much to bear. He is buried in the Labelle Cemetery.  Certificate #31086

Massanello and Elizabeth Kate Buford had three children:

a.      Kate Eleanor Buford born January 26, 1866 at Titus County, Texas.   The 1910 Census lists Kate as being 44 years of age and single.  Harry L. Buford as being 38 and single.  Mildred B. Minter (sister) as being 42 and widowed.  Their father, Massanello,  just six months away from his death, as being 74 years old and the ‘head’ of this household.

b.     Mildred B. Buford born December 23, 1867.  She married Rev. John Abner Minter, D.D, of Canton, Missouri a Baptist minister on the 8th of October, 1893.  He preached to churches of Northeast Missouri.  He was born in Henry County, Virginia and served as an officer (Colonel) in the CSA under General Joseph E. Johnston, 54th Alabama Regiment.  Dr. Minter died April 16, 1909.  Mildred accomplished much during her lifetime including the writing and self publishing of the 1924 Buford Families in America book.  A genealogy of the Beauford/Buford family beginning with Richard Beauford who came to America in 1635.  Mildred Minter died December 23, 1956 of heart failure at a nursing home in Kirksville, Missouri.  She was 89 years old.  Flossy L. Young was the informant.  Certificate # 40444.  She is buried in the LaBelle Cemetery.

c.     Henry “Harry” Lee Buford born May 16, 1871.  I have no evidence that Harry ever married.  His education consisted of the LaBelle High School and Western College in LaBelle, Missouri.  In  1889 he volunteered for training for the Spanish American War under a West Point Cadet DeWitt Edgar Jones.  The group was never called upon to fight.  He was responsible for the 1900 United States Census for the West half of LaBelle Township including the city of LaBelle.  (I have used many of his records and he did a good job)  Henry definitely had a problem with itchy feet.

Traveling up and down the Western Sea Coast making Seattle his home base so to speak.  Made several trips to Alaska prospecting for himself and a syndicate of sorts.  In 1908 his father was suffering from ill health and Harry returned home to be with him.  In 1910 (see Kate above) he was living at his fathers home and in 1930 he and Mildred were still living at the family home in LaBelle, Missouri.

Henry Lee Buford died November 12, 1952 at the age of 81 years, five months and 24 days old.  He died at LaBelle, Missouri and is buried in the LaBelle Cemetery.  He died of Cardio Vascular renal disease.  Flossy Lewis Young was the informant.  Certificate # 35579.

9.     Mildred Blackburn Buford daughter of Henry and Eleanor Hardy Buford was born January 7, 1838 near Colony, Missouri and died June 8, 1911.  She is buried with her second husband George Terrill in the Terrill burying Ground..  She married first; John L. Triplett on the 3rd of April 1858.  Their farm was near Denver, Hancock County, Illinois.  John died February 10, 1870.  She married a second time to George A. Terrill on November 26, 1873.    He had a large farm near Philadelphia, Missouri.  George died May 15, 1905.  He is buried in the Terrill burying ground on the old farm road.  Mildred and George had two sons: 

a.     George Henry Terrill was born October 3, 1874 in Marion County, Missouri.  George married Marcia L. Gibbons on March 5, 1896.  In 1910 they are living at Union, Marion County, Missouri.  George is 35 years old and Marcia is 34 years old.  George’s Mom Mildred age 74 is living with them.  In 1920 they are still living at Union, Marion County but now they are living alone, Mildred having passed away in 1911.  I can not find any evidence that this couple ever had any children.

b.    Charles M. Terrill was born February 10, 1877 on the Terrill farm near Philadelphia, Missouri.  He married his Cousin Adella May Terrill in Colusa County, California.  Adella May died November 26, 1958 At Colusa County, California.  I could not find a death date for Charles.

 I found Charles on the 1900 U. S. Federal Census living with his Aunt and Uncle John R. and Amanda E. Terrill at Colusa, California.  The census lists Uncle John as being a “Stock Farmer.”  I guess this means he was a Rancher or sorts.?.  Uncle John is 65 born in August of 1834 in Missouri.  Aunt Amanda is 54 born in November 1845 in Missouri. Their daughter Anna B. Terrill is 28 born in January 1872 in California.  The other daughter Adella M. Terrill is 21 born the 4th of September 1878 in California.  There are two ‘farm laborers’ living with them as well as our subject Charles M. Terrill age 23 born in January (not sure about this month as another record shows his birth date as being February) 1877.  Charles is working for his Uncle as a Farm Laborer.

The 1910 census for Colusa County, California shows there have been many changes in the Terrill household.  First of all Uncle John has gone missing and I can safely assume he has passed away.  Amanda is ‘head of house’ age 64.  Daughter Anna B. has married one of the farm hands that were living with them in 1900.  She is now Mrs. Howard B. Sartaine having married Howard in 1903.  They have three children:  1)  Howard T. Sartaine age 6.  2)  Haden B. Sartaine age 3.  3)  Hollis C. Sartaine age 2.  Adella M. has married our Charles M Terrill and they were married sometime in 1905.  No children are listed for them yet.  Only one hired hand is now living with them.

The 1920 census for the Terrill family of Colusa, California does not show much change in this household except for the inevitable aging of its occupants.

The 1930 census shows Charles and Adella living at San Mateo, San Mateo County, California in a hotel owned by Pearl Ammerman.  It is obvious this couple was never blessed with children.

10. Julianna Elizabeth Buford the 10th and last child born to Henry and Eleanor Hardy Buford was born November 1, 1841.  She married John Thomas Lewis on the 8th of February 1858.  John Thomas Lewis was born in 1836 and died at his home in LaBelle, Missouri July 4, 1911.  The following is an article from The History of Northeast Missouri 1887

John T. Lewis, one of the independent farmers of Northeast Missouri is a native of Harrison County, Kentucky born in 1836.  He is a descendant of two well known Blue Grass State families – the Lewises and Jacksons.  Our subject’s father, Benjamin Lewis was born in Kentucky and was of English and German descent.  He immigrated to Northeast Missouri when our subject was a lad and there raised a large family.  He engaged in farming all his life and after enlisting in the late war, died at home in 1864,  He fought in the battle at Kirksville and at the time of his death was fifty six years of age.  He was a useful and consistent member of the Baptist Church, which during the early days of the county met at his and others’ houses.  His wife and son are the only charter members now belonging to this church.  In politics he was a Democrat.  Our subject is the second son in a family of ten children, eight of whom are living (1887).  He was chiefly reared in Lewis County, Missouri but in those early pioneer days had but little opportunity of receiving an education.  He moved to Knox County in 1853 and has since lived here.  In 1858 he was united in marriage to Miss Juliana E. Buford, a native of Missouri and a daughter of Henry and Eleanor Hardy Buford.  To them have been born six children all of whom are living except one.  Henry B. Deceased, Massanello M., Harriet E., Gregory, Minnie and Rettie.  (This is a bit confusing to me.  The children this writer has is not very close to what my records show.  They might be nicknames.)  Our subjects mother makes her home with him and is now seventy four years of age, vigorous in mind and enjoying good health.  Mr. Lewis has been a resident of Knox County for more than thirty years, and is a man highly respected in church, business and public life.  He is numbered among the enterprising farmers of this county, and owns a fine farm of 240 acres, well stocked.  In politics he is a democrat, and himself and family are members of the Baptist Church.

Julianna died June 24, 1925 at LaBelle, Lewis County, Missouri.  She was 83 years, seven months and 23 days old.  Her son M. M. Lewis was the informant.  Certificate # 18441.  She is buried in the LaBelle Cemetery. The census for 1870, have the family living at Jeddo, Knox County, Missouri with the post office at LaBelle.  The 1870 census lists Juliana as being 29 and John as being 34.  Their children are Marion M. Lewis age 10(The census lists this child as Marion M Lewis but his name is Massanello M. Lewis ie Death certificate)Harriett Lewis age 5 – Sarah Lewis age 2.

1)   Massanello M.  Lewis born October 4, 1860 in Knox County, Missouri. He died by his own hand on the 30th of April 1929.  He was 69 years 6 months and 26 days old and was a retired farmer.   A Miss Retta Lewis was the informant. (there’s that nickname again. I believe this to be Henrietta Lewis, his sister)on his death certificate which in part reads:  “Deceased came to his death by drowning by his own act while suffering from a temporary aberration of mind and no person was present when he died; that his body was found by John E. Peek and H. L. Buford and Mrs. Mildred Minter; that he died at the same place where his body was found; that the immediate cause of the death of said M. M. Lewis was by drowning as aforesaid” Death certificate #15253.  He is buried in the LaBelle Cemetery, LaBelle, Missouri.

He married Linnie Ross February 14, 1883 and they had two children; Flossy L. Lewis and Julia Kate Lewis.  Linnie was the daughter of James W. Ross and Sarah C. Rounder.  Linnie was born August 31, 1861 and died March 31, 1916 of Arterial Sclerosis at LaBelle, Lewis County, Missouri.  She is buried in the LaBelle Cemetery.  Massanello married a second time to Mrs. Sallie Briscoe McCann November 1, 1919. 

a.   Flossy Lewis was born January 9, 1887 and married Frank L. Young from Michigan on January 25 1919.  The “Young Mercantile Company” is owned by M. M. Lewis and Frank L. Young with Flossie Young as bookkeeper and Henrietta Lewis clerking.  Flossy graduated from the Kirksville Normal School and is the pianist for the LaBelle Baptist Church.  In the 1930 Census Frank and Flossy are living at LaBelle, Missouri.  I have found no evidence that this couple ever had children.

b.  Julia Kate Lewis was born January 24, 1892 and she married William Edward Coffey on September 30, 1915.  William was born May 7, 1891 in Missouri and died July 10, 1968 in Orange County, California.  They have a son William Lewis Coffey Born December 27, 1920 in Illinois and died January 21, 1982 in Orange County, California.  The U. S. Census for 1920 has this family living in Barry, Pike County, Illinois.  William is 28 years old and Julia is 27.  Since Wm. Jr. wasn’t born until December he is not listed.  William E. is working in a bank.

2)  Harriet Eleanor Lewis born May 18, 1865.  She married Richard E. Gregory December 17, 1884.  Richard was born May 19, 1858 and died January 29, 1895.   They had three children;

a.   Shelton Earnest Gregory born August 25, 1887.  He married Mabel Malone on the 16th of August, 1913.  Shelton was born February 7, 1887 at Kirksville, Missouri.  Shelton owned a nice shoe store in Kirksville.  He and Mabel had a daughter; Jean Elizabeth Gregory born June 8, 1918.  Shelton died in February of 1946 in Adair County, Missouri certificate # 4442 and Mabel died November  1935 Jasper County, Missouri certificate # 36462.a.

b.  Julia Martha Gregory born August 6, 1891.  She married Dean G. Johnson on May 4, 1909.  Dean was born in Texas about 1888. They have two children:  1)  Louise Helen Johnson born December 17, 1910.  2)  William Benjamin Johnson born September 15, 1915.  In 1920 this family was living at Prescott, Yavapai  County, Arizona and Dean was working as a taxi driver.  In 1930 they were living at Ardmore, Oklahoma and Dean was working as a lumber salesman.

c.     Lula B. Gregory born April 18, 1894.  In 1930 Lula is 34 years old and living with her Mom In Kirksville, Missouri.  She is a bookkeeper in a bank.

3)  Sarah Mildred Lewis third child of Julianna Buford and John T. Lewis was born September 27, 1867.  The 1930 Census for LaBelle, Missouri shows Mildred E. Lewis and Henrietta E. Lewis living together and they are sisters.  Mildred is 63 and Henrietta is 59.  Sarah Mildred died March 29, 1935 in Adair County. MO.  Certificate #7956.  Henrietta died September 1945.  Certificate #  32990.

4)  Henrietta Elizabeth Lewis  was born January 3, 1871.  See notes for Sarah Mildred Lewis above:

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