Rock Island, Illinois

The following Photos were taken "Labor Day"
week end 2007.  Down town Rock Island was very busy
having a bicycle race through the streets of Rock Island
which made it almost impossible to get good shots of the Buford Block.

Copyright by Fern and Jerry L. Walker
All rights reserved.

There is one entire block involved in "The Buford Block. 
It was built, one building at a time, until the entire block was
either changed or a new building evolved, by my gg GrandUncle
Charles Buford before the start of the Civil War.
Charles Buford was from Kentucky, the son of Abraham Buford,
one of the six famed BUFORD Brothers who fought
in the Revolutionary War.

Charles Buford
June 30, 1797 ~ January 4, 1866

The next picture is of Charles' home the way it looks today.
This is another case of "I wish I hadn't seen it."
I'm glad Charles cannot see it.  It is surrounded by other old homes in every stage of
decay and the neighborhood in general is not one you
want to be caught in at night.  To try and imagine the home as it was when he
built it with his pastures reaching down to the Mississippi River and a 45 degree view of the River
from the house.  And this is what they call progress.

The home has definitely seen Happier times


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And my ALL-TIME favorite ~ TRIVIA


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