The Bainbridge family

This line first came to my attention when I was researching the
Robertson line for my "Buford Families in America" book.
The Robertson family played a rather large role in my family line of, primarily, Abraham Buford.
It was Abraham's son William McDowell Buford who was born at
the family home of "Richland" located near the Fayette County line in Scott County, Kentucky.  His wife was the daughter of Judge George Robertson, for whom the county of Robertson, Kentucky was named, and Eleanor James McIntosh Bainbridge.  A rather large imposing name for such a petite lovely young lady whose beauty put a boy of only 17 in into a tail-spin of adoration which lasted his entire life, through many happy as well as sad, heart breaking times that all families whose love and devotion lasts their whole lifetime.  I know because I too have had many happy and sad times in my 57+ years of marriage to the same man.  We all learn to sway and bend like the Willow tree or we shall break like a brittle dead stick.

The Robertson family was a special family and one that I am glad and so very proud to call my own.  It is well documented in my Buford book of 2005.  The Judge was acquainted with a number of very high politically stationed persons included Abraham Lincoln whose wife he represented (Mary Todd Lincoln) when her father died.  Some people do not realize this but Abraham Lincoln was actually born in Kentucky and it was in this state that he met his future wife.  Illinois was his 'adopted' state.  But let us get back to the family for which this web page is dedicated.

Supposedly the name originated from an old Norse word (beinn) which meant 'ready' and was spelled Bayn and the word 'brigge' was added when one of the Bayns defended a bridge against some bad guys from far away places that had no business in the vicinity at all.  I cannot prove this but it's a good story and many people, largely the Bainbridge family, believe it to be true.  In any event, there was evidence of the Baynbrigge/Bainbridge etc. family in Northern England long before the Norman invasion.  One of the earliest members was Henry de Beinebrig in 1224 and John de Baynbrigg who lived during the time of Edward I (1272-1307).  He fought a duel over a piece of land and that got him in the record books of course.  Also in the record books is a John Bainbrigg who was the Bailiff of York and in 1514 a Cardinal Christopher Baynbrige passed away.  Christopher was the Primate of England, Archbishop of York, Cardinal of St. Praxis, Bishop of Durham, Provost of The Queen's College in Oxford. He was the Almoner (a royal personage whose duty it was to distribute arms) for Henry VII and became ambassador for Henry VIII as well as the Emperor Maximilian and the Pope. Whew - What a guy. He died tragically after being poisoned by a priest.  It seems Wolsey was heavily involved in the dastardly deed as he appointed the Priest to Bishop of Worcester and Wolsey succeeded to all of Baynbrige's honours.

Christopher had a mint in York where he merrily coined money the result being the half goat of Henry VIII showing the letters 'XB' beside the royal arms.

These, are the early 'Known'  Bainbridges including all the various spellings of same.  There is no positive direct line from these men to the present Bainbridge family but hey, no one seems to have a direct line back to Adam and his chick either.  Just as my Buford families are the descendants of the French family of Beaufort in Northern France. 
John Bainbridge was the original immigrant to America in 1684 bringing with him a 'Friends' certificate from Keighley, County York dated June 26, 1684 which was filed with the New Jersey Friends. The certificate reads;  For as much as John Bainbridge and Alice his wife and arah tyheir daughter of Lindley in the county of York have fondly signifyed to Friends at our monthly Meeting that they intend to transport themselves into Pennsylvania in America.  According to the practice of Friends in the like case publique notice and examination was made touching their intended voyage and also of the cleanness of the said John Bainbridge and his wife as to the matter of Debts, engagements, contracts or bargaines to or with any ptie or pties(party or parties).  There are records showing the purchase of 200 acres on Assunpink Creek at Maidenhead and later in the same year of 1684 an additional 504 acres Raritan River.  He and his family became known to many people in and near Chesterfield where they resided.  This information plus much more that I have not included is proven by 'hard-copy' proof found in various New Jersey Archives as well as 'Friends Monthly Meeting Boards.
The dates that appear in the first and second generations are more than a bit confusing because the double calendar is used. In England and her colonies, until 1752, the year began on March 25th and March was reckoned as the first month of the year.  Frequently, in the new colonies, for a period of some years to use double dating for the days between January and March 25th. However, this was not practiced by the Dutch settlements as the Netherlands adopted the modern calendar before the English accepted it.


Here is my Eleanor James McIntosh Bainbridge line:

I - John Bainbridge born in the year 1602 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England. He died on the 10th of August 1687 at Chesterfield in Burlington County, New Jersey. He married Alice Hudson who was born in Yorkshire, England in 1635.  Alice died sometime in 1710 also at Chesterfield, New Jersey. 

    1a - Sarah Bainbridge

    1b - *John Bainbridge born in Askworth, Yorkshire, England on
        2 November 1657 and died 14 February 1732 at Maidenhead,
        Mercer County, New Jersey.  The town of Askworth can no
        longer be located in England.

2 - John Bainbridge - son of the immigrant John.  Married Sarah
Clows (This has also been spelled Clowes) on the 15th of June 1685 at Langhorne, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  They were both members of Friends (Quakers) as they were married at 'meeting' of Friends.  Proof is the "American Marriages before 1699". Sarah was born in 1665 and died March 25, 1732.  John first appears in the official records in a deed dated 1685/6 when he is described as "John Bainbridge, Jr., a carpenter of Chesterfield, West Jersey."  In another deed dated 1695/6 he is called a yeoman of East Jersey.  In 1700 he and Sarah were said to be from Maidenhead, Burlington County.  On March 18, 1698/9 John was among those named in a grant of 100 acres to be used for a meeting house, cemetery and a school house located at Maidenhead.  Some presume this indeed was the beginning of a Presbyterian Church so he and Sarah probably left the Friends not long after their marriage, possibly as early as 1705.  A lot of 'speculation' exists over the exact date of his switch from the Friends to Presbyterian.  John became, in later life, a true public servant holding many offices and has an impressive list of accomplishments becoming not only a prominent land owner but earning the title of "Gentleman."  It has been rumored that John became a hard drinker in his Golden Years which in those days caught up with us way before they do in today's advanced medicine.  "ObamaCare", if not stopped, may take us back to the horse and buggy times.  John died at the age of 75.  A picture of his grave is below.

Riverview Cemetery
Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey

    2a - John Bainbridge born in the 6th month day 9, 1686 and buried in
        the 8th month, 27, 1687.   

    2b - Mary Bainbridge born in the 12th month, 13, 1687/88 at Maidenhead
        New Jersey.  Her marriage intention with John Plumbly of Middletown
        Monthly meeting, Bucks County, Pennsylvania was published for the
        second time 2nd month, 3, 1707.         

    2c - Rebeckah Bainbridge born in 1688 at Maidenhead, New
        Jersey and died in 1710.  Married Mahlon Stacy in 1712.

    2d - *Edmund Bainbridge born 20 March 1692 at Lawrenceville,
        New Jersey.

    2e - Elizabeth Bainbridge born 1695 at Mercer, New Jersey.  Married Mr. Yard.

    2f - William Bainbridge born in 1697 at Burlington, New Jersey.

John Bainbridge's last Will & Testament appears on page 30 - New Jersey Colonial Documents:

1732, Feb. 12.  Bainbridge, John of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co., Gentlemen;  will of.  Directs that a tomb be erected over his grave "and on it be put the day and year of my death and my age, which was seventy-four years the second day of November last," and also a tomb over wife's grave, who died March 25, 1731 in her 67th year.  Son Edmund.  Daughter Elizabeth's eldest son, commonly called John Yard, to be taught to read, write, etc.  Daughters - Mary, Rebeckah and Elizabeth, Grandson Edmund Bainbridge, a minor, son, John to have residue of estate, including one-sixteenth part of a Proprietary Right in West Jersey.  Executors - kinsman Theophilus Phillips and son John Bainbridge.  Witnesses - Stephen Jones, William Phillips and Joseph Phillips. 
Proved March 1, 1732.
Lib. 3 p. 261
1732-33 February 24.  Inventory of estate, 367.12.6, including bond in hands of Robert Lawrence; made by Joshua and John Anderson.

Obviously they had two sons named John - The first having died in his first year.  The second John was to have married a woman by the name of Mary and they were said to have had 8 children.  As yet I know nothing more about the second John.

3 - Edmund Bainbridge son of John was born Lawrenceville, Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1702.  He died at the age of 71 on February 9, 1770/71 at Maidenhead, New Jersey.  He married Abigail White 4 March 1716 in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  Abigail was born 20 June 1697 at Lawrenceville, New Jersey and died 2 April 1770.  The first known public record of Edmund was dated November 6, 1730 when he signed an agreement to build a parsonage for the Presbyterian Church - the document was also signed by his father John.  The next Edmund sighting was in 1733 when he seized property belonging to his deceased father and was sued for it in 1738 by his brother John and his fellow executor.  Edmund then acused his brother of taking some of his land and brought suit against him in 1737.  From the writings of Louis Effingham De Forest, Edmund led a rather tumultuous life sometimes accompanied by his son John.  Edmunds large plantation was located on Stony Brook, East Jersey.  He wrote his will on the 16th of July, 1763 - it was probated on the 16th of April 1770.  It mentions his wife Abigail and his children Abigail, Sarah, Absalom, John, Peter and Edmund.  Bequests are made to his grandchildren, namely Edmund son of Peter, Edmund son of John, Edmund son of Edmund Sarah Hall, Catherine Hall and Francis Hall.

    3a - Abigail Bainbridge born 1724 and died 1772.

    3b - Sarah Bainbridge born 1727 and died 1763.

    3c - *Peter Bainbridge born 1722 and died 1806.

    3d - Edmund Bainbridge born 1727 and died 1764.

    3e - John Bainbridge born 26 June 1720 at Lawrenceville,
        New Jersey. Died in 1775 at Lawrenceville, New Jersey.
        Married Frances Phillips on the 18th of September 1745.
        I have records for 6 children.

    3f - Absalom Bainbridge born 1742 and died 1807. This is
        the father of the much celebrated Commodore William
        Bainbridge 1774-1833. Captain Joseph Bainbridge, U. S. Navy
        and daughter Phoebe, who married Dr. John Mclean.  Absalom
        married Mary Taylor, daughter of John Taylor who was a
        prominent Loyalist and H. M. Lord High Commissioner for New Jersey.
        He and Mary had a total of 14 children of whom 7 died in infancy.  To
        read about Captain William Bainbridge please go to this page:

New Jersey Abstract of Will, 1670-1817 - page 24 "New Jersey Colonial Documents
1763, July 17.  Bainbridge, Edmund, the elder, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.; will of.  I desire my grave to be beside those of my children and I order a tomb to be erected, and, at the death of my wife, I order one for her. Wife, Abigail,
15 yearly, and she to board with my son Absalom.  Son John, 100.  Son Peter, 100.  Son Edmund 100.  Daughter Abigail 50.  Grand Daughters, Sarah and Catherin Hall, daughter Sarah 50.  Grandchildren - Francis, Sarah and Catherine.  To my Grandsons, Edmund, the son of John; Edmund the son of Peter and Edmund the son of Edmund, 10 each.  Son Absalom, rest of goods and my lands, when 21; but, if he die, then his share to go to my children - John, Peter, Edmund, Abigail and Sarah.  Executors - my wife and son Absalom.  Witnesses - Joseph Higbee, Abraham Hunt, Joseph Reed Jr..
Proved April 16, 1770.
Lib. 14 p. 2 93

4 - Peter Bainbridge son of Edmund was born 20 March 1722 at Princeton, New Jersey.  He died on the 9th of February 1806 at 83 years old.  He married first, Joanna Oake in 1742.  She was born in 1721 and died in 1743 the same year their child was born.  Possibly a birthing death as the child died 2 years later in 1745.  Peter married his second wife, Ruth White in January 1760 at the age of 38 and she was just 20.  Ruth was born 27 February 1739 to John and Sarah Leonard White at Princeton, New Jersey.  She died one year after Peter died at the age of 68 on 5 November 1807.

    4a - Edmund Bainbridge born 1760 and died in 1789

    4b - *Peter Washington Bainbridge born 1761 and died 1826

    4c - Julia Bainbridge born 1763

    4d - Joanna Bainbridge born 1764 and died 1818

    4e - Absalom Bainbridge born 12-29-1776, MD and died 1826
        in Pauldingville, St. Charles County, Missouri.  He married
        Elizabeth Beatty on the 8th of April 1790.  Elizabeth was born
        August 6th, 1772 also in Frederick County, Maryland.  See
        Absaloms will below.

 The following is a short bio written by Absalom Bainbridge and was posted by the Martin family - it reads:


                4f - Abner Bainbridge born 1768

    4g - Mahlon Bainbridge born 1771 and died 1814

    4h - John Bainbridge born 1773 and died 1846

5 - Peter Washington Bainbridge son of Peter and Ruth White Bainbridge was born on the 28th of June 1761 at Middletown, Frederick County, Maryland.  He died 1 September 1826.  He married Eleanor James McIntosh on the 10th of May 1787 at Charleston, South Carolina. Proof of this marriage was found in the South Carolina Marriages, 1641 - 1965. She was the daughter of Brig. Gen. Alexander McIntosh and Eleanor James. I will write more on the McIntosh family later as Brig. General Alexander McIntosh is another proven DAR Patriot that I am very proud of.  Eleanor was born in Darlington, South Carolina on the 3rd of December 1769.  She died on the 8th of December 1826 in Franklin County, Mississippi at the age of 57.  As far as I have been able to find this couple had but one child; Eleanor James McIntosh Bainbridge who was born 27 April 1794 at Lake Seneca, N.Y. and died January 13, 1865 at Lexington, KY. 

Dr. Peter Washington Bainbridge was an eloquent Baptist Minister and eminent physician who had settled in Lancaster, KY. in the year 1799.  Dr. Bainbridge and family is listed on the 1820 United States Federal Census living in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky.  The Dr. is a proven SAR Patriot with an SAR Membership # 19686 through Charlotte Corday Robertson Bell.  In 1775 he was elected the first Senator from St. David's, North Carolina.

To follow the life of the lovely Eleanor James McIntosh Bainbridge and her devoted husband Judge George Robertson turn to page 423 of my 2005 Buford Families in America book.

As I continue my research I will add my 'found treasures' periodically so come back often and check.  Most of the information for this family was found in the New Jersey Archives and the research of Louis Effingham De Forest M.A, J.D..


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