BUFORD, Abraham
the third (3) child and son of
Henry and Mildred Buford
Abraham's two wives
Sophia Lumpkin
Nancy Eidson


Fern K. Buford Walker
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(3)  Abraham Buford son of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born December 13, 1778.  Marriage bonds for Abraham and Sophia Lumpkin were posted December 20, 1796.  Sophia is the daughter of Thomas Lumpkin.  The surety was posted by James Otey and they were married by James Turner on the 22nd of December, 1796.  Sophia Lumpkin was born July 20, 1781 and died July 21, 1815.  She is buried in the family cemetery at Locust Level.  Sophia and Abraham had seven children who were all born in Virginia:

(3-a)  Henry Buford born May 1, 1798.  Henry married Eleanor Hardy and their story is in the Addendum.
(click here for Henry and Eleanor)

(3-b)  Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Buford born August 16, 1800 married Barnabas Eidson February 3, 1818.  I found Barney on the 1820 U. S. Federal Census living at Northern District, Bedford County, Virginia.  There is one male between 16 and 26.  One male between 26 and 45.  One female between 16 and 26 and one female under ten.  They own 12 slaves; three children under the age of 14 and the rest adults.  I could find nothing more on this family.

 (3-c)  Elizabeth Buford born December 22, 1802 married Shelton Eidson October 14, 1824.  From Ancestry.com: 

Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA

Eidson, Shelton, Soldier, Inf. This was probably Shelton’s father

From the 1850 U. S. Census for Benton, Knox County, Missouri I found Shelton and Elizabeth ages 50 and 49 living with the following children:  Angeline Eidson age 17,  Mary Eidson age 15,  Nancy Eidson age 13,  Margaret Eidson age11,  Julia Ann Eidson age 8.

I found Elizabeth and Shelton in the 1860 Census living at Willow Hill, Jasper County, Illinois.  Shelton is 60 years old making his birth year about 1800.  Elizabeth is listed as being 56 and there are two children living with them; Julie A. Eidson age 16 and William Eidson aged six years.

(3-d)  Thomas Buford born November 12, 1804.

(3-e)  Mildred Blackburn Buford born July 27, 1808 married Hugh Crockett on the 5th of January 1831.  Paschal Buford surety and they were married by James Leftwich.  Slave schedules for 1850 shows Hugh as owning 4 slaves and for 1860 he owned 16.  The 1850 Census for District 41, Montgomery, Virginia has Mildred and Hugh farming.  Hugh is listed as being 50 something and Mildred is listed as being 32 which I’m sure is wrong as she was born in 1808.  Also in this household is sister Lucy Eidson, a widow, aged 50 which is correct.  There are no children listed.

(3-f)  Paschal Buford born August 13, 1811 married Mary “Polly” McVickers in Monticello, Missouri on March 4, 1838.  Paschal died on the 28th of February 1892 at Keithsburg, Mercer county, Illinois.  Mary was born April 9, 1819 and died 1892.

In 1850 this family was living in District 48, Lewis County, Missouri.  Paschal was 37, Mary was 31, daughter Mary Elizabeth Buford was 8, James H. Buford was 6, and Martha Ann Buford  was 2.  Paschal was listed as being a ‘Plasterer’.

In the 1860 this family was living in Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  Paschal (spelled Park in the Census) was 50, Mary was 40, Mary Elizabeth was 18, James H. was 15, Martha was 12 and Diana Buford was 5.  Paschal (Park) is listed as being a brick mason.

In 1870 I found them in Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois.  Paschal is now 59, Mary is 52, James Henry is 26, Diana is 15 and George Washington Buford is 9.  Paschal and James are listed as being ‘Plasterers’.

In 1880 the family is still living at Keithsburg, Illinois.  Paschal is 69, Mary is 60 and George is 18.  Paschal is still listed as being a plasterer.  George has no occupation as yet.

Their children are:

(3-f-1)  Mary Elizabeth Buford daughter of Paschal and Mary McVickers Buford was born May 2, 1842 at Monticello, Missouri.  She married Stephen H. Meyer on October 15, 1869 at Monmouth, Illinois.   The family lived at Ft. Madison, Iowa where Stephen was a policeman.  Mary died June 21, 1901 and Stephen died January 1, 1922.  They had three children:

(3-f-1,a)  Lawrence M. Meyer born July 4, 1870 at Keithsburg, Illinois.  He married twice; first to Lizzie Melenger and second to Iva ____ .  They had two children.  Lawrence was employed  by the Santa Fe Railroad.

(3-f-1-b)  Blanche M. Meyer was born October 6, 1871 at Keithsburg, Illinois.  She married George Nelson.  Their children were; 1)  Lewis Nelson  2)  Elizabeth Nelson  3)  George Nelson Jr.  4)  Ralph Nelson

(3-f-1-c)  Rose Delema(Delma) Meyer born June 6, 1875.

(3-f-2)  James Henry Buford son of Paschal and Mary McVickers Buford.  He was born July 21, 1844 at Monticello, Missouri.  He married Martha May in 1872.  They made their home at Keithsburg, Illinois and he died there on the 23rd of August 1907.  The 1880 Census list James as being 26 years old and his wife “Mattie” as being 25.  There are no Children listed.

(3-f-3)  Martha Ann Buford daughter of Paschal and Mary McVickers Buford. She was born May 13, 1848 at Monticello, Missouri, the third child born to Paschal and Sophia Lumpkin Buford.  She moved with her parents to Keithsburg, Illinois and married Henry L. Weishar on October 21,1869. The 1880 Federal census shows Martha or “Mattie” and Henry living only six doors down from Mattie’s parents Paschal and Mary.  Martha died March 7, 1924.  They had one son named William Weishar born April 9, 1872.  He married Doll Catlin on the 9th of November 1895.  William and Doll had a daughter named Blanche Catlin who was raised by her Grandmother Weishar due to the untimely death of Doll Catlin Buford.  Blanche was born on September 20, 1897.

(3-f-4)  Diana Buford Daughter of Paschal and Mary McVickers Buford. She was born December 22, 1855 married William Henry Pilcher on the 14th of December 1873.  He was born in Jacksonville, Illinois on November 18, 1844 and died April 6, 1903 at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  He was a Tailor by trade. In 1880 this family is living in Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  He is a Tailor by trade.  He is 35 years old and his wife Annie is 25.  They have two Children; Arthur Pilcher age 4 and William H. Pilcher Jr. six months..  They are living next door to Caroline Pilcher, a widow aged 55 years with three of her sons living with her;   Charles Pilcher age 34 listed as a painter, Clarence Pilcher age 25 listed as a black smith, and Shadrack Pilcher age 16 listed as a tailor. William fought in the Civil war from 1864 to 1865 but I do not know which side he chose to fight for

The 1930 Census has Annie (Diana) Pilcher age 74 living with her daughter Lillian Buford Catteral and son-in-law Paul Catteral at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  Lillian and Paul have two children;  Donald P. Catteral age 9 and Logan V. Catteral age 2.

 Annie (Diana) Buford Pilcher and William H. Pilcher’s children are:

 (3-f-4,a)  Arthur Meredith Pilcher January 27, 1875. I found Arthur Pilcher in the 1910 Census living at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  He is 35 and his wife Alice Pilcher is 34.  No children.  The 1920 they are still at Canton and have aged ten years.  Arthur followed in his father’s footsteps and became a Tailor.

 In the 1920 census they are still living at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri and they still do not show any sign of having children.  Arthur is now listed as being a barber, owning his own barber shop.

(3-f-4,b)  William Henry Pilcher Jr., December 3, 1879 and died December 30, 1940.  William registered for the WWI Draft - roll 1683399.  He married Nora Eckert in December of 1901.

(3-f-4,c)  Paschal Logan Pilcher October 31, 1885 and died January 31, 1958 at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  He married Rosella Grammer on the 16th of May 1906.

(3-f-4,d)  Mary Belle Pilcher August 17, 1887 and died April 5, 1943.  She married William Zahn October 2 (20), 1905.  They had six children:  1) Logan Andrew Zahn born September 29, 1906 and died March 15, 2001 at Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri.  2) Virginia May Zahn born June 19, 1908.  3) William Meredith Zahn born December 23, 1910 and died November 27, 1994 at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  In the census for 1930 he is living with Harley and Edna A. Boyer as a "brother-in-law" who is working at the paper mill.  He is 19 years old.  4) Lester Martin Zahn born July 13, 1914 and died February 14, 2003 at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  5) Louis Merle Zahn born January 31, 1918.  6) Robert Lee Zahn born April 17, 1921 and died May 26, 2007 at Quincy, Illinois.

(3-f-4,e)  Shadrack Grant Pilcher March 27, 1890 and died March 12, 1912 at Canton, Lewis County, Missouri.  Certificate states his parents were William Henry Pilcher and 'Diana' Buford Pilcher.  He married Frances Bell Carter.

(3-f-4,f)  George Buford Pilcher April 15, 1892and died September 19, 1906.

(3-f-4,g)  Effie Elizabeth Pilcher October 6, 1894 and died March 25, 1973. She married Lawrence Barth on the 22nd of February, 1919.  They had a daughter, Elizabeth May Barth born on August 3, 1921

(3-f-4,h)  Sallie Lillian Pilcher July 20, 1898 and died March 18, 1978.

(3-f-5)  George Washington Buford son of Paschal and Mary McVickers Buford.  He was born July 27, 1861.  The 1900 Federal census shows George and wife “Effie” living at Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois.  He is 38 years old and Effie is also 38 years old.  There are no children listed.  He owns and operates a Barber Shop.

In 1920 they both have aged 10 years and he still operates his own Barber Shop.  They have no children. 

In 1930 George and Effie are now 68 years old and he still operates his own Barber Shop.

(3-g)  Julianna Buford the last child born to Abraham and Sophia Lumpkin Buford was born 1814.  She married a man from Virginia by the name of William Staples.  They had four children:

(3-g-1)  Virginia Staples married Henry Hewitt who had a store with a post office in it plus a hotel.  They were married in Knox County, Missouri on July 23, 1850 and lived in Fairmont, Missouri.  Their children were Elizabeth Hewitt, Charles Hewitt and Daisy Hewitt.

(3-g-2)  Matilda Staples married Dr. Winston.

(3-g-3)  Lucy Staples married Frank Herrick.  Their children were Virginia, Harriet and William.  The 1860 census has this family living in Washington, Clark County, Missouri.  Lucy is 20 born about 1840.  Her husband Frank (B. F.) is 22 born about 1837.  Two children William age 2 and Virginia one month putting her birth date as July 1860.  Frank is listed as a farmer.

The 1870 Federal Census shows this family living at Washington, Clark County, Missouri.  Frank is 33 years old putting his birth year at about 1837.  Lucy is 29 with a possible birth year of 1840.  William Herrick is 12 born about 1858.  Virginia Herrick is 10 born in 1860.  Harriet Herrick is 7 born about 1863.  There is a Phebe Herrick living with them age 69.  Franks Mom I would guess. Frank is listed as being a store clerk

The 1880 Census has Lucy age 39 living with her son William age 22 and Jennie (Virginia) age 20 and Hattie (Harriet) age 18.  William clerks at the Post Office. 

(3-g-4)  Thomas Staples married his first cousin Harriet Herrick.

(3)  Abraham Buford continued:  Abraham married a second time after the death of Sophia Lumpkin to Nancy Eidson on the 25th of August 1817.  Their children were; (3-h through 3-n)

(3-h)  Wellington Buford who was born June 13, 1818.  Wellington and Amanda Staples Buford have their own Page.  (click here)

(3-i)  Frances J.  Buford was the daughter of Abraham and Nancy Eidson Buford who was born June 18, 1819.  She married Charles Bright Fizer on January 12, 1842 by James Leftwich.  The Marriage Bonds for Bedford County lists Frances’ father as Simeon.  This is an error.  The 1850 Census has Charles B. and Frances Fizer living in the “Southern Division” of Bedford County.  Charles is 30 years old and Frances is 31.  There are three children in the household; Ellen Fizer age 6 or 7, Hersilia  Fizer age 5 and John Fizer age 2.  Charles is a farmer.

The 1860 census has the family living in the Southern Revenue District, Bedford County, Virginia.  This census taker decided to make it easy on him/her self by listing the family with an abbreviated name or just initials. Grrrrr!!  Took me a long time to find them.  Chas B Fizer is 40 as is FJ Fizer. E. J. Fizer is 16 – H. C. Fizer is 14 – Jno. W Fizer is 12 – Chas. H Fizer is 6 – J. A. Fizer is 4 – Geo. S. Fizer is 2.  Also, there is a 25 year old ‘farm hand’ named B Drewry.

The 1870 Census has Charles age 49 and Frances “Fanny” age 31 living at Liberty, in Bedford County, Virginia.  With them are their sons Charles H. Fizer age 18, Jacob A. Fizer age 15, George S. Fizer age 13 and a lady by the name of Jane Aparo age 63 and a black servant with a 7 year old child.  I don’t have a clue who Jan Aparo is.  Charles is still farming.

 Frances and Charles had the following children:

(3-i-1)  Mary Ann Fizer was born August 20 1843 and died February 27, 1845.

(3-i-2)  Ellen J. Fizer was born November 30, 1844.  She married C. L. Watson on March 25, 1862.  Sadly she died on February 25, 1863.

(3-i-3)  Hersilia C. Fizer was born July 1846.  She married W. D. Preston October 25, 1876.

(3-i-4)  John W. Fizer was born March 3, 1852 and married Martha Saunders  November 24, 1873.  This couple was known to have had eight children and the whole lot of them moved to Kansas about 1910.

The Census for 1870 has John W Fizer living at Liberty, Bedford County, he is single and listed as a farmer age 22.

Twenty years later in 1900 the census has him and wife Martha living at the Harmony township, Stevens County, Kansas.  John is now 52 years old and Martha is 48.  They have four children: 1)  Lawrence W. Fizer age 17, born in 1883.  2)  Jennie (Linnie) Fizer age 15 born in 1885.  3)  John H. Fizer age 13 born in 1887.  4)  Ruth M. Fizer 11 years old born in 1889.

In 1910 the family is still living at Harmony, Kansas..  John is now 62 years old and Martha is 58.  Only one child remains living at home and that is Jennie age 25.  There is a Henry L. Burruss living in this household and he is 46 years old.  I do not know the significance of his being there.

The 1920 census has the family in Las Animas, Bent county, Colorado.  John has now reached the ripe old age of 72 years and Martha is 68.  Their sons George W. Fizer age 42 is living with them as well as son Lawrence W. Fizer age 36.  A small child, Virginia Dawson age 7 years, is there and listed as a Grand Daughter the daughter of Lawrence W. Fizer.  I doubt whether John and Martha ever had the reputed 10 children but the mortality rate in that era was abominable.  I found no evidence of any other children.

The 1930 Federal Census has son George living at Precinct 14, Bent County, Colorado.  He listed as being married and that he was 32 years old when he first married.  I haven’t a clue who or where his wife is.  He has a boarder named Clyde Cooler age 23.

I found a WWI draft card for Lawrence Wellington Fizer which states he was born on the 30th of April 1882 on Roll # 1544478.

Virginia C. Dawson the Grand daughter in the 1920 census died on the 9th of February 2004 at 80501 Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado.  This Social Security Death notice also says her birth date was 12 January 1914.  In a Public Records Index I found her at 1215 Gay Street, Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado 80501 – record number 137091311 – phone number 303-776-4364.  She is listed as being 93 years old born 12 January, 1914.  Now this is truly strange because 93 years plus her birth year of 1914 adds up to 2007; now this is totally impossible if she died on the 9th of February 2004.  Perhaps the Soc Sec. Death Index typed in the wrong year or the estimate of her age in the Public Records Index was wrong.  Just go figure!!In any event she was living with a Glen Dawson in Longmont with no age for him listed.  To make it even stranger she and Glen are listed again with the exact information except now they are living at 1720 Robb Street, Denver, Jefferson County, Colorado.  I think these Public Records should have a date the records were listed.  She is again listed as being 93 years old born in 1914.  Stuff like this will drive you nuts and is the builder of huge 'brick walls' ! 

(3-i-5)  Charles H. Fizer son of Frances Buford and Charles Bright Fizer was born March 3, 1852 and married Sallie Garrett.  They lived near Montvale (Bufordsville) Bedford County, Virginia.  They had nine children:  1)  Warren  2)  Mildred  3)  Julian  4)  Minnie  5)  Fannie  6)  Charles J.  7)  Virgie  8)  Lawrence  9)  Maud.

I found this family in the Census for 1880 living at Lisbon, Bedford County, Virginia.  Charles H. is 27 and his wife Sallie “Sarah” is 22 years old.  They have one child named Robert Warren Fizer age 2 born about 1878.  Charles is listed as being a Farmer.

I could not locate them again until 1910 and they were still living in Lisbon, Bedford County, Virginia.  It was quite obvious they had been busy, very busy…  They now had nine children and he was still a farmer.  The son they had in 1880, John Warren Fizer, would have been 32 years old and he is no longer living at home.  The children listed are:  1) Fannie B. Fizer age22 born about 1888.  2)  Mildred P. Fizer age 21 born about 1889.  3)  Clarence B. Fizer age 19 born about1891.  4)  Julian C. Fizer age 16 born about 1894.  5)  Maud S. Fizer age 13 born about 1897.  6)  Charles H. Fizer Jr. age 12 born about 1898.  7)  John J. Fizer age 9 born about 1901.  8)  Ralph J. Fizer age 8 born about 1902.  9)  Sim (Simeon) C. Fizer age 7 born about 1903.  The father Charles H. is now 58 Years old and wife Sallie A. is 52.

In 1920 they are still living at Lisbon and Charles H. is now 67 and Sallie is 62 year old.  There are only three children living with them now; Sim C. Fizer age 17 and Maud S. Fizer age 23 and Julian C. Fizer age 26.  Julian  is now married to a young woman named Pauline E. Fizer.  Pauline is 20 years old.

In 1930 Charles is78 years old and Sallie is 72.  They are living in the home of Olli Saul age 21 and wife Sue Saul age 25.  Also living in this household is Sallie M. Marten age 51, Fannie Martin age 22, and Sallie W. Marten age 14.  All three of these girls/women are listed as being ‘sister-in-laws’.  I am assuming that Sue is the child of Charles and Sallie but she would have been born in 1905 and there is not a child mentioned with that birth year.  Sim is the closest and he was born in 1903.

Charles H. Fizer Jr. the son of Charles H. and Sallie Garrett Fizer was born February 20, 1898 married a young lady by the name of Mary P. __?__  and in 1930 they were living in Bedford, Bedford County, Virginia.  They are both 31 years old.  They have four children:  1)  Nellie M. Fizer age 10 born about1920.  1)  Billie W. Fizer age 8 born about 1922.  3)  Mary A. Fizer age 5 born about 1926.  4)  Elma J. Fizer age 2 years and 5 months born about 1927.  Charles’ occupation is listed as being a Lithographer.  Charles H. Fizer Jr. died in February 1984 at Thaxton, Bedford County, Virginia.  Mary P. __?__ Fizer was born June 6, 1899 and died in March 1975 in Roanoke City, Virginia.  Last know address was 24013 Roanoke, Roanoke City, VA.  Daughter Mary A Fizer was born May 7, 1926 and died June 15, 2005.  Last residence was 23602 Newport News, Newport News City, Virginia. 

(3-i-6)  Jacob A. Fizer was born July 17, 1854 and married Belle Stennett.

(3-i-7)  George Simeon Fizer was born May 6, 1856 and died November 23, 1881 while working for the railroad.

(3-j)  Mary M. Buford who was born June 1821 was the daughter of Abraham Buford and Nancy Eidson Buford.  She married Archibald Hatcher on October 26, 1837.  The 1850 Federal Census has Archibald and Mary living in the Northern Division of Bedford County, Virginia.  They have four children with them;  Daniel Hatcher age 11 born about 1839 – Virginia Hatcher age 9 born about 1841 – James Hatcher age 3 born about 1847 and a baby whose name is unreadable age one.  “Archie” is 35 making his birth year about 1815 and Mary is 30 years old.  I could not find Archibald and Mary again.  I have read that they moved to Texas where Mary died soon after moving there.  I have no proof of this.

Their son Daniel Hatcher born about 1838 was living at Scott, Fauquier, Virginia in 1880 with his wife Meta __?__ Hatcher age 28, born about 1852.  They have three children;  Harry A. Hatcher age 9 born about 1871 – James M. Hatcher age 7 born about 1873 and Edwin Hatcher age 5 born about 1875.  Daniel is a farmer.  ~~  I found one of Daniel’s sons, James, in the 1930 Census living at Auburn, Montgomery County, Virginia.  James is married to a young lady named Hester A. __?__ Hatcher age49 born about 1881.  They have four children;  Adeline M. Howey age 13 born about 1917 – Allen E. Howey age 12 born about 1918 – Helen P. Howey age 10 born about 1920 and Lucy E. Howey 9 born about 1921. The census is impossible to decipher who these children belong to,

Their other son James W. Hatcher born about 1846 is now 34 years old in 1880 and is living at Jumping Branch, Summers, West Virginia.  James is living with his wife Lydia __?__ Hatcher age 39 born about 1841 and three children;  Henry J. Hatcher age 8 born about 1872 – Nancy Hatcher age 5 born about 1875 and Lucinda S. Hatcher age 3 born about 1877.

(3-k)  William Buford who was born August 13, 1822 at Bufordsvill, Virginia and was the son of Abraham Buford and Nancy Eidson Buford.  He married Mary Ann Jones on the 1st of August 1844.  Jane was born in Wythe County Virginia on October 6, 1818.  Her father was Judge Jones of Tippecanoe, Schuyler County, Missouri.  Mary Ann Jones Buford died February 16, 1907 at Lancaster, Missouri and William Buford died at the home of his youngest child Irena Nelson Buford O’Briant on the 24th of December, 1914.

William built a ‘carding’ machine for Judge Jones as well as a card mill at Clens’s Mill in Adair County, Missouri. He owned quite a few slaves so when the Civil War broke it was not a surprise when his sympathies went with the Confederacy.  At one point he was taken prisoner and was released shortly afterward and signed a document stating he would not fight for the Confederacy again.  Made several trips to Colorado and the gold mines there.  It is said he was very successful at mining and brought back a small fortune to Missouri where he invested it in a General Store.  In later years they moved into the town of Glenwood.  In 1901 they moved again to Lancaster Missouri and lived there until the death of May Ann.  The other children moved on to California and Colorado.  William and Mary Ann had the following children numbering from (3-k-1) through (3-k-11):

(3-k-1)  Henry Clay Buford born May 3, 1845 married Susan Catherine Elizabeth Jane Forrester on the 13th of December 1868.  Susan was born April 6, 1850 and died March 9, 1912.  Henry and Susan had nine children (3-k-1,a thru i): 

    (3-k-1,a)  Mary Catherine Buford born September 17, 1869.  Mary married Frank Hardin of Ainsworth Iowa on October 6, 1891.  They had three children:  1)  Mark Henry Hardin born July 16, 1892.  Mark married a lady named Hazel who was born about 1905 - they had one daughter that I know of - Dorothy Hardin born in January of 1921.  In the U. S. Census for Fabius, Schuyler County Missouri they are listed as being 37 and 25 with a "Darthie Hardin" age 8 years old.  Mark married Hazel when he was 29 years old and Hazel was 18.  Mark is an Automobile Mechanic and Hazel is a full time Mom.  2)  Flossie Estelle Hardin born June 22, 1894.  She married Everett Hollowell when she was 21 years old.  In the 1930 census they are living at Blue, Jackson County, Missouri.  Everett is a laborer in the oil refinery there and Flossie is home with son Hardin Russell. Hollowell age 12 - born February 5, 1918.  The Social Security Death index has Hardin R. Hollowell dieing on January 9, 2003 at Deming, Luna County, New Mexico at the age of 85.  When Hardin was 89 years old he was living at La Plata, Macon County, Missouri - 502 South Gex St. zip 63549.  There is something sort'a fishy here in regards to where he was living when he was 89 - He died at 85.  His birthday is listed as February 5, 1918 on both documents.  3) Nellie E. Cleo Hollowell died at birth.

    (3-k-1,b)  John Albert Buford born March 7, 1871 and died on the 17th of February 1943.  In 1920 he was farming at Fabius, Schuyler County, Missouri - he was 48 years old and unmarried.  I can find no evidence that he ever married.

    (3-k-1,c)  Ida Lewis Buford born April 10, 1873.  She married Rufus  Loney on the 4th of July, 1912.  Rufus Peter Loney has a WWI draft card which gives his birthday as February 13, 1887.  The Liberty, Schuyler County, Missouri census for 1920 lists him as 36 years old and a farmer by trade.  Ida is 40 and staying at home with their adopted son Nelson M. Jones age 10 years.  The 1930 census for Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa has Rufus as 49 years old and a Mechanist by trade.  Ida is now 49.  The census states they were married when Rufus was 26 and Ida was 33.  Their adopted son has gone missing.

    (3-k-1,d)  Dora Olive Buford born September 17, 1876.  She married Oliver W. Evans who was born in Missouri about 1876.  Oliver is a farmer and farms on rented land.  The 1920 Census for Forest, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma shows him as being 44 years old.  Olive is 43 years old and they have four children:  1)  Fern O. Evans born August 24, 1900.  2)  Leon Roy Evans born November 21, 1907 at Coatsville, Missouri.  Miscellaneous records found for Leon has him marrying Maggie Lelia Morris on the 29th of November 1922.  He died at Enid, Oklahoma on January 31, 1985.  I could find no record of their children if any.  3)  Oscar C. Evans born October 27, 1903.  4)  Lennie L. Evans born July 3, 1905.  Two farms down the road lives John P. Buford and wife Renna B. Buford.  Their children are Orin J. Buford and Juanita M. Buford.  The 1930 census for Forest, Oklahoma shows Oliver still working the rented land and now there is only one child left at home and he is son Oscar.

    (3-k-1,e)  James Nelson Buford born March 7, 1878 and died  August 5, 1878. 

    (3-k-1,f)  Clarence C. Buford born October 10, 1879.  Married Margie (Mary J.) Dillinger on March 23, 1902.  The 1910 census for Fabius, Schuyler County, Missouri has Clarence as being 30 years old and his wife 'Margie' is 25.  They have two children;  Ruby Opal Buford born October 1, 1904.  Cleo (Cloeta) Buford born April 10, 1907.  The census taker or the transcriber has this family as 'Braford'.  But it is the family of Bufords that I was looking for.  Clarence was married when he was 22 and Margie was only 17.  The farm Clarence is working is next to the farm of his Mom and Dad.

The 1920 census has this family still living in Fabius, Missouri.  Margie is now Mary J. aged 35. (same woman) They have had a few additions to the family;  Claris Buford born February 18, 1911.  Russell Buford born January 1, 1913 and Eva Buford born July 13, 1918.

In 1930 this family is still working the same farm.  Clarence is now 50 and 'Mary J.' is 45.  There are now three children living with them; Clarice E. Buford aged 19 - Eva F. Buford aged 11 and a new daughter Nellie M. Buford born July, 1920.

    (3-k-1,g)   Lucinda Mildred Buford born January 12, 1882. She married Charles Dillinger who was probably Minnie Dillinger 's brother.  They had five children:  1)  Hazel Dillinger born October 17, 1903.  2)  Irvin Dillinger born August 31, 1905.  3)  Ruth Dillinger born August 1908.  4)  Erma Dillinger born June 21, 1910  5)  Charles Dillinger Jr. born May 3, 1912.  I found this family in 1910 living at Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado.  Charles is 28 years old and Lucinda 'Lula' is 28 also.  They have three children:  1)  Hazel Dillinger age 7.  2)  Ervin Dillinger age 5.  3)  Ruth Dillinger age 2.  4)  Wilma Dillinger age 2 months.

I can't find this family in the 1920 census and the next census is 1930 in which I do find Charles Sr. living in Weld County, Colorado.  He is now 48 years old and living alone with Dora C. Buford and his sister Minnie Buford living next door.  Don't have a clue what happened to Charles' family - he is listed as being married and 'head' of the house.

    (3-k-1,h)  Roy Marshall Buford born October 1886 and died March 16, 1887. 

    (3-k-1,i)  Corda Gladys Buford born October 5, 1888.  Corda married John Edward Cleeton and they had four children:  1)  John Edward Cleeton Jr. born April 10, 1920.  2)  Edna Pearl Cleeton born May 2, 1922.  3) Leo D. Cleeton born about 1925.  4)  Charles E. Cleeton born about 1926.  John is a farmer and the family lived in Cimarron, Major County, Oklahoma. 

(3-k-2)  Virginia Mildred Buford born October 5, 1847 was the daughter of William and Mary Ann Jones Buford.  She married  Nelson Standiford on March 2, 1865 at Boulder, Colorado. Nelson  was born on December  16, 1835 near Vincennes, Indiana.

(3-k-3)  Eliza Catherine Buford born May 16, 1849 married John R. Rothrock on the 20th of January 1867.  John is from Pennsylvania and was born about 1835.  In the 1870 U. S. Census they are living in the Boulder area of Colorado and John is farming.  They have a young son; John R. Rothrock Jr., born about 1869.  The 1880 census has John and family living at Canfield, Boulder County, Colorado.  John is now 46 years old and Eliza is 32.  They have two sons living with them; William H. Rothrock age 12, born on the 3rd of December. 1867 and John E. Rothrock age 11 born on April 7, 1869.  In the Colorado State census for 1885 the family is living in Boulder and john is now 50 and Eliza is 36.  Their two sons William and John are 17 and 15.  Also in this household is John C. Buford age 26 - son-in-law and is a 'Weaver' by trade.  We skip now to 1910 census for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado and John is 70 ears old and Eliza is 60.  Living with them are their two grand daughters Irma A. Rothrock age 9 and Thera Rothrock age 8.  John will die within the next ten years (date not known) as I find Eliza, age 70, living with her son William H. Rothrock at Canfield, Colorado.  She is listed as being a widow.  In 1920 William is 52 years old.  Living next door to William and his Mom is Naylon and wife Oliver Rothrock.  Naylon is the son of John E. Rothrock and Jessie Perrin.  Naylon and Oliver have two children; Jessie C. Rothrock age one year and 6 months  and  Thelma L. Rothrock age one month.

John E. Rothrock  married Jessie Perrin in May 1893.  They had three children; Naylon E. Rothrock born December 6, 1895 - Erma F. Rothrock born June 22, 1899 - Thera Rothrock born January 17 1901.  The 1900 census for Montrose, Colorado show John E. as being 31 years old and Jessie Perrin 30 years old.  Naylon is now a whopping 4 and Erma Francis is almost one.  The 1910 census has the family living in Denver.  John E is now 40 years old.  Jessie has died during the last ten years (date not known) and John has remarried.  The new wife is Katherine Blanche McCafferty age 29.  There is one son with them age 14 by the name of Edwin W Rothrock ??..  Don't ask me, I don't know how Naylon became Edwin unless Edwin is Naylon's middle name.  In 1920 John and his new wife are living in Denver - John is now 50 and K. Blanche  is 39.  John's two daughters Enna and Thera ages 20 and 18 are living with them.  Enna is working in an Office somewhere and Thera is staying at home.  The 1930 census has John and Katherine still living in Denver.  John is now 60 years old and Katherine is 49.  There are no children with them.  John has been a traveling Salesman of Dry Goods all these many years.

William H. Rothrock married C. Agnes Dell on April 5, 1893.  The 1910 census shows them having five children, four daughters and one son:  1) Viola Rothrock age 16 born April 3, 1894.  2)  Agnes Rothrock age 12 born about 1898.  3)  Addie Rothrock age 11 born August 16, 1898.  4)  Ruth Rothrock age 9 born July 8, 1900.  5)  William Rothrock age 6 born September 8 1903.  William is working his own farm in Southeast Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado.  In 1920 Agnes, age 45, is listed as 'head of house' living with Winefred A. Rothrock age 22 teaching music.  Addie E. Rothrock age 21.  Willie R. Rothrock age 19 and William J. J. Rothrock age 16.  I could not locate William.  However, in the 1930 census he is back and he is now 62 years old and Agnes is 57.  The only child with them now is William age 26 and he is working in a bank as a bookkeeper.  William Sr. has remained a farmer all these years.

(3-k-4)  Zachariah Taylor Buford born in 1851 and died two years later.

(3-k-5)  James Robert Buford the son of William and Mary Ann Jones Buford was born July 28, 1853.  He married Mary Eliza Lasley on December 5, 1880.  Mary was born about 1864 in Missouri.  They had four children:  1)  Carry Myrtle Buford born July 6, 1882.  Carry married Charles Geery on the 9th of October 1904.  Charles was born on the 16th of June 1880 and was an undertaker at Kiowa, Kansas.  He was registered for the draft WWI.  This couple did not have any children.  2)  Marvin Edward Buford born July 25, 1885.  John died In October of 1968.  He was registered for the WWI draft.  Marvin married Margaret McNeil Epps September 1910.  They had one daughter Ruth Eveline Buford born August 2, 1911 and died February 22, 1922.   3)  John Price Buford born October 21, 1887.  John married Renna Belle Geery (sister of Charles) September 3, 1907.  John Price Buford owned and farmed his land in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.  His children were born and reared on the farm.  They had two children:  3-a)  Orin James Buford born May 4, 1909 and died May 9, 2003 at Hennessey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma  He was 94 years and 5 days old.  3-b)  Juanita Mae Buford born September 11, 1913.  4)  Anna May Buford born June 3, 1892.  She married Lester Turner on the 2nd of April, 1919. Lester was the son of Thomas J. and Mae M. Turner of Liberty, Schuyler County, Missouri. He was born November 1, 1893 and died At Kansas City, Missouri in March 1979.  They had four children;   4-a) Velma Mae Turner born July 5, 1920.  4-b)  Vivian Lucille Turner born November 28, 1921.  4-c) James Turner born February 24, 1925 and died in September 1982.  4-d)  Aubrey Turner born about 1926. 

(3-k-6)  Nancy Jane Buford born June 4, 1855.  She married Austin Reed on the 16th of April, 1871 at Glenwood, Missouri.   Austin was born December 1, 1839.  They made their home in Oakdale, California where Austin died August 25, 1903.   Nancy and daughter Ruth moved to San Jose, California where Nancy met and married Mr. J. R. Cassingham on May 16, 1913.

Nancy and Austin had three Children:  1) William Reed born February 22, 1872 and died October 23, 1894.  2)  Dora Belle Reed born September 21 1873. married Benjamin Burgess on June 20, 1894.  After the death of Benjamin on the 25th of April 1905 Dora married Henry Kolbe on March 31, 1907.  The 1910 Census for North Manheim, Schuylkill, PA. shows Dora age 35 and husband Henry Kolbe Jr. living with Henry's parents; Henry Sr. and Anna Kolbe.  Henry Sr. Immigrated to America from Germany about 1883 or 1884. Besides Henry jr.,  Henry Sr. and Anna have an other son and three daughters living with them. They are farmers.  Two farms down the road is another family of Kolbe's.  I do not know if they are related or not but I have a sneaky feeling it is another son.  3)  Ruth B. Reed born January 13, 1879.

(3-k-7)  Mary Etta Buford born April 4, 1857 married Robert Franklin Boze on November 23, 1875.  Robert was born August 31, 1855 at Liberty, Illinois.  He was a Veterinarian by trade  Robert died October 4, 1921. The U. S. Census for Boulder County, Colorado for the year 1900 Shows Robert as being 43 years old and Mary as being 44.  The three children listed below are in the household.  In the 1910 Census Robert is now 55 which corresponds with the date of his birth given above. Mary is now 52 and only one child remains in this household and that is Daisy who is now 29.  I could not find them in the census for 1920 but given the various different ways I have seen the census transcribers spell this name it is no wonder.  The 1930 census for Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado has Mary, age 71, living with her son James C. Boze age 48 and not married and daughter Daisy Boze age 51 and still unmarried as well.

Mary and Robert had three children:  1)  Daisy Boze born September 20 1876.  2)  William Alvin Boze born March 12, 1878.  3)  James Carlos Boze born July 10, 1880. James Carlos Boze was registered for the draft of WWI War. 

Here we have another puzzle;  When researching the two sons William and James I found William also living in Longmont, Colorado and married to a Hattie M. Boze and their children are listed as:  2-a)  Eveline Frankie Boze born April 27,1908.    2-b)  Wilma Alice Boze born April 13, 1915.    2-c)  William Alvin Boze born December 26, 1919.  However, when checking the 1924 Buford book on page 253 it states that James married Hettie Miller on the 23rd of March 1902  and their children are the same as I found in the 1920 and 1930 census for William A. Boze.  This is a very common mistake and often done but never intentional.  If anyone reading this has any different input or information please contact me.

(3-k-8)  Abraham Don Carlos Buford born December 20, 1859.  He married Minnie Woodson on the 14th of June, 1911 at Lancaster, Missouri.  The 1924 Buford book says they made their home in New Mexico.  I can't find hide nor hair of them.

(3-k-9)  William Price Buford born May 4, 1862.  He married Clara Belle Morris on the 7th of March 1886 in Schuyler County, Missouri.  Clara was born June 16, 1863 and died August 25, 1911.  Clara and William had three children:  1)  Don Leroy Buford born December 2, 1888.  Don graduated from Wood's College in Oklahoma.  He served six months in the regular Army in France  with the A.E.F.  2)  Nelson Milton Buford (?) born March 16, 1890.  Nelson Joined the Marine Corps on June 1, 1917 and was stationed in France.  He was killed in action on June 9, 1918 while serving as Corporal of the 34th Company First Replacement Battalion, U.S.M.C..   3)  Marvel Morris Buford born  January 24, 1901. 

This family was living in Driftwood, Woods County, Oklahoma in the 1900 and 1910 census.  1900 William is 38 and Clara is 37.  Sons Don L. is 11 and Adrener(?) N. is 10.  1910 has William as being 47 and Clara 46 years old.  Don L. Buford is missing from this household and another son Marvel M. Buford is present and he is 9 years old.  Two farms down the road is William's brother James R. Buford.

(3-k-10) Granville Lee Buford born April 3, 1864 and died soon after.

(3-k-11) Irena Nelson Buford born May 7, 1865.  She married Calvin O'Briant on January 30, 1889.  Calvin was born September 19, 1864.  They had two children:  1)  Edna Buford O'Briant born April 29, 1894. Edna married Arlie E. Girton December 14, 1916.  They had two daughters;  Elizabeth Buford Girton born July 6, 1922 and Nellie B. Girton born about 1925.   2 & 3)  Lloyd Buford O'Briant and Boyd Buford O'Briant twins born May 20, 1905.  This family made their home on a farm they owned in Schuyler County, Missouri.

(3-L)  Simeon Buford who was born March 14, 1824 was the son of Abraham and Nancy Eidson Buford.  He married Francis M. Cofer of Paris, Texas.  The census for 1880 has this couple living in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. Simeon is 55 years old and Francis 'Fannie' is 45.  The census for 1900 Justice Precinct 7, Lamar, Texas finds Simeon and Fannie living with their daughter Lillian and son-in-law Dr. A. McCustion.  Simeon is now 76 years old and Fannie is 64.  In 1910 Simeon and Francis are still living with daughter Lillian and Dr. McCustion (census spelling is McCluster)  Simeon is now 88 years old and Fannie is 76.  The good Dr. and Lillian are 51 and 48 years old.

Simeon and Francis have four children; 

    (3-L,1)  Lillian A. Buford born November 2, 1861.  Lillian married Dr. Samuel McCustion

    (3-L,2)  Prudence B. Buford born October 5, 1863.  She married Captain Silas B. Zainter. 

     (3-L,3)  Sidney James  Buford born July 17, 1865.  He married Samuel's sister Minnie McCustion.  Sidney and Minnie are in the 1900 Census living in Justice Precinct 7, Lamar, Texas.  They are 34 and 27 years old with four young children:  3-a)  Minnie B. Buford born about 1873.  3-b)  Daniel C. Buford born about 1895.  3-c)  Mary A. Buford born about 1897.  3-d)  Margaret E. Buford born about 1898.  3-e)  Ruth J. Buford born about 1900. 

    (3-L,4) Talma W. Buford born May 30, 1874.   Son of Simeon and Francis Buford married a woman by the name of Georgery(?) Hickman and in the 1910 census they are living in the Justice Precinct 7, Lamar, Texas.  They have one son;  Hal H. Buford age 8.  Talma is a physician with a 'general' practice.  In 1920 the family is living at Cunningham, Lamar, Texas.  Talma is now 45 and wife "Georgia" is also 45 putting her birth year at about 1875/1874.  Son Hal is now 18 years old and Georgia's father Augusta Hickman age 79 is living with them.  The 1930 Census has the family still living in Precinct 7, Lamar,. Texas.  Talma is 55 - Georgia is also 55 and her father Augustus H. Hickman in 89.  They have one servant.  Talma W. Buford died on the 2nd of June 1949 in Lamar County, Texas.

(3-m)  Nancy A. Buford who was born July 18, 1825 was the daughter of Abraham and Nancy Eidson Buford.   She married George P. Luck on September 11, 1844.  Bond Posted on the 6th of Sept. and married by James Leftwich.  George was a Baptist Minister and farmer. 

The U. S. Census for Northern Division of Bedford County, Virginia- Bufords Post Office- shows George as being 32 and Nancy 26.  They have four small children:  1)  Edward W. Luck age 5 born about 1845.  2)  Julian M. Luck age 2 born about 1848.  3)  George Simeon Luck age 3 born about 1847.  4)  Mary Elizabeth Luck age one born about 1849. George owned 18 slaves in 1850.

The 1960 census shows the family still living in the Northern District of Bedford (Bufords Depot), Virginia.  George is now 42 and Nannie (Nancy) is 35.  Now they have 8 children in the household plus three Richardson cousins.  The children; Edward is now 14 - George S is now 13 - Julian M. is now 12 and Mary E. is now 10.  George and Nancy have been very busy as they now have four new children born to them in the past ten years.  They are:  5)  Nannie B. Luck  age 8 born about 1852.  6)  John B. Luck age 7 born about 1853.  7)  James Paschal Luck born about 1855. 8)   Abraham B. Luck who is a twin age one born about 1859.  The other twin did not live past a day and was not named.  Father George is still farming and now has 24 slaves helping out.

The 1870 census has the family living on the same farm and everyone has aged ten years plus there is one more addition to the family and that is little  9)  Emma C. Luck age 9 born about 1861.

The census for 1880 has George P. Luck age 67 and Nancy Luck age 57.  There are only four children still living at home and they are; Paschal J. ((7) James Paschal) age 23.  A. Buford ((8) Abraham B.) age 21.  Emma C. age 18.  One more addition to the family # 10) Robert H. Luck age 15.  The census taker totally missed poor Robert in the 1870 census. . 

Now, lets find out what happened to George P. and Nancy Buford Luck's family - starting with;  1)  Edward W. Luck who married Sallie Royal of Powhatan, Virginia.  In 1880 they are living in Lisbon, Bedford County, Virginia.  Edward is 36 and Sallie is also 36 putting her birth year about 1844.  They have three young children in the household:  1-a)  Mary B. Luck age 8 born about 1872.  3-b)  Nannie Luck age 7 born about 1873.  1-c)  William Luck age 4 born about 1876.  1-d)  Lottie Luck age 2 born about 1878.  Edward is a farmer and he and Sallie were married when they were 23 years old.  The Census for 1890 was destroyed, as you know, so the next census was 1900 which has them living in Lisbon on the same farm.  Edward is listed as being 54 years old an so is Sallie.  The Children are now;  Mary age 26 - Marrie R.??? is 25 - William E. is 24 and Lollie ??? is 22.  In 1910 we find that Sallie has passed on and Edward has remarried a woman named Nannie Cofer. and the couple are living on the farm in Lisbon, Virginia.  Edward is 64 years old and Nannie is 49.  The 1920 Census has Edward age 74 still farming.  Nannie is 59 and they have a cousin Ann L. Richardson age 80 living with them.  Edward has passed on sometime during the next ten years and I find Nannie Cofer Luck living with John W. Childs in 1930.  She is 69 years old.

2)  Julian M. Luck married a woman by the name of Ozelle __?__.  In the Census for Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia in1880 has Julian as being 31 and Ozelle is 28 and they have a daughter named Nannie Wilma Luck that is only one year old.  They are living in the household of Jacob & Lucy Taylor and their daughter Ester.  Julian is a Minister.  The census for  In 1910 Julian and Ozelle are living at Ivy, Albemarle County, Virginia.  Julian is still a minister and he is now 62 years old and Ozelle is 60 years old.  Nannie is 30, unmarried and a teacher in the local school.  I have seen Nannie's name two different ways: Nannie Wilma and Wilma Nannie.  In the records for Virginia  marriages she is listed as being Wilma Nannie Luck.  This record has her marrying William Edward Cunningham born about 1892 in North Carolina on the 22nd of June 1911.  The 1930 census has Wilma and William living in Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia.  William is 38 years old and he is a Dispatcher for the railroad and they own their home which is worth $10,000.00. (nice house for that time period)  Wilma, Bless her pointed little head, might be fudging a bit on her birth date because she is listed as being 36 and born about 1894.  (haven't we all done that at one time or another??)

Other children listed in the 1910 census for Julian and Ozelle  are Julia Luck age 24 born December 16, 1883 (Pulaski birth records pg 151).  She is a school teacher in the local public schools.  Eugene Luck age23 born about 1887.  He married Ann Hobday and they have a daughter Annie who was three years and three months old in 1920.  Lula Luck age 19 born about 1891.   I found a birth record for Cora Luck born 25 November 1880 - the daughter of Julian and Ozella Luck.  This daughter was never listed on any of the Census records for Pulaski County, Virginia.  This birth year of 1880 is the one year after Wilma was born,   I find Cora in the 1920 Census married to Albert E. Dickens age 38 and Cora is also listed as being 38 years old which is incorrect, she is now 40 years old.  Don't tell me she is fudging on her age too????  For shame and besides, this family is giving me a migraine.  Living with Cora and Husband Albert is Cora's father Julian M. Luck age 72 and her sister Lula Luck age 34 obviously unmarried.

3)  Dr. George Simeon Luck son of George P. and Nancy Buford Luck married Maria Lula Moorman of Roanoke, Virginia. I have seen two different ways in which George's wife's name is displayed;  Maria L.  and Lula M.  They appear in the 1900 U. S. Census living at Roanoke, Virginia.  George is a physician aged 53.  Maria L. is 43 years old and they have been married for 25 years.  There are eight children listed for this couple;  1)  Elva L. Luck age 23 born in August of 1876.  2)  Wannie L. Luck age18 born in October 1881.  3)  John J. Luck age16 born in December 1883.  John is attending a United States Military Academy - probably VMA..  4)  George S. Luck age 14 born in September 1885.  George marries Zaida Bell and in 1910 is living with his family at Roanoke Highland Ward, Virginia.  They have two children George D. Luck age 2 years and Genevieve M. Luck age two Months.  George is a Pipe Fitter by trade.  The 1920 census has them in Roanoke, Virginia and each of the family have aged 10 years.  In 1930 we find George and Zaida  still living in Roanoke aged 45 and 44.  Son George D. is now 21 and Genevieve is 20 and married to Charles Berkovitz age 28.  Zaida's father Jacob M. Bell age 76 is living with them.  5)  Mattie B. Luck age 12 born June 1887.  6)  Mary E. Luck age 12 born March 1891.  She marries James M. Richardson and they have a son, James D. Richardson, age 6 in the 1920 census for Roanoke, Virginia.  James is an Electrical Contractor.  Living with them is Maria L. Luck age 62 and a widow. Mary's sister Lucile E. Luck age 23 is also in this household working as a Supervisor in the Telegraph office.  Brother James Malcolm Luck is there as well,  his age is 25.  7)  James M. Luck age 9 born June 1893.  8)  Ensley L. Luck age 4 born April 1896.  This daughter also answers to Lucile E. Luck. ~~  This family is definitely driving me crazy.  In 1910 Census for Roanoke, Virginia George S. Luck and wife Lula M. Luck are listed as being 63 and 51.  They still have five children living at home;  Mattie B. Luck age 22. - John J. Luck age 26. - Mary Luck age 19 - James M. Luck age 17. - Lucile Luck age 13.

 (3-n)  James L. Buford who was born in Bedford County, Virginia on August 23, 1827 and was the youngest of 14 children (3-a through 3-n) born to  Abraham Buford (third (3) child of Henry Buford and Mildred Blackburn Buford) and Nancy Eidson Buford.  

James married Mary Lee Glasscock on April  9, 1857.  Mary was the daughter of Bailey Glasscock and Lucy T. Kerfoot Glasscock.  Mary was born in Loudoun County, Virginia on June 4, 1837. Before his marriage James went to Knox county Missouri for a short time and then on to California where he mined for gold for about 4 years until word came about the illness and pending death of his mother.  He returned home to find his Mom had already passed on.  In 1861 he joined the Southern cause through the State Guard under the command of Governor Jackson.  In 1863 while on a recruiting mission he was captured and placed under a $12,000.00 bond which gave him the choice of remaining in prison or signing an oath promising to NEVER aid the Southern cause again. He accepted.  He remained a paroled prisoner of the Union Army until the end of the war.  For the safety of his family he moved them to Iowa until the end of the war when they came back to Knox County, Missouri.  They later moved to Clark County, Missouri when Mary inherited her father's estate.  He farmed this land until 1893 at the age of 66 when he rented it and he and Mary moved in with their two sons Wellington and Robert who own a farm consisting of 231 acres located near the Harmony Grove Baptist Church.  I visited this area in the Spring of 2007 and was impressed with the splendid farms in the area and the old Harmony Grove Baptist Church is a treasure.  James died July 17, 1902 - All of his children were with him but his youngest son who lived in Montana and was unable to come.  Mary Lee Glasscock Buford died on the 10th of August 1920.  James and Mary had Eight children who lived to maturity.  One child died  soon after birth, name not known:  (3-n,1 through 3-n,8)

(3-n,1)  Fanny E. Buford born December 28, 1857.  Fanny married Newton J. Fordny May 30, 1888.  Newton died July 11, 1913 - they did not have any children.  She married again on July 3, 1921 to Joseph Hicks of Scotland County, Missouri. No children.

(3-n,2)  Virginia Etta Buford born March 3, 1859 in Lancaster, Schuyler County, Missouri.  She married John Franklin Kerfoot of Lewis County, Missouri on the 15th of March 1876.  Remember Virginia's Mom, Mary L. Glasscock's Mom was a Kerfoot.  I found John and Virginia in the1880 U. S. Federal Census living at Reddish, Lewis County, Missouri.  John is a farmer and listed as being 32 years old putting his birth year at about 1848.  They have a one month old son, Oscar L. Kerfoot.  It was interesting to note that there were three other Kerfoot families listed in the immediate neighborhood.  In dwelling (farm) #200 lived a George A. Kerfoot age 65 with wife Lucinda Kerfoot age 61.  Their children were Andrew J. Kerfoot age 23 - Ida Lee Kerfoot age 15 and Clarence Oschner age 8 a Grandson.  #202 farm belonged to Thomas G. Kerfoot age 38 with wife Alice R. Kerfoot age 31.  They have three children - William F. Kerfoot age 14 - Arthur S. Kerfoot age 11 and Ezra L. Kerfoot age 7.  John's farm is # 203 and on the other side of John is a Charles W. Kerfoot age 30 with wife Julia Ann Kerfoot age 26.  Their children are - John E. Kerfoot age 5 - Myrta B. Kerfoot age 2.  As happens many times, the father owning a large farm will divide the acreage into partials for each son - very common.  (and very generous)  In the 1900 Census we discover that John has moved his family from Lewis County to Clark County and is living near Washington.  John is new 53 years old and Virginia is 41.  Their son Oscar who would be 20 in 1900 is no longer at home.  Their family has grown by six in the past 20 years (remember there isn't a census for 1890 because of a fire) and they are: 

Addie May Kerfoot age 22 born September 16. 1878.  Addie married Edward  Lasswell on September 20, 1900.  They had nine children:  1) Aubrey William Lasswell born February 6, 1902 and died September 2, 1905  2) Felix Milton Lasswell born August 26, 1904.  3) Julian Raymond Lasswell born November, 1905.  4) Forest Franklin Lasswell born March 24, 1908.  5)  Leland Edward Lasswell born January 2, 1910.  6) Willie Weston Lasswell born February 10, 1912.  7) Virginia Lucile Lasswell born November 13, 1913.  8) Willis James Lasswell born June 14, 1917 and died October 17, 1917.   9) Lola May Lasswell born September 28, 1918. In 1910 and 1920 this family was living near La Belle, Lewis County, Missouri.

Horace Rolfe Kerfoot age 18 born June 28, 1881.  He married Bertha Raine on the 12th of February 1906.  They had ten Children:  1) Bernice Marie Kerfoot born March 15, 1908 and died March 29, 1909.  2)  Zola Juanita Kerfoot born June 13, 1910.  3)  Genevieve Pearl Kerfoot born August 28, 1912.  4) Frances Margaret Kerfoot born April 12, 1915 and died February 28, 1916.  5) John Rolfe Kerfoot born March 21, 1917.   6) Dema Pauline Kerfoot born March 25, 1919.  7) Raymond Edward Kerfoot born May 4, 1921.  8) Helen Kerfoot born about 1923.  9)  Robert Louis Kerfoot born May 2, 1925 and died on the 1st of June, 1997 at Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho.  10)  Walter B. Kerfoot born March 3, 1928 and died in April 1985 at Weiser, Washington County, Idaho.  In 1910 this family had moved to Burlington Ward 1, Des Moines, Iowa.  Horace is listed as being 28 years old and a Cabinet Maker.  In 1930 they had moved to Wilder, Canyon County Idaho.

Lucie L. Kerfoot age 17 born June 1, 1883.

Clarence F. Kerfoot age 14 born October 14, 1885 - Bessie B. Kerfoot age 5 born July 6, 1894 -  Fannie B. Kerfoot a daughter age 3 born November 15. 1896.  John owns this farm.  1910 census - same farm and John is 63 and Virginia is 51.  Adda and Harris are no longer at home.  They now have five children at home and a new daughter named Gladys Fern Kerfoot age 9 born December 7, 1900.  Lucy is now 25 - Clarence 23 - Bessie - 15 - Fannie 13.  The census for 1920 John is 73 years old and still farming with the help of son Clarence age 34. Daughter Lucile is still living at home and she is now 36 and unmarried.  Daughter Gladys age 19 is now married to Hayden M. Burford age 19 was born August 14, 1900 and died at Lewistown Missouri In September 1981.  Hayden is also a heavy lifter on the farm.  In the 1930 census Hayden and Gladys are living at Lyon, Lewis County, Missouri and the have two children;  John R. Burford age 8 and Mable M. Burford age 6.  Hayden is a farmer.  Gladys Fern Kerfoot Burford died in February 1975

In 1930 we discover the death of John within the past 10 years and Virginia age 70 is now the head of house with daughter Lucy (Lucile) age 46 and a grandson Floyd E. Hottle age 11 and Granddaughter Glenna F. Hottle age 7 living with her.  On the farm next door is her son Clarence age 44 with wife Anna J. age 28.  Clarence does not have any children.  The Grandchildren listed on this census belong to Fanny Verda Kerfoot and her husband Oka S. Hottle.  In 1920 the Hottle family was living in Washington, Clark County, Missouri.  Oka was 23 years old and Fannie was 22 - baby Floyd was 11 months old.  Oka was the son of I. A. Hottle and Maggie Hottle of Clark County, Missouri.

(3-n,3)  Lucy Temple Buford the daughter of James L. and Mary L. G. Buford was born October 30, 1861 in Clark County, Missouri.  She married Michiel A. Coffman on January 12, 1894.  They had two children:  1)  Pearl L. Coffman born December 15, 1894 and died December 28, 1894.  2) Earl M. Coffman born September 27, 1900.  I found Earl in the 1930 census living at St. Louis, Missouri age 30 with a four month old son Andrew e. Coffman.  He is working as a clerk for the Railroad.

(3-n,4)  Wellington Marshal Buford born October 10, 1863 in Knox County, Missouri.  I don't believe Wellington ever married.  I found him in the 1920 census living at Colony, Knox County, Missouri age 56.  He is farming his own land and has his Mom, Mary L. Buford, living with him - she is 82 years old.  Also in this household is his sister 'Nandi' Buford age 48- a brother Joseph L. Buford age 45  and two Nephews; Clarkson C. Buford age 13 and Joseph L. Buford age 6. Joseph was born September 26, 1913 and died on October 13, 1993 at Gorin, Scotland County, Missouri

(3-n,5)  Mary Buford born September 8, 1867.  She married William C. Reynolds on March 12, 1893. 

(3-n,6)  Nannie Buford born June 26, 1869.  Other than living with her brother Wellington in 1920 I found Nannie living alone as 'head of house' in 1930 at Harrison, Scotland County, Missouri census.  She is 59 years old and doesn't show any means of support nor ever married.

(3-n,7)  Robert William Buford born September 4, 1870 in Clark County, Missouri.  He married Nannie Isabel Purdy December, 1902.  Nannie was born August 4, 1879.  They had seven children:  1) Mary Thelma Buford born September 24, 1903.  2) Eleanor Clyde Buford born July 13, 1905.  3) James Miller Buford born January 27, 1906.  4) Mildred Lucile Buford Born April 12, 1909.  5) William Woodrow Buford born November 17, 1912.  6) Robert Wellinger Buford Jr. born October 3, 1915.  7) Roberta Nell Buford born September 30, 1918.  In 1910 this family was living near Colony, Knox County, Missouri on the farm of his Mother-in-law Mary J. Purdy age 65.  Mary Purdy's son William A. Purdy is also living at home - he is 26 years old and single.  Robert is 39 years old and his wife is 29 years old.  They have four young children with them - Mary T is 6 - Eleanor C. is 4 - James M. is 3 and Mildred is one year old.  Eleanor, James and Mildred were born in Montana.  Mary T. Buford was born in Missouri.  In 1920 they are on the same farm and the rest of the children listed above were born there.  The 1930 census has the family on the same farm  and everyone has aged ten years.  Mildred Lucile is the only child no longer living at home.

(3-n,8)  Joseph Luck Buford born March 3, 1873 in Clark County, Missouri.

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