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Bedford County, Virginia
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Of the four Buford brothers of Bedford County, Virginia
I will begin with Henry Beauford/Buford

Many of Henry and Mildred's children
have their own page because of the volume of information
I have written.  Just click where I have indicated.


Henry Buford was my gggGrandfather Abraham’s brother and the son of John Beauford and Judith Early Beauford whom I covered in my 2005 Buford book.  John and Judith were remarkable in that they had six (6) sons who served in the revolution.  They were:  Captain John Thomas, Captain James, Captain William, Colonel Abraham, Captain Henry and Ensign Simeon.

Henry Beauford/Buford was born September 19, 1751 in Culpeper County, Virginia.  He married Mildred Blackburn of Norfolk, Virginia on March 22, 1771.  Henry built a large home in Bedford County called “Bufords Tavern” before the revolution and it was here he and Mildred lived and had all their children. Mildred was the daughter of William Blackburn and Elizabeth Blackburn of Christchurch Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia. Mildred had the following siblings:  Elizabeth Blackburn and Martha Blackburn who were twins and born September 26, 1714.  William Blackburn who was born June 12, 1717.  Hannah Blackburn who was born August 30, 1719.  Thomas Blackburn was born July 30,  1721 and died September 25, 1727.  Edward Blackburn was born November 30, 1729. 

Both Henry and Mildred died at Locust Level.  Henry died December 31, 1814 and Mildred died on April 19, 1802. They are buried in the Family cemetery at Locust Level.

Henry married a second time October 17, 1805 to Jane Kent Quirk who was the widow of Major Thomas Quirk also of the Revolution.  Henry was the presiding Magistrate of Bedford County in 1782 and acted as the High Sheriff from 1790 to 1795.  Henry and Mildred had the following nine children:

(1)  Elizabeth Buford “Betsey’ born August 8, 1773.  Elizabeth married John Hopkins Otey on the 1st of April, 1790. The Bedford, Virginia marriage bonds dated March 29, 1790 states Betsey was the daughter of Henry;  Charles Caffery was the surety and they were married by James Mitchell.  John was the son of John Otey and Mary Hopkins.  John Otey from whom all of the Oteys in Upper Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama descend came to Bedford county at the time of the Revolutionary War.  John served in the Revolutionary War as Captain.  He was a very large man in many ways; Stature, morally straight, brave with physical strength and a Christian to the core.  All of his children except Armistead, the youngest son, were a mirror image of him.

Elizabeth Buford Otey and John Hopkins Otey’s children were:

(1-a)  Parmelia C. Otey whose marriage bonds to James Gwatkin were posted on June 13, 1814.  Their children were:

(1-a-1)   Charles Anderson Gwatkin son of James and Parmelia B. Gwatkin married Mary Isabella Blackford on October 7th, 1845.  In 1850 Charles and Mary were living in Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia per the US Federal Census M432, 1009 rolls.  Charles is 35 years old so was born about 1815 and Mary is 21 years old so was born about 1829.  There is one child; Thomas B. Gwatkin age 2 born about1848.  Charles is listed as being a merchant.  According to the 1850 Slave Schedule Charles has two slaves; a black male age 7 and a mulatto female age 4.  There are four male boarders living in this household.   Not sure what exactly happened to this family.  I found Mary in the city directory for Richmond, Virginia dated 1889-1890.  She is listed as being the widow of Charles A. and her address is 1014 Broad E.  Charles and Mary had additional children:

(1-a-1,1)  Thomas Blackford Gwatkin born about 1848. (see above)

(1-a-1,1)  Charles Otey Gwatkin married Nettie Kline. 

(1-a-2)  James Gwatkin, Son of Charles and Mary B. Gwatkin married Bolling Weisiger in New York sometime after 1880.  Bolling is the daughter of Powhatan Weisiger of Virginia and Josephine Bolling Weisiger.  James and the Weisiger’s are in the 1880 Federal Census for New York (Manhattan).  Both James and Bolling are single at this time.  James was 25 and Bolling was 20 putting their birth year at about 1855 and 1860.  Bolling’s parents are 45 and 40 years old

(1-a-3)  Mary Sternberber Gwatkin married Charles P. Stokes of Richmond, Virginia.

(1-a-4)  Caroline Blackford Gwatkin married Fielding Lewis Marshall and they made their home in Washing, D. C..  From volume 1 of Virginia’s Prominent families I learned that Fielding was a clerk in the Internal Revenue Office and later in 1906 he was with the Baltimore and Ohio RR, living in Washington D.C.

(1-a-5)  Nannie McClellan Gwatkin Married Frederick Lewis Curtler of Worchester, England.

(1-a-6)  William Graham Gwatkin married Carlotta E. Smith and they lived in Richmond Virginia.  I found William living with his Mom in Richmond, Virginia at 1014 Broad E as of the 1889-90 city directories.  I found William’s family in the 1910 US Federal Census living in Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia.  Series T624 Roll 1644 Page 233B  ED# 105 Part 3 Line 38.  William is 45 years old making his birth year about 1865.  Carlotta is 38 years old making her birth year about 1872.  They have two sons;  James G.  Gwatkin age 17 and Charles A. Gwatkin age 10.  Also living in this household is a sister-in-law Rosalie S. Harris and a Niece Anita I Cussen.  There are two female servants ages 25 and 22.  William is employed as a ‘Bookkeeper’.  William and Carlotta have been married for 20 years. 

James G. is listed in the 1920 US Federal Census living at Richmond, Virginia T625, 2,076 rolls.  He is married to a Mary C. ___ .  They have two daughters; Mary C. Gwatkin age 2 and Carlotta M. Gwatkin age one month.  James is 26 years old and Carlotta is 25 years old.  They have two female  servants ages19 and 16.  James is employed as an Insurance Agent.

(1-a-2)  Catherine Gwatkin was the daughter of Parmelia C. Otey and James Gwatkin.  She married Calvin Thompson and they moved from Virginia to  Independence, Missouri sometime after their first son Charles was born.  Calvin was 52 years old in 1870 so was born about 1818 and Katherine was 45 in 1870 so was born about 1825. Calvin owned a grocery store and both sons helped run the store.  This information was gleaned from the US Census for 1870 M593, 1,761 rolls.   I found this family in the 1880 US Federal Census for Blue, Jackson County, Missouri Roll T9-693.  ED # 27 image 0771.  Calvin is now 61 years old and Katherine spelled with a ‘C’ is 55 years old.  Charles is listed as being unmarried and 30 years old which doesn’t make much sense compared to the 1870 census.  They are now listed as being farmers.

Their sons were:

 (1-a-2,1)  Charles A. Thompson the son of Catherine Gwatkin and Calvin Thompson, was born in 1845 in Virginia.  Charles does not marry until 1886 to a Kate ______.  I found them in the US Federal census for 1900, Independence Ward 3, (Blue Township) Jackson County, Missouri T623.    Charles is listed  as being 55 years old and born in 1845.  Wife Kate, last name not known is listed as being 55 and they have been married for 14 years.  It is a messy page and I cannot read Charles’ occupation.  They have three children 1. Pearl E. Thompson listed as being 12 years old.  2.  Calvin Thompson is listed as being 9 years old.  3.  Franki Thompson is listed as being 6 years old.  All three of these children were born in Missouri.

(1-a-2,2)  David B. Thompson the son of Catherine Gwatkin and Calvin Thompson,  was born in Missouri in September of 1849.  He married a lady by the name of Sophia in 1871.  They are listed in the 1900 Federal Census for Kansas City Ward 3, Jackson County, Missouri T623 1854 Rolls.  David is 50 years old and Sophia is 49 years old.  There are no children listed, just one servant and David’s occupation is a photographer.

(1-a-3)  James Gwatkin was the son of Parmelia C. Otey and James Gwatkin. He died very young.

(1-b)  John Buford Otey son of John H. and Elizabeth Buford Otey married Angelina M. Brown.  Their children were; 

(1-b-2,1)  Morris B. Otey who died in 1818.

(1-b-2,2)  John William Otey married Frances O.  Gwatkin on the first of February 1849 in Bedford, Virginia.

(1-b-2,3)  Harriet C. Otey married James B. Ward in 1842 and made their home in Lynchburg, Virginia.  They had eleven children: 1- James Beverly Ward born in 1843 and died in 1856  2-  Ella Risque Ward.  3-  Adeline Virginia Ward.  4-  John Gordon Ward.  5- Ferdinand Kinnerly Ward born ? died 1852.  6-  Annie Morris Ward.  7-  Julia Herbert Ward.  8-  Charles Bell Ward.  9-  William Goggin Ward.  10-  Otey Beverly Ward.  11-  Mary Beverly Ward died in infancy.

(1-b-2,4)  Sarah Ann Otey the fourth child of John and Angelina Otey was married twice.  First to Samuel L. Kennedy on January 25, 1838 and second to Samuel H. Saunders. 

(1-c)  Prudence Buford Otey daughter of Elizabeth Buford and John H. Otey who posted marriage bonds for his daughter and  November 18, 1819.  John gave his consent and surety was posted by William Leftwich.

          (1-d)  Harriet P. Otey daughter of Elizabeth and John Otey had her marriage bonds to William N. Sherman posted on December 22, 1817.

          (1-e)  Nelson Horatio Otey son of Elizabeth and John Otey posted marriage bonds dated February 18, 1822.  Bride was Sarah Gray, John P. Gray was the surety.

          (1-f)  Eliza J. Otey daughter of Elizabeth and John Otey whose marriage bonds to Thomas M. Jones were posted March 18th, 1828.  The surety was Marquis D. Gray and they were married by James Leftwich on March 20th, 1828.

          (1-g)  Julia Ann Otey

          (1-h)  Edwin W. Otey

(2)  Thomas Buford son of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born in Bedford County, Virginia on March 11, 1776.  Thomas left with some of the other Buford's and went to Kentucky when only a teenager.  He first settled in Lincoln County, Kentucky where he met the love of his life, Elizabeth Pierce and they were married in May 1797.  Thomas eventually sold his Kentucky property and moved the family to Overton County, Tennessee.  He was commissioned a Lieutenant for the war of 1812 and in 1814 he and his company of soldiers were called upon to protect the station against the pesky ole Indians.  It was during this expedition that he was taken ill and died before he could reach his home.  That was December 31st, 1814.  His wife Elizabeth died in 1827 at their home in Overton County, Tennessee.  Thomas and Elizabeth had eight children:

(2-b-1)  Henry Pierce Buford born June 2, 1798 probably in Overton County, Tennessee.  It was here he met and married Emily Murley on March 29, 1823.  Henry and his large family were among the first settlers in Schuyler County, Missouri.  Henry built one of the first double log houses in that part of the country located near the Iowa line and six miles North of Downing.  He worked a 250 acre farm and spent most of his life here, never moving after first settling.  He was one of the very first Justices of the Peace of Schuyler County and held that position for a number of years.  His and Emily’s home became a popular meeting place for both social occasions as well as church services.  In later years he and Emily gave up working the farm due to old age and moved in with their daughter Julia Ann Buford Bourn who lived in nearby Miller, Scotland County, Missouri.  They both died at this location.  Emily in 1880 at the age of 80 and Henry died December 9, 1890 at the age of 93 years.

(The Henry Pierce Buford family is documented in the addendum for Julia Ann Buford Bourn.  Click here)

(3)  Abraham Buford son of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born December 13, 1778.  Marriage bonds for Abraham and Sophia Lumpkin were posted December 20, 1796.  Sophia is the daughter of Thomas Lumpkin.  The surety was posted by James Otey and they were married by James Turner on the 22nd of December, 1796.  Sophia Lumpkin was born July 20, 1781 and died July 21, 1815.  She is buried in the family cemetery at Locust Level.  Sophia and Abraham had seven children who were all born in Virginia:
(Abraham and his two wives Sophia Lumpkin and Nancy Eidson have their own page.  Click here.)

Henry Buford and family is a work in progress::

Come back soon !!

(4)  Henry Buford Jr. son of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born February 17, 1781.  Marriage bonds to Jane Sherman were posted August 20, 1799.  Jane is the daughter of Henry D. Sherman.  Surety was posted by Rueben Hughes and they were married by James Turner on the 22nd of August, 1799. I found Henry Jr. and wife Jane in the 1850 US Federal Census for District 35, Madison, Alabama.  Henry is now 69 years old and Jane is 68 years old putting her estimated birth year as 1782.  There is a male Buford age 24 living with Henry and Jane and his wife is listed as Sarah A. E. Buford.  They have one daughter, Lucy F. Buford and a laborer age 19. If the male (whose name is totally unreadable) is the son of Henry he would have been born when Jane was 44 years old.  This is not impossible but rather unlikely.  Jane and Henry Jr. had the following children:

(4-a)  Albert Sherman Buford born 1800.

(4-b)  Hopkins Otey Buford born 1802.  Was married three times and had children by all three wives.

First marriage was to Jane Middleton and their children were:

(4-b,1)  Henry Buford born 1823 and died in 1823.

(4-b,2)  John Buford born 1824 and died in 1824.

(4-b,3)  Parmelia Buford died in infancy also.

(4-b,4)  E. M. Buford born August 1826 married Jane Hill.  E. M. served under the Confederacy in the Civil War and died during the conflict.

(4-b,5)  Luterpsey Buford (Now there’s a name for you!!) born 1832.  She married John C. Grayson and died in 1857.

 (4-b,6)  Eldridge C. Buford born April 17th, 1834.  He too fought for the Confederate Army and died in 1862.

 (4-b,7)  William Duncastle Sherman Buford born May 23,   1836.  William married Mary L. Henard and their children were (1)John Hopkins Otey Buford born May 16, 1861 and (2) William Eldridge Buford born July 24, 1863.  William married Ann Smith for his second wife.

John Hopkins Otey Buford (4-b,7-1)was married twice; Miss E. Fletcher and #2 was Eliza Whitaker on December 10th 1884.  Their children were 1-  Lula Ann Buford born March2, 1886 and died October 10, 1913.  2-  Mary Florence Buford born July 14, 1887.  3-  Maggie Estelle Buford born February 16, 1889.  4-  Otey Jackson Buford born November 11, 1890.  5-  Elby D. Buford born March 27, 1892 and died October 30, 1892.  6-  Bessie Lee Buford born September 29,  1893.  7-  William Gordon Buford born September 14, 1895.  8-  Robert Duncan Buford born March 11, 1900.  9-  John Eldridge Buford born May 14, 1902.  10-  Lydia Virginia Buford born July 5, 1904. 

Eliza Whitaker Buford died October 10th, 1913.  John and

his family lived at New Hope, Alabama.

William Eldridge Buford (4-b,7-2)the second son of William Duncastle Sherman Buford and Mary L. Henard married Fannie B. Cooper on the 26th of January, 1886.  Their children were;  Claude Owen Buford born September 8, 1887.  John William Buford born February 22, 1889.  Cora May Buford born February 10, 1892.  Britton Jackson Buford born January 24, 1894.  Harry Robert Buford born August 24, 1895. 

(4-b)  Hopkins Otey Buford (married a second time to  Harriet Hodge in October of 1847.  They had one son:

     (4-b,8)  Thomas Buford born 1848.

(4-b)  Hopkins Otey Buford’s third wife was Cynthia Taylor and they had three children:

     (4-b,9) Alcaner Watkins Buford born June 5, 1856.

     (4-b,10)) James Buford born 1858.

     (4-b,11) Albert Drake Buford born 1860.

(4-c)  Elizabeth Wills Buford daughter of Henry Jr. and Jane Sherman Buford was born 1804.

(4-d)  Mildred Buford

(4-e)  Julia Buford

(4-f)  Duncastle Buford

(4-g)  Mack Buford

(4-h)  Harriet Buford

(4-i)  Caroline Buford

(5)  Prudence Buford daughter of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born July 23, 1783.  Her marriage bonds to Jonathon Blackburn are dated November 6, 1797.  Henry Buford is listed as the surety and they were married by James Turner on the 7th of November 1797

(6)  Paschal Buford son of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born February 14, 1791.  Marriage bonds for Paschal and Frances Otey, daughter of Isaac Otey, were posted October 25, 1820.  Calohill Minnis was listed as the surety.  (Paschal has his own page.  Click here)

(7)  Julia Ann Buford daughter of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born April 17, 1793. Marriage bonds for Julia Ann (spelled Julianna) and David Kyle were posted August 25, 1812.  Jesse Anderson was listed as the surety.  David and Julia Ann (spelled Julianna L.) were married on the same day bonds were posted.

(8)  Mary Malinda Buford  “Polly” daughter of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford was born July 14, 1795.  Marriage bonds were posted for Polly and Jacob Kent on the 7th of September 1814.  Paschal Buford, Polly’s brother, was named as the surety.  They were married on this day.



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