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Julia Ann Buford was born in Schuyler County, Missouri near the Iowa state line on the 10th of April, 1843.  She was the daughter of Henry Pierce Buford and Emily Murley Buford.  She was one of seven children who lived to maturity.  Four other children died as infants.  Her siblings  were:

Helen M. Buford born March 5, 1825 - Overton Cnty, Tennessee.  She married Benjamin Benedict McAtee on October 8, 1844 in Schuyler County, Missouri.  Benedict died in 1880 and in 1924 Helen was 99.  She had 17 Grandchildren - 28 Great Grandchildren - and two great great Grandchildren. The 1870 U. S. Census has this family living at Clifton, Washington County, Kansas.  Benjamin Benedict McAtee is 59 years old and Helen is 45 years old.  They have six daughters:  1)  Lorena age 24 born in Iowa  2)  Emma is 23 born in Missouri.  3)  Julia is 17 and born in Missouri.  4)  Mary E. is 15 years old and born in Missouri.  5)  Isabel is 10 years old and  born in Missouri.  6)  Lucy is 7 years old and born in Missouri.

Mary Jane Buford born January 14, 1831 - Morgan Cnty, Illinois.  She married Stephen Gnash on September 7, 1872.  They lived near Hitt, Missouri where her husband died.  She became an invalid when she fell and broke her hip.  She was cared for by her sister Julia until her death. I find her living with Julia and John as early as 1900 thru 1910.  In the 1920 Census Julia age 75 and her sister Mary Jane, age 90, are living with Julia's son John D. Bourn.  I found them by accident while searching for someone else.  Bourn is spelled Baern and Gnash is spelled Nask.  GRrrrr.... Mary Jane died August 17, 1923.

Lettuice S. Buford born February 24, 1833 in Macoupin, Illinois and died January 25, 1892 in Davis County, Iowa.-.  Married John E. Israel in 1856. John was killed during the Civil War on September 24, 1862. Their children were; Henry P. Israel born August 17, 1857.  Henry married Lottie A. Burns of Griswold, Iowa in 1880. Robert E. Israel born August 10, 1859.  Robert married Mahala Glasgow in 1879 at Davis County, Iowa 

Henry P. Israel  I found Henry in the 1900 Census living at Glendale, Arapahoe County, Colorado.  He is 42 years of age and married to Lottie A. Israel who is 40 years of age.  They have seven children; five boys and 2 girls.  1)  Eva B. born in May of 1881 in Iowa now 19 years old.  2)  Walter H. Israel born in December of 1883 also in Iowa now 16 years old.  3)  Harvey E. born in March of 1886 in Missouri now 14 years old.  4)  John J. Israel born in July of 1889 in Colorado now 10 years old.  5)  Emma M. Israel born in April of 1893 in Colorado now 7 years old.  6)  Earl D. Israel born in September of 1895 in Colorado now 4 years old.  7)  Royal M. Israel born in February of 1898 in Colorado now a babe of two..

In 1910 I find Henry living at Ridgeway, Ouray County, Colorado.  He is now 52 years old and a 'Boarder' and married for 29 years. However, there is neither wife nor children in sight. I live near Ridgeway, Colorado and there isn't much there except farms, large ranches and a bit of placer mining at Ouray, Colorado. This has not changed for 200 years.  I found Lottie living alone aged 50 years at Denver, Colorado.  She is a seamstress.  The children seemed to have disappeared except for Walter aged 40 years,  who showed up on the 1930 census with wife Rose Israel, living at Ridgeway, Colorado.  They have an adopted son aged two years named Eldon W. Israel.

Robert E Israel  I found Robert in the 1900 U. S. Census living at Dallas, Ouray County, Colorado.  He is 39 years old and is married to a lady by the name of Mahala A. Israel whose age is listed as 43.  They have six children in the household - two sons and four daughters:  1)  Elima H. (Elmer) born in November of 1880, age 19,  2)  Maude born in April of 1882 age 18.  3) Mary A. born in February of 1884 age 16.  4)  Joseph W. born in January of 1886 age 14.  5)  Mattie M. born in April of 1892 age 8.  6)  Cora B. born in June of 1897 age 2. 

In the 1910 Census the Robert E. Israel family is still living at Dallas, Colorado only now they are living next door to their oldest son Elmer and his family.  Still living with their parents are Joseph W. now 24 years old - Mattie M. now 18 years old and Cora B. now 13 years old.  A hired man is in the household and his age is listed as 21.  Their son Elmer, now married to a Mary E. Israel is aged 29 and Mary is aged 21.  They have three children:  1)  Verna M. age six.  2)  Lester H. age four.  3)  Hazel L. age one.

In the 1920 census I loose Robert and Mahala who would be in their 60's.  However, I still find Elmer and his family now living at Lower Dallas, Ouray County, Colorado.  Elmer is listed as being a widow.  The children are:  1) Verna M. 16 years old.  2) Hazel D. 10 years old.  3)  Alice L. eight years old.  4)  Lester H. 14 years old.  5) a new child - Glen W. five years old.  Living next door is Elmer's brother Joseph age 33 and wife Clara B. age 32 - No children.

In 1930 Elmer is living with W. Scott Rose and  Venus E. Rose.  He is listed as being a 'laborer'.

William W. and Thomas J. Buford (Twins) born March 11, 1837 - Macoupin, Illinois.  William married Margaret E. Hays December 5, 1861 in Schuyler County, Missouri. Margaret died January 12, 1881.  William's first farm was five miles North of Downing, Missouri.  In 1881 he sold this farm and purchased another farm near Kilwinning in Scotland County, Missouri.  William held the office of Judge of the County Court of Scotland County for two terms.  He died February 10, 1890.  Their children were; 

1) Thomas Lee Buford was born born April 12, 1863.  Thomas married Ellen McNary on October 22, 1882 in Schuyler County, Missouri.  Thomas held several public offices while living in Schuyler County and was a stockman in good standing.  I could not find evidence that this couple had any children. In the 1910 and 1920 U. S. Federal Census' they are living in Schuyler County and their Niece Florence Dobbins is a member of their household. They moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1923 and he worked as a stock broker.

2) Mary C. Buford Born November 13, 1866 and died in April of 1916.    Mary married N. E. Calhoun of Kilwinning, Scotland County, Missouri on January 31, 1891.  They had three children:  1) Lee B. Calhoun born April 30,  1892.  Lee married Myrtle Knupp February 14, 1912.  2)  Clifford N. Calhoun born March 13, 1894 and married  Maude H. Richard April 12,1919.  3)  Hazel F. Calhoun born March 8, 1900 married Grover C. Crook October 17, 1918

3) Emma C. born January 25, 1869 and died August, 1890

From "History of Northeast Missouri"  pages 1152 & 1153 - dated 1887, I found the following article written about William W. Buford:

Judge William W. Buford, a resident of Miller Township, and Judge of the Western District of Scotland County, was born in Macoupin County Illinois, March 11, 1837 and is the son of Henry P. and Emily E. (Murley) Buford.  The Buford family is of French descent.  During the time of the expulsion of the Huguenots from France, the ancestors of our subject crossed the English Channel to England and their descendants came to America and were among the first settlers of Virginia; (this is not altogether true so I feel a need to make it right...  There was only ONE Beauford/Buford that came to America and is the sole progenitor of all of us that are lucky enough to be able to trace our lineage back to the only known and proven son.  Richard Beauford was the only one who came to America in 1635 and his son John who was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, is the only proven son.  Although there probably were more siblings but non are proven.  I have seen some ridiculously long lists of children for Richard but no one has been able to prove their existence.)  Their family distinguished themselves for gallant service rendered the United States during the struggle for independence.  Since that time the Buford Family have been noted politicians and soldiers.  Thomas Buford the Grandfather of our subject, was a native Virginian, and died while on his return from the army during the war of 1812. (I think Thomas was living at Overton County, Tennessee when he died)  He was a lieutenant and was a resident of Kentucky at the time of his death.  Henry P. Buford was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky, June 2, 1798 and is now living in Schuyler County, Missouri.  A few years after his marriage, and when a young man, he moved to Morgan County, Illinois from there to Macoupin County, Illinois, afterward to Macon County, Missouri, in 1840 and to Schuyler County, Missouri in 1842.  While a resident of Macoupin County, Illinois he served several years as magistrate, and while in Schuyler County  held the same position from the time the first court was held in that county until the breaking out of the war.  Of his father's family he is the only one now living, and is not only one of the oldest settlers of the county but one of the oldest men, and can tell many interesting anecdotes of the early settling of Missouri.  His first presidential vote was cast for Monroe, and since then he has been strictly Democratic in principle.  In March, 1824 he married Emily Murley a native of Cumberland County, Kentucky born 1801 and died in Scotland County, Mo., in 1879.  While living in Kentucky both were members of the Christian Church, but after coming to Missouri, there being no church of that denomination Mrs. Buford joined the Baptist Church.  Thomas J. and our subject were twins and the sixth and seventh of a family of eleven children, eight now living (1887).  Our subject received a very liberal education during youth and afterward made a tour of a number of the Western states.  December 5, 1862 he returned and married Miss Margaret E. Hays, a native of Greene County, East Tennessee, born 1839, and died in Schuyler County, MO., January 12, 1881.  She was a daughter of Aaron and Catherine Hays, and was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  Three children were the fruits of this union - all living (1887), viz: Thomas L., Mary C., and Elma C..  Our subject rented land for three years after his marriage, after which he purchased land in Schuyler County, where he resided until 1881, when he sold out and purchased a large tract of some of the best land in Scotland County.  In 1886 he was elected Judge of the Western District of Scotland County.  He is a member of the Christian Church and is Democratic in his political views.

Thomas J. Buford twin to William W. Buford never married - spent most of his life in Colorado and Montana. He died in Butte, Montana July 19, 1915.  He was shot through the chest by Joe Redfern over an unknown dispute.  Joe Redfern was acquitted of the murder.  The 16 years before his death Thomas lived on his 160 acre ranch in the area known as Moose Creek or Moose Town located about 20 miles from Butte, Montana.

Elijah R. Buford born April 8, 1839 - Macoupin, Illinois.  Elijah left home for 'parts unknown' and the family lost track of him entirely.

Henry Pierce Buford was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Pierce Buford.  Thomas was born in Bedford County, Virginia on the 11th of March, 1776.  Thomas left Virginia as a young teenager and went to Lincoln County, Kentucky where he met and married Elizabeth Pierce in May, 1797.  He was just 21 years old.  Thomas Sold his Kentucky holdings and moved his young family to Overton County, Tennessee and in 1814 he was commissioned Lieutenant in the War of 1812 and in 1814 was called out with his company to defend the station against the Creek Indians.  The Creek Indian Wars of 1814 were classified by the U. S. Government as a `sub-war' of the War of 1812.  Thomas fell ill while defending the station and died while he and his son Henry were on their way back home.  Henry brought his body home to be buried.  Elizabeth died in 1827 in Overton County, Tennessee.  Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children who were all born in Kentucky:

Henry Pierce Buford born June 2, 1798 and died at the home of his daughter Julia Ann Buford Bourn December 9, 1890 aged 93.  Henry and his family left Tennessee and moved to a 250 acre farm in Missouri where they were among the first settlers of Schuyler County, Missouri.  He built the first "double log" house in that part of the country.  Henry was one of the first justices of the peace of that county and served in that capacity for several years.  Henry and Emily's home was large and spacious and it served as the counties social and religious gathering place until the proper buildings were built.  Henry was a charter member of the Richland Baptist Church at Hitt.  Emily preceded Henry in Death in 1880.

Letitia S. Buford  the daughter of Thomas Sr. and Elizabeth Pierce Buford was born January 6, 1800.  She married Joseph Edwards moved to Sangamon, Illinois and thence to Des Moines County, Iowa.  In 1856 they moved again to Kansas City, Kansas.  They had five children; Thomas - Rebecca - Margaret - Nancy and Katherine.

Malinda Buford born November 22, 1801.  She married John Jones and they had two sons; William and Thomas who caught the Gold fever and spent some time in California in 1849.  Returned to Illinois where they died.

John B. Buford  the son of Thomas Sr. and Elizabeth Pierce Buford was born November 10, 1803.  He married Miss. Polly Edwards in 1824 and this union produced one son before Polly's death in 1826.  That son is *Edwin R. Buford born February 28, 1825.  John's second wife was Nancy Scott whom he married on the 20th of July 1826.  This marriage produced eight (8) Children:  1-Mary Ann Buford born September 16, 1827  2-Thomas P.. Buford born December 21, 1833  3-Sarah C. Buford born December 20, 1835  4 & 5-Nancy S. Buford and Polly E. Buford -twins- born September 15, 1837  6-Rueben S. Buford born February 17, 1840  7-Eliza G. Buford born July 24, 1842  8-John Buford Jr. born August 1, 1845.  John B. Sr. died March 3, 1845 and his second wife Nancy Scott Buford died July 23,1886.

    *Edwin R. Buford, son of John B. and Polly Edwards married Isabella Taylor September 19, 1844.  Miss Taylor was born on October 28, 1827.  This marriage produced eight (8) children:  1-John T. Buford born February 3, 1847  2-Polly E. Buford born December 22, 1848  3-Martha A. Buford born December 10, 1850  4-Robert A. Buford born December 12, 1853 - died unmarried March 14, 1895  5-William T. Buford born January1855  6-Talton P. Buford born November 26, 1860  7-James H. Buford born August 14, 1867  8-Mary E. Buford born September 1, 1870.

    2-  Thomas P. Buford the son of John B. and Nancy Scott Buford Married Sarah Poindexter on January 12, 1851.  Sarah was born November 13, 1834.  Before Sarah's death on September 14, 1870 she and Thomas had eight (8) children:  1-John R. Buford born August 11, 1853  2-Mary A. Buford born November 14, 1855  3-Virginia H. Buford born April 8, 1857  4-Rebecca J. Buford born May 2, 1859  5-Edwin N. Buford born February 25, 1861  6-George T. Buford born September 20, 1863  7-Channing R. Buford born October 29, 1866  8-Sarah R. Buford born September 14, 1870.
    Thomas P. Buford married again on January 24, 1874 to Miss Frances Stephens who was born October 17, 1844.  Frances gave Thomas four (4) more children:  9-Martha K. Buford born May4, 1878  10-Julia M. Buford born July 14, 1880.  11-Douglas B. Buford born January 30, 1882.  12-Cora F. Buford born May 17, 1884.  I believe the Thomas Buford family lived in Savoy, Texas. 

Jeremiah Buford March 30, 1806

Thomas Buford Jr. born January 10, 1809.  He married Virginia Frances Edwards.  Their children were:  William Stanton Buford born October 14, 1836 and died in 1889 - James Buford and daughter Elizabeth Buford.

Betsey Buford born April 8, 1811.  She married Mr. Garrison.

Julia Ann Buford born May 17, 1813.  (See below)

Thomas was the son of Henry Buford and Mildred Blackburn Buford of Locust Level, Bufordville, VirginiaThomas was the grandson of John Buford and Judith Early Buford.

Julia Ann Buford was the second wife of John J. Bourn of Hitt, Scotland County, Missouri.  They were married January 24, 1864.  John was a successful farmer and stock raiser.  John died on their farm on January 29, 1917. They owned 160 acres and Julia Ann stayed on the farm until her death on the 6th of March, 1923 at the age of 80 years.

Johns first wife was Adeline Stewart, the daughter of William Stewart.  They were married February 24, 1860.
John and Adeline had one son James E. Bourn.

Julia Ann Buford Bourn and John J. Bourn had two children, both sons:

Robert H. Bourn born February 1, 1865 died August 19, 1884.
John D. Bourn born August 3, 1869.

John D. Bourn married Ida C. Leeper of Memphis, Missouri, October 20, 1892.  John D. Bourn, like his father, was a fine farmer and stockman specializing in purebred hogs. I found John and Ida living in Miller, Scotland County, Missouri when the 1930 U. S. Federal Census was taken.  They were both aged 60 years. (I have information from the late Mr. Frank D. Neher dated 2002 that states John D. Bourn was married twice.  The first time to Mary E. unknown and Helen M Bourn who is listed below is their daughter.  Mary died in 1876.  I do not have hard copy proof of this)  John and Ida had three children:

1.  Helen M. Bourn was born December 12, 1894 and died in June 1970.  Helen graduated from LaGrange College and taught in the public schools of Scotland County.  She married Marion F. Billups of Memphis, Missouri on March 13, 1914. Marion's parents were William D. Billups and Alice F. Billups.  Marion was born about 1885 as he is listed as being 35 years old on the 1920 U. S. Federal Census.  Marion had a brother Ray B. Billups born about 1890 and a sister named Gladys Billups born April 27, 1893 and died in December 1984.  According to the 1910 U.S. Federal Census this family was living at East Union, in Scotland County, Missouri.  Helen and Marion's children are: 

    1.  Ray Buford Billups born February 5, 1917.  Ray joined the army on the 7th of March 1941 and served in the Philippine theater.  He joined from Sacramento, California.

    2.  Marion Lee Billups born June 14, 1920.

2.  Eunice M. Bourn born February 26, 1899.  Eunice also graduated from LaGrange College and she too taught in the public schools of Scotland County.  She married Ross Tucker on October 30, 1921.  Ross was the son of H. H. Tucker of Hitt, Missouri born in 1899..  They had two children, a daughter, Eunice Jean Tucker born November 20, 1922.  A son C. Robb Tucker born in 1929 (U.S. Federal census for Grove, Davis County, Iowa)  They had a rather large farm on the Iowa state line near Grove, Iowa.  He was a farmer and stockman in good standing.

3.  Buford L. Bourn born May 21, 1901.  Buford attended the public schools and one year of college in Kansas City, Missouri.  Buford eventually entered into a partnership with his father and stayed on the family farm which he later inherited.  Buford died in January, 1985 at Columbia, Boone County, Missouri.

Obituary for Julia Ann Buford Bourn

Mrs. John J. Bourn

Julia A. Buford, daughter of Henry P. and Emily Murley Buford was born in Schuyler County Missouri April 10th, 1843 and was called home March 6th, 1923, aged 79 years, 10 months and 26 days.

She was the 10th child of a family of eleven children, all of whom have preceded her but two;  Mary J. Gnash, age 92 to whom our subject has administered faithful and loving service for nearly forty years and Helen M. McAtee age 89 of Washington, Kansas.

January 26, 1864 she was united in marriage to John J. Bourn of Hitt, Missouri.  To this union was born two sons;  Robert W. and John D. the former being deceased, having died August 19, 1884.  The latter survives her and it was at his home that her spirit took it's flight.  There is also a step-son James E. of Watonga, Oklahoma who grew to manhood in her home.  He was given the same watchful and loving care that her own children were given and in all ways he was treated as one of her own children.  She is also survived by three grandchildren; Mrs. Helen M. Billups, Mrs. Eunice Tucker, and Buford L. Bourn.  Also by three great Grandchildren:  Ray Buford, Marion Lee Billups and Eunice Jean Tucker.

When the subject of our sketch was sixteen years of age, she professed faith in Christ and united with the Pleasant Grove Baptist church in Schuyler County.  After her marriage to Mr. Bourn, she united with the Richland Baptist Church and has always lived a truly consistent Christian life; giving freely of her means for the spread of the Gospel and the up building of her cause and ready to help the needy in any way she could.

Her life has been one of sacrifice for others.  Besides caring for her own family she gave a home to her father and mother for a number of years and cared for each in their last illness.  But it seems to the writer that the crowning sacrifice of her life was in giving the last six years of her life caring for an invalid sister and she fell at the call of duty as she saw it.  Very truly, her life was a life of service to others.

She was a woman who appreciated and loved the beautiful, and only those who have seen her garden and flowers can realize how much she loved the beautiful things of Nature.

Her loyalty to Christ, home and church was unfailing and she always manifested a spirit of helpfulness and kindliness to others.  She was truly one of God's noble women and her spirit will live in the hearts of those who knew her.

Funeral services were held at the Richland Baptist Church on Friday, March 9, 1923, conducted by Rev. C. K. Green, assisted by Rev. Cleeton of Downing and her body was laid to rest beside her husband, who had preceded her to the spirit land six years ago, to await the final resurrection.

Obituary for John J. Bourn

J. J. Bourn was born September 17, 1836 at Fayette, Howard County, Missouri.  He moved to Scotland county in 1840 and died at his home Northwest of Hitt, January 29, 1917, age 80 years, 4 months and 12 days.

He was the sixth son of a family of seven children of John D. and Nancy Higbee Bourn.

On February 24, 1860 he was married to Miss Adeline Stewart of Clark County who died in November, 1861.  To this union was born one son, James E. Bourn.

On January 24, 1864 he was married to Miss Julia A. Buford of Schuyler County, Missouri who survives him.

To this union was born two sons; Robert H. and John D., the former is deceased, having died August 19, 1884.

At the age of 18 he professed faith in Christ and joined the Richland Baptist Church when it was organized and was the last surviving charter member of that organization.  While health permitted he was a regular attendant and always took a great interest in the church welfare having served in a official way almost continuously since it's organization.  Always willing to make a sacrifice for the welfare of the church and the up building of the community.  It was at his special request that he be laid away by the brethren with whom he had labored so long and when the summons came, it found him ready and willing to go and we believe it was in answer to his prayers that he was called home.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. R. Green a former beloved pastor and he was laid to rest January 31, 1917 in Richland Cemetery.

The following biography on John J. Bourn, husband to Julia Ann Buford Bourn, was located in "History of Lewis, Clark, Knox and Scotland Counties"
page  1150.
  (I do not have a date for this publication)

John J. Bourn, a well to do farmer and stock dealer of Scotland County, Missouri and a resident of Miller township, was born in Howard County, Missouri on September 17, 1836.  Son of John D. and Nancy Higbee Bourn.  It is thought that the father was a native of Fayette County, Kentucky.  He died in Scotland County, Missouri in the year 1878 at the age of 84 years.  He came from Lexington, Kentucky to Howard County at a very early date and was one of the counties early settlers.  In 1841 he moved to Scotland County where he followed the plasterer's trade for some time.  He then turned his attention to farming and to the office of Magistrate, having been elected to that office, which he held for several years.  His father was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  The mother of our subject was a native of Fayette County, Kentucky and at the time of her death which occurred in July, 1868, was 67 years of age.  She was the daughter of Joseph Higbee, a native of Germany who came to America before the Revolutionary War and took part in that memorable struggle.  The parents of our subject were members of the Missionary Baptist Church and to their marriage were born eight children.  He received a fair education in the schools of Lewis County, Missouri and Davis County, Iowa.  At the age of 21 he left his parents and began to improve the property he now calls home
.  He remained a resident of Scotland County until 1865 when he made a tour Westward and worked in the mines near Virginia City, Montana.  Since 1867 he has made Scotland County, Missouri his home.  On the 24th of February 1860 he wedded Miss Adeline Stewart, a native of Ohio, born September 9, 1839 and died in November 1861.  She was a daughter of William Stewart and was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.  To this marriage was born one son, James E. on January 24, 1864 our subject married Julia A. Buford, a daughter of Henry P. Buford.  She was born in Schuyler County, Missouri April 10, 1844 and by her marriage became the mother of two children, both sons; Robert H. and J. D..  The former is deceased.  Our subject is a Free Mason, is a decided advocate of the Democratic platform, and he and his wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church.

Below is the Bourn monument located in the Richland
Baptist Church cemetery at Hitt, Scotland County, Missouri.
Stones for Julia Ann Buford Bourn and
John J. Bourn are directly behind the monument.
Additional markers are added below John and Julia's.
These pictures were taken and given to me by Mr. A. J. Bourn.
I am always grateful for any contributions.


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