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Just look at the size of those luscious water melons.
My father could grow ANYTHING  !!

BUFORDs  ~~  abt. 1934/35
Gordon Lee ~ My father, John Matthew Jr. ~ John Matthew III.

This Photograph was taken in the summer of 1905 at Theodore Washington Buford's
home in Pickens, Mississippi.
Top row L to R:  Porter Rogers ~ Jim Willis ~ Christine Willis Montgomery
Francis 'Fannie' Buford Willis ~ Minnie Buford Atkinson
Second row L to R:  Irene Buford Rogers ~ Theodore W. Buford ~ Evalina 'Eva' Buford
Eugene Clark Buford ~ Catherine Atkinson ~ Will S. Atkinson
Bottom row L to R:  Corra McDonald Buford ~ James M. Buford ~ Margaret Atkinson Hilzim
Mazie Willis Covington ~ Leila Atkinson Henry ~ John W. Tucker Owen ~ Mazie Buford Tucker
This photo was e mailed to me by Hubert Buford
I do appreciate any and all donations for this web page.

Easter Sunday 1949
Back row ~ George Harrington Buford Jr. ~ Wallace Abbott Buford ~ Roger H Buford
Seated ~ Donna Buford ~ Lillian Vera Holmes Buford ~ Fern K. Petersen Buford
Virginia Meyer Buford

Fern Karen Petersen Buford
John Matthew Buford Jr.
John Matthew Buford Sr.
about 1900 to 1902

1910 ~ 1995

Grandfather John Matthew Buford Sr. with son
Mark Hardin Buford
and grand daughter Beth Gail Buford

Mark Hardin Buford 1920 ~ Kansas City, Kansas

Remember "Victory Gardens???"
We all had'em during the second World War because we were Patriots.
This is Uncle George H. Buford and my cousin Roger H. Buford
checking their "Victory Garden."  Looks like a pretty good
one too.

Mark Hardin Buford ~ 1923
He had an "off Road Mountain Bike" and didn't even know it.
It only had ONE speed though.  Times were tuff !!

George Harrington Buford
"Miller's School"

George H. Buford Jr. (17 years old)
July 16th 1939
Citizens Military Training Camp
Fort Leavenworth Kansas

Standing:  George Jr. ~ Wally ~  Grandmother Fern
Roger ~ Virginia
Seated:  George Sr and Grand Daughter Donna

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