BUFORD, Wellington and Amanda Staples
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For all of you who have seen the Letters on my Web site belonging to Simeon R. Buford and have asked me;  “Who the heck is Simeon??”  This is for you:

Simeon Robert Buford was the third child born to Wellington and Amanda Staples Buford.  Many of the letters were from Simeon’s parents.  They were signed “Well and A.A.”  You will notice also that many of them are from Simeon’s siblings telling him about family affairs in Missouri and of the declining health of their father Wellington. 

Wellington and Amanda were loving parents and had the respect and devotion of all their children which numbered 15 in all.  Ten boys and five girls who were never at home at the same time. Some of the oldest left home and went out West and were married before the younger ones were born.  Another unusual fact about this large family was that they were all grown before the father died; Wellington Buford passed away at his home where he had lived so long, January 23, 1888, being seventy years of age.  His faithful companion Amanda Staples Buford, followed April 18, 1889. Their first born Nancy, followed her parents on January 22, 1893.  

They had sixty-four Grandchildren, sixty three great Grandchildren  and eight great great Grandchildren.

In the 1850 Slave Schedule it has Wellington and Amanda as having five slaves and in the 1860 Slave Schedule they have two slaves.

Wellington, the son of Abraham and Nancy Eidson was born in Bedford County, Virginia on June 13, 1818, and came to Lewis County, Missouri about 1838.  Buford married Amanda Staples on January 21, 1841.  She was born July 16, 1824 in Carroll County, Virginia.  Her parents had moved to Missouri and settled on a large farm near Monticello when she married Wellington.  After marriage they lived in Lewis County some six years and then moved to Knox County, onto the old homestead where deer and wild turkey were abundant.  Neighbors in those days were usually many miles apart and the closest trading center being Canton, Missouri some forty miles distant.  This pioneer life seemed to move smoothly until the Civil War broke out when many were the hardships endured and for the safety of himself and his family he moved to Illinois, but returned in about a year, as the war was soon closed.  He was a deacon in the Harmony Grove Baptist Church and a wise counselor.  He was a staunch Democrat with convictions that could not be swayed. Although firm, he was kind and sympathetic, ever ready to help those less fortunate than himself, He served as Judge of Knox County, was a member of the Masonic Order and was buried with its honors.   

Amanda and Wellington Buford’s home was a very remarkable home in many ways.  They were given to hospitality, the “latch Key” always hanging out.  Their home was called the Buford Hotel because it most always had guests staying with them and of course the children were numerous.  The house was constructed of logs, with very large rooms. A large hall enclosed between the two front rooms and rooms above these.  The house fronted East, with the large dining room and kitchen located in the back. 

The children of Wellington and Amanda Buford are as follows:

1.  Nancy Ardelia Buford born May 27, 1842.  Nancy married Jesse Lasswell on the 4th of April 1865.  Jesse was born October 19, 1836 and died October 6,1913 and he and Nancy are buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery. They had a farm near the Harmony Grove Baptist Church in Knox County, Missouri.  Nancy died on January 22, 1893.  I found Jesse aged 63 in the 1900 U.S. Federal census;  still living near Colony, Knox County, Missouri but he has remarried to a widow named Barsheba Beula.  They have been married six years and Barsheba is aged 41 and her three daughters are living in this household.   James Abraham Buford and Edwin Richardson Buford, Nancy’s brothers, are living on either side of Jesse’s farm. I believe they are all buried in the Harmony Grove Church Cemetery.  They had one son named:

a.   William W. Lasswell who was born March 13, 1870.  William married Ella Sallee on the 3rd of July,  1892.   

2.  George William Buford born December 25, 1843.  He married Angeline Sheckles on November 23, 1871.  Angeline was born April 4, 1848 and died on their farm on March 17, 1914.  George died August 26, 1916.  They are both buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.  George enlisted in the Confederate Army under Major Ben Shaklett in 1862,  He fought in a number of battles in Missouri including the battle at Kirksville and Cunningham.

On the 1850 U. S. Federal Census the Wellington and Amanda Buford farm was located in Benton Township and two farms down the road lived the Sheckles family and in 1850 George was six years of age and Angeline was just two years old.  God certainly had a plan for them didn’t he?? George served as judge of the Eastern District of Scotland County Missouri for six years.  He went with the Confederacy  during the Civil War – was a staunch member of the A.F.A.M. Lodge No. 72 of Gorin, Missouri.  He died at his home on the 26th of August, 1916. In the 1910 U.S. Federal Census George and Angeline,  aged 66 and 62 lived at Harrison, Scotland County, Missouri.  In this household lived his daughter Amanda C. Buford aged 36, Katie L. Buford Raine and son-in-law Robert S. Raine. He and Angeline are buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery in Knox County, Missouri.  They had six daughters: 

a.  Kate L. Buford born August 23, 1872. She married Robert S. Raine on December 3, 1905 and died  September 7, 1911. After Kate died in 1911 Robert seemed not to be able to settle down.  In 1920 he was living alone in Seattle, Washington.  In 1930 he was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

b.  Amanda C. Buford born February 1, 1874.   Amanda married Rupert D. Westcott on September 23, 1917 and they made their home at Rutledge, Missouri.  No children resulted from this marriage as she was 43 years old when first married. However, the 1910 Census lists Rupert as being 34 years old, a widower with three children.   Hallie Westcott, a daughter age 12 born about 1898. a son Jannie(?) Westcott age 3 born about 1907 and another son Guy Westcott age 9 born about 1901. This family was living next door to William and Sarah Short Amanda adopted Elma Watkins, a twin born to her sister Lena after Lena’s death. Amanda died on December 26, 1922 at Keokuk, Iowa. She is buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery. 

c.   Elizabeth Ardelia Buford born March 7, 1875.   She married Joseph M. Comley and they made their home at Gorin, Missouri.   They had one son Harry Kessler Comley born August 18, 1906 and died June 24, 1996. Harry worked for the Railroad.  He married Mary E. Comley about 1924/25.  Mary was born March 4, 1905 and died November 2, 1992. On the 1930 Census they had three children:  1) Joe S. Comley born about 1926.  2)  Harold O. Comley born April 30, 1927 and died February 28, 2003..  3) Vernon F. Comley born January 1, 1929 and died May 28, 1996. Elizabeth died September 5, 1919 and Joseph died 1953. They are buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.

d. Lottie B. Buford born October 18, 1877.    She married John R. Comley on June 9, 1901. They had one son; Sidney Buford Comley born December 13, 1904 and died June 27, 1996 at Aurora, Arapahoe County, Colorado.  His Social Security card was issued in Nebraska 1961. During the years of 1994 thru 1997 he was living at 2130 South Vaughn Way, Aurora, Colorado.  One daughter; Adah Madeline Comley born January 5,  1907.  In 1910 the family was living at Sand Hill, Scotland County, Missouri.  In 1930 J. R. Comley and wife Lottie with daughter Madeline was living at Centerville, Appanoose county, Iowa.  He owned a mortuary at Centerville, Iowa.

e.   Lena L. Buford born October 5, 1879.  She married John Bert Watkins on March 6, 1904. John was born in 1875 and died 1962. He is buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery. They had three children;  George A Watkins born February 26, 1910 and twins Elma and Edna Watkins born June 20, 1913.  After Lena died on April 27, 1915 John found it impossible to care for two little girls only 2 years old.  Edna was adopted by Elmer H. and Virginia D. Dauma and Elma was adopted by Amanda C. and Rupert D. Westcott. Virginia and Amanda were Lena’s sisters.  George stayed with his father.

f.     Virginia Buford born December 2, 1883 and died 1 December 1969.   She married Elmer H. Dauma on December 25, 1904.  Elmer was born January 11, 1877 and died April 17, 1972.  They are both buried in the Harmony Gove Cemetery. Elmer had a large farm in Knox County. In the 1920 U. S. Federal Census I found this family living at Colony, Missouri.  In this household lived John B. Watkins, George A. Watkins and little twin Edna Watkins. 

3.  Simeon Robert Buford born March 2, 1846.  Simeon married Kate Augusta Cooley, on the 4th of January 1877 at Virginia City, Montana.  Kate was born January 4, 1857 in Canada.  Simeon and Kate had eight children:

a.  Henry W. Buford born March 4, 1878 and died August 10, 1939 at Madison County, Montana.  Henry married Florence May Kohls of Virginia City, Montana on February 8,  1902.  They had one daughter who died on the day she was born -March 20, 1918.  They lived at Ennis, Montana.   

b.  Infant son born March 9, 1880 died June 24, 1880.   

c.   Leah Buford born October 28, 1881 died May 5, 1882. 

d. Bessie B. Buford born April 15, 1883 died November 2, 1888. 

e.   Effie C. Buford born November 24, 1884.  Effie married William M. Wightman from New York City November 8, 1909.  William died January 6,1932 in Montana and Effie followed on September 22, 1964  at Gallatin, Montana. William’s parents were Austin and Nettie Wightman of New York. In 1910 Effie and William were living in Manhattan, Ward 12, New York, NY

f.     Amy Buford born November 1, 1887 died November 5,  1888. 

g. Simeon R. Buford Jr., born February 17, 1889.  Simeon Jr. joined the Army  on the 28th of August 1918 and was stationed at Camp Lewis, Washington.  He died of the ‘Flu’ on September 22, 1918.  He was brought back to Montana and is buried with his family members in the cemetery at Virginia City, Montana. 

h.  Ruth C. Buford born January 18, 1893.  She married William H. Lawton of Ennis, Montana on the 5th of August 1917.  William, born about 1892, died at Missoula, Montana on the 6th of December 1973. In 1920 Ruth and her husband are living with Ruth’s sister Effie and Effie’s husband William.  They have a large staff which includes the staff’s children so I think they are at the ranch.  Neither Ruth nor Effie have any children.

4.  Massanello Ford Buford born June 24, 1848.  He married Julia Ann Carder on March 10, 1870.  Julia was born January 11, 1851. They had a large farm in Knox County near Rutledge, Missouri.  They were members of the Harmony Grove Baptist Church and are both buried in the church cemetery.  Massanello died at his home on May 4, 1918 and Julia followed the same year on December 12th.  They had  nine children:

a.  Nancy Amanda Buford born January 29, 1871. She married William Comley who was born in 1869 and died March 21, 1916 in Montana. They lived most of their lives in Madison County, Montana. The 1930 Census has them living at Madison, Montana.  Nancy is 59 years old and listed as "Head" of the house with her two sons; France L. Comley age 35 and William Harrison Comley age 23. Nancy and William had four children: 

  1)  France Lional Comley who was born August 17, 1894 in Missouri and died  April 11, 1948 in Olmsted County, Minnesota. France registered for the WWI draft.

  2Mabel E. Comley born about 1897 in Montana.

  3) Martha A. Comley born about 1900 in Montana.   

  4) William Harrison Comley born January 19, 1907 and died April 27, 1971 in Madison County, Montana.. 

b. Lydia Lee Buford born September 15, 1872.  She married James H. Tull on the 22nd of December, 1890. James was born about 1869 and died on the 23rd of December, 1933 in Montana. Lydia Lee Buford Tull died December 2, 1907 at Ennis, Montana. They are buried in the Harmony Grove Church Cemetery.  They had six  children. On the 1900 U.S. Federal Census Lydia and James are living at Union, Madison, Montana.  James is listed as being a miner and the children are:  Alvin P. Tull age 9 – Gertrude Gladys Tull age 7 – Harvey Tull age 5 Leland R. Tull age 3 and Audrey B. Tull age 5 Months. 

   This is interesting;  in the 1910 Census at the Colony, Missouri home of Massy Ford Buford and Julia Ann Carder Buford we find the following Children and Grandchildren: Clarence Alvin Buford – son age 35-  He was born January 7, 1875 and died July 11, 1928 –  Grover (Cleveland) Buford – son age 20 – Chester Buford – Grandson age 10 – Gertrude G. Tull – granddaughter age 17 – Harvey Tull – Grand son age 15 – Leland Tull – Grand son age 13 – Audrey Tull Grand daughter age 10 – James Tull grand son age 8- Ralph Tull Grand son age 6.  So the Tull family added two more children before Lydia died in 1907.  In 1920 Census James Tull has returned to Montana without his children and is now living at Dewey, Beaverhead, Montana with his mining friend Joseph Bedard.  In 1930 James Tull is 61 years old and living at Basin, Montana.  His son Harvey left Missouri as soon as he came of age and in 1920 and 1930 was living in Montana as a lodger.

Now lets see what Leland Tull has been up to.  In 1920 he is living as a farm Laborer in the household of John and Canio Ewing.  He is 22 years old. I could find no further record for this boy.

Grover Cleveland Buford  who was born July 19, 1889 and died November 13, 1989 at Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri.  He married Miss Allie Harris who was born February 14, 1894 and died in May, 1981at Lewiston, Lewis County, Missouri.  They had four children:  1)  Dean M. Buford born August 14, 1912 and died January 6, 1989 in Scotland County, Missouri.  2)  Marjorie L. Buford born October 9, 1913 and died November 15, 1929.  3)  Hazel L. Buford born May 17, 1915 and died November 15,  1920. 4)  Charles Wesley Buford born in 1916 and died November 15, 1920. In the 1920 Census Grover's brother Clarence  was included in the household.

c. Clarence Alvin Buford born January 8, 1875 and died in 1928.  He married Mrs. Nora E. Golden on December 5,  1922 and lived on Massanello's homestead. Nora was born in 1871 and died in 1958.  Both Nora and Clarence are buried at the Harmony Grove Cemetery. 

d. Lucy Arbella Buford born April 22, 1877.  She married Pearl Windsor.

e.   Laura Elsie Buford Born March 3, 1879 in Missouri and died December 17, 1947  in Lawrence County, South Dakota.  She married John Harr about 1899 and lives in South Dakota. John was born about 1878 and died July 15, 1922.

   This family was living at Brampton, Sargent County, North Dakota in the 1910 Census.  John is listed as being 32 years old born about 1878.  Laura is 39 years old and they have three children in the household.  1)  Ona Harr born about 1901.  2)  Archie Harr born September 13, 1902 and died in February 1976.  Archie married Ethel Baird age 18, on December 22, 1926 at Marshall County, South Dakota.   3)  Floyd Harr born about 1908 and died July 2, 1947.  John is listed as being a Farmer.

  The 1920 census shows them as having moved to Newark, Marshall County, South Dakota.  They have only two children now; Archie and Floyd.  Ona would be 19 or 20 at this point so she is probably married.

  The 1930 Census shows the family living at Calmer, Harding County, South Dakota.  There are some changes in the family.  After John M. Harr died in 1922 Laura remarried to a man by the name of William Hares.  William's son Eugene W. Hares is living with them and he is listed as being 18 years old.  Also living in the same household are Floyd and his wife Velva as well as Archie and his wife Ethel M. Harr.  There are two babies there by the names of Joyce O. Harr age one year and seven months and Dorthy M. Harr age one year and two months.  I don't have a clue as to which son these babies belong to.  It is obvious that they are not siblings.

f.     Charles Hicks Buford born July 13, 1882 died May 4, 1905.  Charles is buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.

g. Bertha Virginia Buford born January 11, 1885 and died in 1942.  Bertha married John H. Clatt who was born in 1879 and died in 1934. They are buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.  They had 2 children; Guy Carson Clatt who was born October 30, 1909 and Died in May of 1965.  Hannid/Dee Clatt who was born February 14, 1914 and died at Gorin, Scotland County, Missouri on  the 13th of November 1987 . 

h.  Mabel Melvin Buford born February 23, 1885.  She married Boone Chaney and in the 1920  Census they have two children; Ella Gertrude Chaney age 5 and William Buford Chaney age 2 ½.  SSDI says Boone was born September 4, 1897 and died in March 1982 at Stilwell, Johnson County, Kansas. The SSDI has a Mabel Chaney who was born September 27, 1884 and died in March 1974.  Not sure which is correct but my bet would be with the SSDI.  The other date is from Mrs. Minter's book.

i.      Grover Cleveland Buford born July 19, 1889.  Grover married Allie Harris on February 16, 1911.  They had four children:  Dean Buford born August 12, 1912 and died at Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri on the 6th of January 1989.  Marjorie Buford born September 9, 1913 died November 15, 1929. Buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.  Hazel Buford born May or October 17, 1915, and died November 15, 1920.  Charles Westley Buford born November 15, 1916 and died November 15, 1920. According to the Harmony Grove Cemetery grave stones Hazel and Charles died on the same day.  There must be a story of sadness here-

5.   Sarah Ellen Buford born May 11, 1850.  She married William ”Kid” D. Short on the 4th of March 1870. William was born in 1839 and died in 1925.  Sarah and William are buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery. I found the following in the Colony, Missouri Scrapbook II on Sarah’s husband Wm “Kid” Short:  

   William D. Short, a son of William and Amy Short, was born in Knox County, Missouri September 7, 1839 and died at his home in Rutledge, Missouri October 1925. He grew to manhood in the vicinity where he was born.  At the commencement of the Civil War he enlisted as a soldier in General Green’s command of the Confederate Army under Captain Dewell.  Uncle Kid as he was usually called, took active part in the affairs of the community and was always on the alert to do something to advance progress and improvements.  He married Miss Sarah Ellen Buford March 14, 1871.  To this union was born seven children, three sons and four daughter; S. R. Short of Gorin, Willie and Eddie Short of Rutledge, Mrs. Thomas Hustead of California, Mrs. Lou Dalton and Mrs. Ernest Bertram.  One daughter precede him in death.

In the 1910 and 1920 U. S. Federal Census Sarah and William were living at Sand Hill, Scotland County, Missouri.  They had seven children: 

 a.  Simeon R. Short was born December 23, 1871 and  died at Alameda, California on May 18, 1945.   The 1910 U.S. Federal Census has Simeon age 38 living at Colony, Knox County, Missouri with wife Mary E. Short age 39 with daughter Effie L. Short age 16 – son Lloyd Short age 13 – Daughter Ruth M. Short age 11 and daughter Ida N. Short age 1 year.  The 1920 U. S. Federal Census shows Simeon aged 48 living at Colony, Knox County, Missouri with wife Mollie E. Short aged 49 and a son and partner Lloyd E. Short aged 22 and daughter Ida N. Short aged 11.  I, Fern, the web mistress for the Buford Families, received an e mail (3-2-2010) from the Grandson of one of the children mentioned above.  He has given me more information about the child I have listed as 'Ida N. Short'.  Her full name is Ida Mae Norine Short and she was born on the 25th of October 1908 and died on Christmas Day in 1974.  Hopefully this Grandson can give me a bit more information about the family of Simeon Short.

       b.  Minnie Short born July 17, 1873 died October 11, 1874.

c.  Amanda J. Short born June 1, 1875. 

d.  Lillie M. Short born January 19, 1877.  

e.  William W. Short born November 20, 1879. 

f.  Edward C. Short born September 18, 1881. 

g.  Ruth C. Short born December 16, 1892.

h.  John W. Short This child who appears in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census as the 14 year old son of William and Sarah is a puzzler.  There is a 14 year difference in William and Sarah’s ages so,  I believe this boy is the off spring of a former marriage for William.  In any event, John is living in Grand Valley, Beaver County, Oklahoma when the 1910 Census was taken.  He is married to Ella J. Short.

6.   James Abraham Buford born June 18, 1852 and died March 9, 1934.  James married Alice J. Golden on the 31st of January, 1872 and per the 1880 U. S. Federal Census they have a fine farm located in Knox County, Missouri next door to  his Mom and Dad’s farm. Alice was born on the 5th of August, 1855 and died April 1, 1934.  They live next door on the other side to Alice’s parents. James and Alice are buried in the Harmony Grove Church Cemetery. They had six children:

a.  Willie M. Buford who was born July 19, 1872 and died January 27, 1873. Willie is buried with his parents in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.

b. Daisy Buford born June 11, 1875. She married Ray Hustead February  27, 1898.  Ray was born in January of 1875.  Ray and Daisy lived their married life at Colony, Knox County, Missouri thru the 1930 U.S. Federal Census.  They did not have any children.  In 1930 Dean Buford, Daisy’s cousin, was living with them 

c.   Lucy A. Buford born October 3, 1877. Lucy married, May 27, 1889, Charles Morton Fowler who was the brother of George Fowler who was Lucy’s sister Ona’s husband. They had two daughters;  Pansy Fowler born 1901and William F. Fowler  (SSDI) born July 3, 1915 and died in December  1989.  Lucy and Charles made their home at Sand Hill, Scotland County, Missouri.

d. Ona Buford born December 28, 1879 married George Fowler on February 22, 1903 and had one daughter Velma Fowler born April 3, 1906 and died February 15, 1995 (SSDI).  Velma age 24 is still with her parents in the 1930 Census at Colony, Knox County, Missouri. 

e.   Bessie Buford born June 27, 1884 married Clyde Carder on the 18th of August, 1904. Clyde was born on the 6th of November 1882 and died in January of 1963.  They had three children; 1)  Edna E. Carder born about 1905 – 2)  James H. Carder born June 15, 1907 and died August 24, 1993 at Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri.  3) Leonard Carder born January 22, 1910 and died in February of 1978 at Smithshire, Warren County, Illinois. 

   The family  lived at Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri in 1910. They were at Colony, Knox County, Missouri in 1920.  In 1930 they were living at Lincoln, Clark County, Missouri.

f.     Wallace Buford born August 15, 1894.  Wallace registered for the draft 1917-1918.  Wallace married Vera Tull on October 26, 1916 and was still living on his father’s farm in the 1930 Census.  In 1930 they are 35 and 32 years of age and there are no children listed.

7.   Lucy Ann Buford born March 28, 1854.  She married William Schnebly, a Baptist Minister from Chattaroy, Washington, on January 13, 1889.  One son;  William Buford Braudus Schnebly born June 23, 1894.  Their son served in the first WW.  In the 1910 U.S. Federal Census this family was living at Chattaroy, Spokane, Washington.  William is 55 years of age and Lucy is 56 and son ‘Buford’ is 15.  William is listed as being a farmer.  The 1920 Census shows the family of three still living at Chattaroy, Spokane, Washington.  William is still farming and so is ‘Buford’.  Their ages now are 65 – 65 – and 26.  Buford is still unmarried.

8.  Elizabeth Jane Buford born February 12, 1855..  She married Leonidas Rector on July 1, 1877 and lived at Rutledge, Missouri. Leonidas was born about 1853. They had four children;

a.  Benjamin Rector born about 1879.  This child was one year old in 1880 and I found him again in the 1910 census listed as Benjamin Restor.  Don’cha just love those census takers--took me 30 minutes to find him.  He is married to Carrie B. McManama Rector and their children are; Effie M. Rector age 7 – Hallie M. Rector Age 6 – Lela B. Rector age 4. This family lived at Sand Hill, Scotland County, Missouri.  In 1930 Carrie was 51 years old and living alone. She was listed as being a servant in the home of Letus and Mildred McCabe.

b. Harry Rector  born March 1881.  Harry married Blye Thomas on 27 November 1917 and in 1920 they were living at Sand Hill, Scotland County, Missouri.  In 1930 they were living at Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa.  There are no children listed and since Blye is 37 I rather doubt if there will be any children in the future.  Blye’s sister Florence Thomas, age 21, is living with them. Harry is a barber by trade – Blye is a sales lady and Florence is a stenographer.

c.   Blanche Rector born January 20, 1883. She married Frank McManama on the 13th of March, 1904.  Frank was born about 1878.  They had two children:  Harry M. McManama born about 1907 and Malie V. McManama born about 1917.  In 1910 this family was living at Sand Hill, Scotland County, Missouri and Frank was listed as being a 'Farmer'.  In 1930 they were living at Pueblo, Colorado and he was working on the Railroad.

d. Beulah Rector born February 20, 1885.  She married Charles Davis from Colorado on the 20th of February, 1907. Charles was born in Kentucky about 1880. In the 1910 Census they are living at Fowler, Otero County, Colorado.  There are two children – daughter Mona age 2 and a son Richard age 11 months. In the 1920 Census they were living at Pueblo, Colorado next door to Charles’ mother Mary J. Davis who is 80 years old and a widow. There are no children in this household in 1920.  1930 they are still living in Pueblo, Colorado and still no children.. 

9.  John Henry Buford born November 17, 1857.  John married Annie Simpson on January 25, 1883 and they lived at White Sulphur Springs, Montana.  Annie was born about 1850 and died October 7, 1885.  She is buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery, Missouri. They had a son;  Marvin Buford born December 31, 1883 and died at White Sulphur Springs Montana 1920.

10.    Charles Hicks Buford born April 7,  1860.  Charles married Amelia ‘Mollie’ C. Steffens of Virginia City, Montana on April 7, 1886.  Mollie died August 1, 1923.  They had two sons; 

a.  Walter W. Buford born February 1, 1888 and died in May 1964 at Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. He married a woman named Medora Hyke on January 17, 1917 who was born October 18, 1893.  They had one daughter named Marjorie Hicks Buford who was born March 3, 1922.  Walter died on the 27th of May 1964 at Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon at the age of 76. Medora died November 28, 1974 at Portland, Oregon.

b. Luther L. Buford born December 2, 1889 and died April 25, 1961 at Missoula, Montana.  He married Maud E. Idell Buford on September 29, 1920.  In the 1930 Census she was only 27 years old and there were two children ages 8 and 5 in this household. Loring M. Buford and Charles L. Buford. There was one other child named Rommel O. Buford age 11.  Luther does not appear to have been married previously(1920 Census) and Maud would have given birth at the age of 16 if Rommel were her child. Rather unlikely but not impossible.  The son Charles who was born December 30, 1924 died on February 8, 2004.  Charles L. Served in the Army during WWII.

11.   Edward Richardson Buford born January 13, 1862.  Edwin married Mary Elizabeth McMurry on August 22, 1885 and they had one daughter named Audrey B. Buford born September 22, 1888 and died at Rutledge, Scotland, Missouri on the 15th of September 1973.  Audrey married James Dudley Berryman on December 22, 1907 and they have a daughter named Zilley Berryman.  Edward stayed in Missouri and had a fine farm near Rutledge. In the 1910 Census this family is living at Colony, Knox County, Missouri.  Audrey and her husband James Berryman and their son, Zilley, are living with Audrey’s parents. Edward and Mary plus an un-named infant are buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.

12.    Wellington Lee Buford born April 14, 1864.  He married Effie Mary Wilkinson on September 23, 1888 their home is Gorin, Missouri.   They had five children :

a.  Nellie Lee Buford born July 2, 1889. She married Alfred Johnson on June 24, 1916.  Alfred was an electrician and they made their home in New York City, NY.  They did not have children of their own so adopted two from an orphan’s home. 

b. Malie Gertrude Buford born June 27, 1891.  She married Dr. Ralph Gray of Eldora, Iowa. Ralph was the son of L. J. and Etta W. Gray.  Ralph was born October 30, 1889 and died in March of 1966 in Arizona.  The 1930 census lists these two as being aged 40 for Ralph and 39 for Malie.  They have one daughter listed as being five years old and her name is Elizabeth Gray.

c.   Gilbert Wellington Buford born April 29, 1893. Gilbert registered for the draft for WWI 1917-1918. In the 1920 Census Gilbert was boarding with the George Williamson family at Harrison, Scotland County, Missouri.  His cousin George Hustead was also boarding there. 

d. William Cecil Buford born August 3, 1897. William was also registered for the WWI draft.  He died in December, 1982 at Warsaw, Missouri.

e.   Simeon Raymond Buford born May 2, 1905.  Simeon enlisted in the Army  on the 19th of May, 1942 at Baltimore, Maryland.  He is single with three years of college and a teacher by occupation,  His height is 6’7” and weighs 231 lbs.  Simeon died in April, 1971 at Hampstead, Carroll County, Maryland.  I could find no record of his ever getting married.

13.   Delaus “Loss” Jesse Buford born March 8, 1867.  Jesse married Jessie M. Bone at Rutledge, Missouri on May 6, 1900.  No children that I know of.  Delaus was Postmaster at Rutledge, Missouri and at one time was the manager for Miss Ella Ewing the Missouri giantess who stood 8’ and  4’’.  Delaus was the original organizer of the Buford Reunion  that meets annually at Rutledge, Missouri. Some of Simeon’s letters that are posted under ‘letters’ Delaus signs his name as ‘Loss’

14.  Amanda Victoria Buford born March 8, 1870 and died in 1943.  She married Jonathon W. Sallee on December 29, 1892.  Jonathon was born June 24, 1869 and died in 1940. They are both buried in the Harmony Grove Cemetery.    They had five children: 

a.  Luther O. Sallee born December 9, 1893 – served in the U. S. Navy during WWI. 

b. Reba E. Sallee born September 18, 1895. She married Francis A. Frazee on the 28th of April, 1918. Francis was the son of Dan A. and Zumetti Frazee who had a farm at Harrison, Scotland County, Missouri. They have a farm  next door to Dan and Zumetti Frazee. 

c.   Harvey M. Sallee born October 28, 1896. He married Bessie M Kraus on February 7. 1917. Harvey registered for the WWI draft 1917-1918.  As of the 1930 U.S. Federal Census they did not have any children They have a farm near Gorin, Missouri. 

d. Ocle/Orle A. Sallee a daughter was born June 20, 1898. 

e.   Ella Gretchen Sallee born July 18, 1905.

15. Luther Vandiver Buford born August 17, 1873 in Missouri and died January 29, 1956 in Los Angeles, California.   He married Nellie Elizabeth Vickers on September 19, 1895 in Virginia City, Montana.  Nellie was born January 18, 1875 in Montana and is the daughter of  Robert and Martha E. Borrell  Vickers.  Mr. Vickers was a prominent business man in Virginia City, Montana.  He and his wife were born in England.  Nellie has eight siblings: Robert A – editor of the Hardin Tribune at Hardin, Mt,- Mary F wife of George E. - John, Dean of Tacoma, Washington, George D of Sheridan MT., Richard B of Butte, MT., Bessie M. wife of Walter M. Brown of Searchlight, NV., Martha F. wife of Benjamin F. Stutenbury of Virginia City, MT. And Ella R wife of Paul L. Mitchell of Kansas City, MO.  Luther and Nellie had three children who were all born in Montana:

a. Luther V. Buford Jr born October 31, 1903 – died  January 1975 (SS Index).

b. Verlonis M. Buford a daughter was born about 1906.

c.   Howard W. Buford born about 1909.

 Nellie and Luther moved to California about 1905 as their daughter Virginia was born in California and according to the 1910 census Virginia was four years old at the time of the census.  Luther O. is now six and he was born in Montana so there is a small window there for them to move to California about 1905.  The 1930 census show the family living at Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California.  Father Luther is now 56, Mother Nellie is 55, son Luther V. is 26, daughter Verlonis M. is 24 and son Howard W. is 21.

Nellie Elizabeth Vickers Buford died the 13 of January 1959 in Los Angeles county, California.  Luther died on the 29th of January, 1956 at Los Angeles County, California.

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