Alice Dudley McDowell

taken from the
Lexington, Kentucky Herald
January 2, 1911

Mrs. William A. McDowell
Passes as New Year Dawns
Pneumonia develops suddenly and brings death to beloved woman - daughter of Bishop Thomas Underwood Dudley of Episcopal Church.
Just as the first light of the rising sun broke through the darkness on the first morning of the new year, the spirit of Alice Dudley McDowell, the beloved wife of Wm. A. McDowell, left the tenement of clay to go to her maker.

Ill for weeks, as she had been, none of those near to her, who had watched for weeks with straining eyes and anxious hearts dreamt until Saturday morning that the wings of the Angel of Death were hovering over her.

Mistress of Self to Last

Within a few moments of her death, thoroughly mistress of herself, her mind active and her spirit undaunted though her body was weak and worn, she asked to be taken from the bed upon which she lay that she might sleep, as she had for many nights, in a chair.  And then within a brief space the spirit had left the body to join those loved ones who had gone before.

Over a month ago Mrs. McDowell had an attack of pleurisy, which was complicated with bronchitis so that she suffered at times intensely and could sleep only sitting up.  But there were no apprehensions of serious danger by herself or her husband, who was with her almost without interruption, day and night, nor by her physicians until Saturday morning, when there were indications of pneumonia, which developed with deadly rapididity, in spite of all that skilled and devoted physicians could do, until the lungs filled and the heart stopped as the new year's morn came with its tidings of joy to some and its burden of sorrow and desolation to others.

Daughter of Bishop Dudley

Mrs. McDowell was a daughter of the Right Reverend Bishop Thomas Underwood Dudley and his wife, Mrs. Fannie Berkeley Cochran Dudley, the daughter of William Cochran of Middleburg, Virginia.  For many years she was active in the work of the Church to which her father consecrated his life.  Being President of the Society of Gleaners, which aided in the work of the charities of the Episcopal Church, both in Lexington and in the mountains.

She was also interested and active in movements for the improvement of civic and industrial conditions, having been for years previous to her death the treasurer of the Industrial School.

Those who are left to Mourn

Mrs. McDowell is survived by her husband, William A. McDowell, and their son, William C. McDowell, who is just entering upon manhood, and by her sisters, Mrs. James Kirkpatrick of Bowie, Maryland. Mrs. Harry Musson, and Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Tevis Goodloe of Louisville, and three brothers, Thomas U. Dudley, of Middleburg, VA.; Roland Dudley of Los Angeles, California and Aldrich Dudley of Louisville.

The funeral services will be held at Christ Church Cathedral at half after twelve o'clock Tuesday, January 3.  Bishop Lewis W. Burton and Dean William T. Capers will conduct the services.  The pall-bearers will be:  John T. Shelby, Samuel M. Wilson, Arthur Cary, Charles Scott, R. Prewitt Payne, Captain Thomas J. Clay, Judge Frank A. Bullock and William Preston.


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