Ambrose Buford

This obituary was posted in
The Bourbon, Kentucky News of Paris, Kentucky
August 29, 1905

Ambrose Buford, a will-known citizen and pioneer business man of Covington, died at his late residence, in that city Saturday  morning, at the age of 79 years.  He had been a resident of Covington for more than 30 years, and until the last four years, when ill health  forced him to retire, he was actively engaged in business.  He was born in Bourbon County on January 25, 1826.  He married Miss Margaret Mills Anderson, daughter of Colonel Hall Anderson, of Garrard County who with two sons and three daughters, survive him.  The sons are Hall A. Buford, of California, and Clifton R. Buford of Chattanooga, Tennessee and his daughters Mrs. Emily Bristow and Mrs. Oscar Taylor, of Covington, and Mrs. George Alexander, of this city.

Deceased's father was Colonel Thomas Buford of Bourbon County whose family came to Kentucky from Culpepper County, Virginia.

The funeral services were at 6 o'clock Sunday evening and the body taken to Lancaster, Ky. for burial yesterday


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