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Greetings and Welcome to my Buford Website......... 
My name is Fern K. Buford Walker and I am the Author of the new
Buford Families in America Book of 2005.

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"A Heroes Poem"

Addendum to Buford Book 2005
This page will include a variety of information !

Annapolis Naval Academy

The American Line

Bainbridge, Commodore William

Buford's Massacre
May 29, 1780


Welcome to my home
Mt. Evans
Maroon Bells
Buford, Colorado

Colorado Gold
Imogene Pass

Abraham Buford & Son
Reynolds Cnty, Missouri

Pages I through XVI

Family Poetry

Land Deeds From Kentucky
Barren County, Kentucky
Pages one through thirteen

Land Deeds From Alabama
Jefferson Buford of Barbour County


Abraham Buford
Letter from former Slave

General John Buford

General Napoleon Bonaparte Buford

Temple Buford

Abe Buford
'Bosque Bonita'

Abe Buford
Letter requesting promotion to
Major General (CSA)

Abraham Lincoln
Judge George Robertson

Simeon R. Buford
Pages I through XI

John Quincy Adams Buford
Pages one through thirty nine

Colonel A. Baker
re: Colonel's Buford & Boone

Capt. W. R. Buford CSA

Private to Sergeant John Crittenden Buford CSA
Military records and letters requesting Pardon


A Love Story
Sally McDowell

Land Grants



Note worthy Speeches

Thomas Buford 
4th of July 1846

General Basil Wilson Duke (CSA)

Brigadier General Abe Buford (CSA)
This page is a bit slow but it is worth the wait.

Brigadier General Abe Buford
Newspaper story following
Church & Turf Lecture


"Old News"
Taken from Miscellaneous Newspapers
Categories are:
Buford Gossip - Social & Personal
Indian Affairs
Legal Disputes

McDowell Gossip - Social & Personal
M & M's (Military Matters)
Murders & Dastardly Deeds

Political News
Shenanigans, Adventures & Escapades

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Pardons for Confederate Soldiers

Thomas N. Buford

General Abraham Buford

A. S. Buford

Paschal Buford

Basil Wilson Duke, Brigadier General

Private to Sergeant John Crittenden Buford CSA
Military records and Ltr requesting Pardon



Wills  11

And my ALL-TIME favorite 

Lets go Surrrrr'fin
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Dear Lord, Please keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth !!!


Since completing and publishing my Buford book I have squirreled away a whole lot of information and I wish to share this information with all the visitors to my website.  Whether you are a Buford or not I think you just might find one of your own ancestors hiding in some of my re-constructed Buford lines which can be found in the Addendum portion of the site. 

Information that is not shared is information lost.  How I wish I had paid closer attention to the stories told to me by my
Grandmother Buford. 
But, like my grandsons today, her stories meant nothing more to me than an exercise in 'eye rolling'. 
I'm sure you all have had the same thoughts -
"Here we go again" when some of your ancestors tried to tell you about the
"good ole days" and the time
Grampa got caught in the worst
blizzard in history etc etc.

I hope you enjoy clicking your way
around my pages.
If you find a boo boo ~ a page that doesn't work or information that you don't agree with, I would love to hear from you.

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