General Abraham Buford

from The Macon Weekly Telegraph
December 31, 1866

GENERAL A.  BUFORD --  We find the following in the Kentucky Gazette of the 19th instant

This distinguished solder has received his pardon from the President, and is restored, thereby, to all the rights, privileges, and immunities of citizenship which he enjoyed before engaging in the rivalry service of the Southern Confederacy.  General Buford saw probably as much hard service as any soldier during the war, and was as much distinguished for hard fighting as any other.  Having once embarked in the "lost cause" he gave himself heart and soul to it, and where heavy blows were to be struck, he was sure to be found.  Much of General Forrest's fame as a fighter is probably due to the counsel and support afforded by Gen. Buford, who acted as his subordinate during several years at least such seems to be the impression of most of the solders from that department, with whom we have conversed.  We congratulate the General on his restoration to complete citizenship, although it did not need Andrew Johnson's pardon or recommendation or endorsement to entitle him to the highest respect of all who enjoy his acquaintance.


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