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Abraham is the son of John Buford and Mrs. Elizabeth Irvin,
nee Davis, the widow of Alex Irvin.  John Buford is the son of
William Buford and Annie M. Pate
William Buford is the son of
Captain Thomas and Anna Watts.  You will remember that it was
Captain Thomas who fell at the battle of Point Pleasant. 
He was one of six brothers, all of whom served our country
in the Revolutionary War.  All of these Bufords are descendents
of Richard BEAUFORD who came to America in 1635.

I recently sold one of my Buford Families in America 2005 books
to Mr. Byron DeForest and he was kind enough to give me the
following feed back via an e mail which I have copied
and placed below.  I want to thank Mr. DeForest for sharing
his family information with us.

I have scanned and placed a few pages of my book below so you can see
what he is referring to.  The Otto that he thinks is missing is actually
Thomas Otto Buford listed on page 74.  I have cropped these pages
to make them easier to read

I have yet another correction to add and this was emailed to me on the
3rd of June, 2011 from Linda Sue Smith Ford of Smithfield, Illinois.

I am just beginning to research in-depth family history of the Buford's in America.  I can help with some of the puzzle pieces as my mother, Isabelle Otey Buford Jones, Jennings, Smith who is now age 97, has relayed to me over the years.  I also can corroborate my information with cousins Mary Swango, Tallent, Johnson, Paul; Donna Mustread; and Bill Swango; all children of my mother's sister, Julia Katherine Swango, deceased, and my oldest sibling, Shirley Jennings. Hogue, Harbeck. 
This will hopefully explain some of the riddles you have mentioned in your detailed post of the Buford family.  Both Mary and myself are currently researching our ancestry and will be happy to help fill in the blanks with more accurate facts.
Linda Sue Smith Ford
335 N. Illinois Street
Smithfield, IL  61477

(6-a-6) Abraham Buford son of James Hervey Buford and Lucy H. Buford was born September 30, 1868. He married Lucy Jane Montague of Leonard, Missouri on March 23, 1908. They had three children.

(6-a-6,a) Julia Katherine Buford born March 15, 1909 in Knox County, Missouri.

(6-a-6,b) James Blackburn Buford born June 8, 1911 in Knox County Missouri.

(6-a-6,c) Isabelle Otey Buford born February 20, 1913 should be born in 1914 in Shelby County, Missouri.

Oh Goodie, another puzzle. The 1920 U. S. Federal Census for Fabius, Knox County, Missouri has Julia Buford age 10 and Isabelle Buford age 5 living with Isabelle Montague (Who was their Grandmother) a widow woman age 58. Both Lucy Montague Buford Swango who was Isabelle Montague’s DAUGHTER, not granddaughter, and it was Julia Katherine who was the granddaughter living there along with Isabelle Otey Buford (my mother and Isabelle Montague’s other granddaughter) are listed as Isabelle Montague’s Grand Daughters. The other members of this household are; Jesse Montague age 29 who is Isabelle’s unwed daughter. Another daughter is Lucy Montague Buford Swango age 27 (and mother of Julia Katherine, James Blackburn, and Isabelle Otey) who is now married to Willis Swango age 32 and their young son Willis Swango, Jr. who is not a year old yet. No sign of James Blackburn Buford OR Abraham Buford (now divorced from) his wife Lucy Montague Buford (who had since married Willis Swango and produced Willis Swango, Jr.). The census states the widow Isabelle Montague owns the farm the family is living on and Willis Swango Sr., the son-in-law, is helping her farm the land. Good boy!!. Willis registered for the WWW I draft #1683396. Please note during this time James Blackburn Buford was living in St. Petersburg, FLA, with his father, Abraham Blackburn Buford, who was divorced from Lucy Jane Montague. Abraham was a carpenter and stonemason. Lucy Jane Montague went on to divorce Willis Swango, Sr., and then married Benjamin Bentley.  They produced one daughter, Elmina Bentley. Willis Swango Sr. then married Julia Katherine Buford, Lucy Jane’s daughter, and they had 3 children: Billy Dean Swango, Donna Irene Swango Mustread, and Mary Katherine Swango Tallent, Johnson, Paul. NOTE: There were NO CHILDREN born to James Blackburn Buford and his wife Elsie Buford who resided in Winter Haven, Fla. Isabelle Otey Buford Jones Jennings Smith had four daughters: Shirley Jennings, Hogue, Harbeck; Patricia Elaine Smith Applebee; Sandra Lynn Smith Lowe; and myself, Linda Sue Smith Ford.

As time permits, I will add my lineage as well as the Swango's and Bentley children and offspring.


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