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My father John Matthew Buford
Fern Kay Buford
Grandmother Fern Karen Petersen Buford
Grandfather John Matthew Buford Sr.
About 1938 on the Colorado National Monument

Great Grandaunt Mary Jordan Reed Hunter Buford ~ January 20, 1847 - August 18, 1908
Great Granduncle Marcus Bainbridge Buford ~ July 10, 1844 - December 6, 1914
Marcus retired a Naval Captain (same as a full Colonel)
Lived in Paris France until their deaths.
Buried in Erie, Pennsylvania in the 'Buford' Plot

My father John Matthew Buford Jr. with "Old Julia"
About 1910

John Matthew Buford Sr.
November 8, 1862 ~ December 11, 1944
photo taken about 1882

The three photos above are of my cousin George H. Buford Jr
taken on his graduation from High School. 
The first is with his Grandmother Fern Karen Petersen Buford.
The second is with his Mother Lillian Vera Holmes Buford
The third is with his Grandfather John Matthew Buford Sr.

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