Miss Alice Gray Buford
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Bainbridge Buford

The Times Picayune
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 28, 1928

Miss Alice Gray Buford entertained members of the young set in the evening recently at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Buford, 1538 Fourth street.  Halloween games were played and attractive favors were given.  The guests were:  Misses Susan Buck, Anne Stewart Buck, Barbara Bouden, Jane Burrell, Marjorie Clark, Irving Allee, Jessie Janvier, Eloise Colocock, Rose Forsythe, Marie Ella Gore, Claire Dolph, Kathleen Eshleman, Stephanie Hensley, Yvonne Jones, Yvette Jones, Janet Jones, Elaine Keiffer, Eleanor Harkey, Peggy Martin, Nancy Stair, Mildred Pratt, Katherine Eaves, Alisa Moody, Marie Louise Stauffer, Metha Westfeldt, Marie Louise Taylor, Mildred Pottharst, Jane Sherman, Anita Mary Tipping, Dorothy Weiss, Leiba Pipes, Betty Wheeler and Louella Richards.

A small Bio is in order here:
Alice's father is my Grandfather's younger brother.
She and I share the same Buford Line down from Richard.
I had the pleasure of meeting Alice through many phone conversations and I must say she was such a wonderful and delightful lady to know.  She had the rare ability to put a person at ease and spoke with a smile in her voice.  I will always remember her as being a very "Special" cousin.  She is in God's hands now and I am sure she has made Him smile, like she did her many friends and family.
Fern K. Buford Walker


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